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12 Hour Shift (2020)

Comedy | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.3/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Bodies start to pile up when a drug user nurse and her cousin try to find a replacement kidney for an organ trafficker.

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TopDawgCritic 20 October 2020

Actress Brea Grant doesn't have many notches on her belt for writing and directing, but wow did she make this dark horror comedy awesome!

The 86 min runtime was just right with the great pacing. The cinematography and score were excellent. The casting was perfect, especially with Angela Bettis' straight-faced character contrasted next to Chloe Farnworth's "dumb blonde" persona.

Her screenplay was solid - better than some films I've recently seen from seasoned filmmakers. The comedy was on point with many wtf and lol moments. The 80's style horror scenes were just right with great gore, and there were many thrills in the various multiple storylines intertwined perfectly.

Mad respect and props to Grant for pulling off this little gem. I'll be watching this one again with friends who haven't seen it. A well deserved 8/10 from me.

bananaspider 3 October 2020

Very well done and entertaining. Started out like a roller coaster when it starts its climb and then lets it rip.

gothic-fiction 4 October 2020

Ever since I saw her in May I have become a big fan of her and started following her work. I noticed she isn't quite down with blockbusters and always picks smaller projects, and to be honest those are perfect for her, as she manages to bring some soul into the movie and usually steals every scene.

The exact same thing happens in 12 Hour Shift, where her face is everywhere, setting the tone of the movie perfectly and genuinely gets you to enjoy your view. As for the movie per se, it is a great experience, very well build together, a lot of treads that get tied together in a very humorous way, and some unexpected turns every here and there. I am surprised that this one is not more popular, people surely have heard of it by now, so to them I say, go and check it out. You will have a good time watching a different kind of horror comedy - one without gore but with brains.

12 Hour Shift is a great example of little cinema, of fresh horror and a good direction.


conyo 4 October 2020

... and I think therefore I am a "mass viewer". Lead actress (drug-ridden nurse trying to make ends meet, working in some god-forgotten hospital, in 1999) was good. But that's pretty much it. Movie was abysmally slow, plot started interesting (ended tragifarcically) but the whole story should've been told in 30 minutes (not 90) - and don't get me started with that irritating soundtrack. Definitely not for me. Avoid.

beto_gauer 8 October 2020

I really had a good time with this movie, it is funny but not far fetched, it won´t make you ROFL but will certainly put a smile in your face during some parts.

Keeps you interested til the end, not boring at all.

spinova 2 October 2020

If you read the synopsis you probably say 'it worth it' but no. All the bad actors involved and the silly resolution made the movie fail. Angels Betts is the only cast member who plays a decent part, the rest of the nurses, patients and organ traffickers are SO LAME! David Arquette's cameo is so cliché (only because he's the producer) ñ. The screenplay also have big holes like the absence of a duty doctor. No hospital in the world is running by nurses much less in a night shift.

Ab_Shahin 6 October 2020

Watching this was movie is much fun. Solid soundtrack by matt glass. You won't regret watching it especially with company

aeongale 3 October 2020

Highlight of the film is Bettis' character and performance as she must endure idiots ruining her day and making it worse as things get comically out of hand. The comical antics are more likely to have you shaking your head than laughing though, unless you still find Scary Movie funny. If you can get past the stupidity, the thriller aspect of trying to illegally trade organs while everything is going wrong is rather enjoyable. Weird music throughout might be jarring to some but I quite like it. Arquette's role is small enough not to ruin it, while sadly Foley's is a cameo with a few lines, so if you're a wrasslin' fan just here for him don't bother.

chelmold 13 October 2020

You can't trust horror reviews. I swear people come out of the woodwork to watch something they know they're going to hate and clutch their pearls when there's violence in it. And this is not even that violent! Then the other half whines that they weren't scared. Lord help us.

This was off the wall, dark, funny, kept me entertained the whole time, and had a moderate amount of blood and violence. All of the actresses were hilarious. It's a cute little indie horror comedy. I would watch this with just about anyone. Definitely worth a watch.

ops-52535 3 October 2020

A dark solid wicked black comedy has been born, with inquests of deep desperation and twist to stay boyant in the water. that combined with a very unusual choice of score, rythmic opera made the madness even deeper like a turmoil of hell.

its about organ trafficking at a hospital in usa, the nurse and her in law cousin with connections to the mob , supply them with fresh kidney for a hand of doe. one night suddenly a kidneys goes missing when delivery is done, and the saga tell you the chaotic brawl to get a new one within 2 hours.

its a lowbudget film, but extremely well made. just some technical glitches here and there, with the darn daylight. its blood and gore, its witty caracters are so well acted by the small cast, and the production design along with good direction, makes this a charade at level of the british ''faulty towers'' but far more bloody and messy.

it aint a horror movie, ita a bloody comedy, and if you like one brain and a lot of brainless caracter in one go, then its a recommend from the grumpy old man

amine-2010 2 October 2020

12 hour shift 2020 first of this film is bloody fantastic and crazy from start to finish i really enjoyed this film so much , this movie has a lot of organs everywhere ,blood everywhere, tired nursers,killers,psychopath,good bad cops gosh everything was top notch Really fun and enjoyable dark comedy that keeps you entertained for the entire thing. This movie doesn't take itself too seriously and for that fact does an amazing job and creating balance between the horror tropes and comedic effect. directing really good , acting all cast they did a great job especially actress @Chloefarnworth she did a outstanding job a bloody beautiful and full crazy chick that she want to just enjoy in hospital 12 Hour Shift is dark humor at its best, with plenty of violence and unexpected moments of levity to tie into a quirky, entertaining knot. Super fun watch and would definitely recommend to any friends here that love those fun and funny horror .

referenciajoia-46445 4 October 2020

Not going to say much, just that is not funny at all, could be a good pace but the ideas are bad. Horror none but a lot of blood, Thriller none. I just liked the end I mean when was over.

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