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7 Prisoners (2021)

Crime | Drama 
Rayting:   7.1/10 2.9K votes
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese | Korean
Release date: November 11, 2021

To provide a better life for his family in the country, 18 year old Mateus accepts a job in a junkyard in São Paulo for his new boss, Luca, but becomes trapped in the dangerous world of human trafficking.

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craigdales 12 November 2021

What a film loved it. Very powerful. When i finished watching 7 prisoners on Netflix I thought wow I would of done the samel It's all about survival. He didn't owe them anything he didn't even know them. His mother was getting lots of money sent he came from a poor background with hardly any money so yes I would of done the same. I know what the all business was about that would of been the hardest for me if I was in his shoes but he just wanted to survive plus he didn't want to go back in the cage. What's next how do you get out coz the business he was in needed shutting down because it's disgusting what they were doing. So Yeh that's my take on this film I would of liked to of watched it in Brazilian with English subtitles but I find it hard to watch film plus read subtitles especially before they go off screen because I at least rewind it a dozen times so I watched it in English dubbed.


DavoZed 20 September 2021

A very good attempt to portray the treatment and conditions of people who are trafficked for their labour.

I am going to guess that actual conditions and treatment are much, much worse but that would probably make an unwatchable movie.

Every person who cares about the treatment of their fellow human beings, should see this movie.

li0904426 19 November 2021

This film explores the current existing slavery conditions in the 21st century. Now they are immigrants from other countries or even from other poor areas of the country. The movie is good, with great performances from the entire team of actors but it falls short, the plot is shallow, it does not delve into the theme, instead it focus in finding reasons to explain the end of the movie.

isaacochoterena 15 November 2021

This film exposes the reality of labor exploitation in Brazil.

The film has a good development of the story, it exposes a forceful blow of reality about how it is to want to improve the individual economic situation, it touches the subject of labor exploitation, corruption, of how economic necessity can force you to enslave other people in order to make money regardless of the human rights of others, it is impressive how this film exposes these issues and how it develops a memorable and very raw story. The performances make the movie feel very real, the production design is good as is the character development. The only negative aspect is that when something shocking happens it does not continue, it stays there and it does not happen in the story.

But still the film manages to impact the viewer and manages to expose the labor and economic situation that exists in Brazil.

PedroPires90 12 November 2021

With it's doses of ethical decisions and as urgent as a film can be, 7 Prisoners has it's good moments, dealing with a difficult theme. However, I can't deny that I was expecting more.

The film is monotone, repetitive and it is as bleak as you can imagine. Most of the time I just felt that it didn't go deep enough in most of the things that it touches. It's conclusion can be considered realistic but didn't also fulfil my expectations at all.

DogePelis2015 18 November 2021

It is a very shocking and depressing Brazilian movie. Fun fact: this movie has 4 dubbing in Spanish (Latin, Mexican, Argentine and Spanish from Spain).

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