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A Nice Girl Like You (2020)

Rayting:   5.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English

After being accused of being too inhibited by her ex boyfriend, a violinist creates a rather wild to do list that sends her on a whirlwind journey of self discovery.

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randyunseen 19 July 2020

I downloaded this comedy movie thinking it would be funny. It's dumb unfunny girl meets facts of life. The writing Is so over the top unfunny and extremely uncomfortable to watch. The outrageous sex jokes didn't work... Not one of them. Did anybody watch the dailies and realize nothing is working. Zero chemistry, Zero Sexy, Zero Funny, I cringe during most of this movie. How can you make a bomb like this? Not one funny scene.

The director and writer should be embarrassed to have their name on this Picture. I've never given a 1 on IMDb before. But this movie took an hour and half of my life that I will never get back.

megjdm-10775 19 July 2020

Wow, absolutely the worst. Just another "Rehashed Rom-Com" that has been done so many times it makes you sick. There is nothing remotely original in this film. The fact the writer has the character going to s strip club to learn about her own sexuality is quite simply the most farcical thing I have ever seen. The production company should put this back on the shelf till the planet is truly at the point of Armageddon at that point we would have nothing to lose watching it.

windsorenquirer 18 July 2020

It started well, funny and interesting but then 5 min later it went down the hill. The girl is nice, funny and good looking, the guy not really (too mature for her) and there's no chemistry between them whatsoever. The plot is totally unrealistic and plain stupid.

leftbanker-1 17 July 2020

This film is made for people who obviously have no experience or knowledge of the human reproductive process, like home-schooled religious fanatics who think any sort of sex is a sin-or Hollywood writers who do nothing but watch movies. This is for the same crowd of desperately-bored housewives who made 50 Shades of Gray a bestseller. This is for women who have no idea what an orgasm is and think that sex is just another commodity that you can pick up at the big box store, or use some sort of miracle gadget to do all of the work for you, like one of those scam exercise machines.

This is made for frustrated women who can't actually come right out and tell their partner what they are looking for in bed. This much I know, you won't learn a thing about sex at a strip club, except what pathetic losers consider to be normal behavior. We all have everything we need to do it already. It's free and it doesn't matter what you look like (ugly people are capable of great sex, too, in spite of what Hollywood would have you believe).

This is billed as a comedy, but unless "to cringe" is now a synonym of "to laugh," they may have put this in the wrong category.

Is it just me, or is anyone else over the whole "sexy accent" thing in American TV and movies in which male leads have to have a British or Australian accent to be considered hot? News flash: Brits and Aussie men are total slobs just like we are.

morcego 25 July 2020

A sad attempt at a sexy funny story that is neither sexy nor funny.

Nuodinga 21 July 2020

This is going to be my first ever review. I just had to share my thoughts on this film. When I saw a trailer I thought it would be a fun film to watch. I am not a very picky person when it comes to comedies. I couldn't be more wrong about this film. It wasn't funny at all. I felt like an entire film was so much like Hallmark films with PG friendly characters but then there is sex subject that doesn't get any spicy scenes. It wasn't either proper predictable romantic Hallmark film you would watch on Christmas about two people falling in love nor a sexy comedy with dirty jokes and funny scenes. I am a fan of Lucy Hale and that is why I watched it. Unfortunately for me the whole story was a cringe fest. If you consider watching this film, think Hallmark film with super PG friendly love story which meets somewhat not spicy sex comedy where is no sex scenes or anything funny. I can't even pick one thing I liked about this film. Really disappointing.

wesley-71942 17 July 2020

I wasn't looking for Gone With The Wind when I decided to download this film. I found Lucy Hale adorable in this role. Although the topic was about sex, it was handled in a smart way. It wasn't overly raunchy and I could watch it with my teenage children.

ian-864 26 July 2020

A shining example of how to take all the right ingredients for a simple, fun rom-com and still manage to make a soul-less movie out of them. I wasn't expecting an Oscar-worthy production and I usually like the romantic comedy genre in spite of (and maybe because of) it's schmaltzy predictability.

There is however, one ingredient that must be present even if all of the others are lacking: Chemistry. For any rom-com to work, there has to be believable chemistry between the leads. Sadly, there is none to be found here. Also, frustratingly, there are many wasted opportunities to make scenes funnier, but they either weren't taken, or were half-hearted.

In the end, the movie turned out ironically to be like Lucy's character: Full of potential but somehow unable to realise it.

jillbobaggins-07337 20 September 2020

I obviously wasn't expecting a huge amount from this film but thought a light hearted comedy on a Sunday arvo would be perfect. It's terrible... ZERO CHEMISTRY between the leads. Adhir is the best thing about this film to be fair. Honestly, so bad and cringy... don't bother guys..

ricsindy 21 September 2020

These reviewers took this movie way to seriously. Maybe they were expecting more skin... This lighthearted romp delivers. The mask we each wear, hides reality. The moral is... sex and relationships are dark waters for some. Some get it wrong and walk. Then there's those that want more. Both... men and woman are conceded, believing themselves more than they are. This movie isn't there to teach... though it does represent life in the world of romance and the willingness to learn and enjoy the boundaries of chance.

juliet_elizabeth 16 September 2020

This film had me laughing throughout and was an easy watch. Don't really get the bad reviews.

bobbimae-18874 19 July 2020

This film is amazingly funny and I couldn't stop cry-laughing when watching it. The storyline was so funny and Lucy and Leo were so great, as was everyone else. The actors brought the film to life and definitely made it what it is. An outstanding film. Cannot wait to rewatch!! Great job guys 💕💕

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