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A Whisker Away (2020)

Animation | Family | Romance
IMDB Rayting:   6.7/10
Country: Japan
Language: English

Miyo Sasaki is in love with her classmate Kento Hinode and tries repeatedly to get Kento's attention by transforming into a cat, but at some point, the boundary between herself and the cat becomes ambiguous.

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dibvallad 18 June 2020

I expected no more than a cheesy drama but I was so wrong, i totally related with the girl and the lesson taught was actually pretty human (talking about a movie with a cat huh? Lol), it's beautiful not only with the plot but visually stunning it certainly is, give it a chance, it's totally worth it.

ceejay_bordas 19 June 2020

Note: This is my opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree.

This film feels like a combination of what Studio Ghibli and traditional Disney animated films give that makes them feel special, but this movie isn't necessarily special because of that. The animation is not bad, but not really noteworthy. Both the cinematography and soundtrack are good. The story isn't that bad, but it also doesn't give off the same feeling as when you watch other notable films from Studio Ghibli or CoMix Wave Films (Makoto Shinkai). The characters are alright, except for the main antagonist.

Still, amidst the current situation the world is in right now, it is nice for Netflix to release a movie like this. Basically, at its core, it's light-hearted, cute, and a feel-good film. If you're feeling down and have two hours to spare, try watching this movie because who knows, maybe it'll make your day feel a lot better than before.

ahemartin 19 June 2020

This movie was perplexing and captivating from beginning to end. As someone who has seen all of Studio Ghibli's films, I was left feeling as though this story took great inspiration from the beloved "Cat Returns" movie. The premise of a young, middle school girl, madly obsessed with her crush, will go to any end to make him smile. She would rather ignore the problems of her own life to focus soley on his. As all good coming of age stories go, there are important lessons learned about believing in who you are, and expressing your true emotions, rather than burying them with a smile. There is also a note of appreciation towards the whole of the group; each person in real life is made up of everyone else who has helped make them who they are, and I think this movie pays a beautiful yet subtle tribute to that, reflecting reality through the eyes of an enigmatic adolescent.

stefanusirfan 20 June 2020

Story: 8/10 Visual: 8/10 Music: 9/10

I just love this movie, the movie is light that everybody could understand the movie. Every Character is very well developed in Movie. The visual is beautiful, even though it is fall behind the other movie. The music is glorious, it fits in every scene. The movie contain fantasy and romance, both of them is well balanced with a good conflict inside the movie and how the main character solve the problem.

Overall i give this movie 9/10 because the music is glorious, the story is well fit, and a beautiful visual and romance inside. What an amazing Movie.

generaallucas 25 June 2020

It's obvious from the get-go this movie was heavily inspired by Studio Ghibli and you can be allowed for making the mistake thinking it came from them; it has the same features - the strange fantasy elements, the deep philosophy about existence as seen from the mind of a teenager and a focus on strong character development. It's all there.

What I praise the movie for apart from the production quality is its daring; the main character isn't very likeable, and it's for good reason; her flaws as a character she needs to overcome. Not too many studios and directors would dare go into that. It is the archetype of the character who wants to run away from their problems and have things be magically easily fixed for them according to their own fantasies. I would say this makes it a very powerful movie for those teens/young adults who feel just like that.

Other than that, I am giving this one a 8/10 and not higher because I feel the ''fantasy'' elements got a bit too unneededly weird as the movie dragged on, removing value from its more mature themes.

jjoels 19 June 2020

Imma be real with you, not a masterpiece, the antagonist was not offensively bad, but a bit shallow. It also feels weird that there are no repercussions for stalking her love interest but that's anime for you. But 3 things why I had so much fun with this flick: 1. muge, the Protagonist, is really energetic, so you are invested in her motifs 2. some really beautiful shots. I'm a sucker for cozy images 2.5. I really don't know why but the tree Scenery in the last third of the movie got me going. I'm seriously biased here

I guess it's more like a 6/10 but I don't care, I had too much of a good feeling afterwards. Easy to enjoy

tsukroff-91534 23 June 2020

I was always skeptical about Netflix-made anime, but this movie changed my mind! I felt so many emotions... Sadness, frustration, heartbroken... I totally didn't cry during this movie. The graphics and background are amazing. The voice acting and story is perfect. This tugged right at my heartstrings. Relatable, heartwarming, and charming. 10/10

miss_bluebo50 22 June 2020

I usually rate movies if how much they make me happy and this one didn't disappoint. That adorable puppy love. I just love it.

oshue_27 21 June 2020

Amazing story i love it Amazing story i love it Amazing story i love it

MarcoParzivalRocha 7 July 2020

Muge, a young woman with an unrequited love, decides to become a cat, so that she can get closer to her beloved. The narrative is nothing extraordinary, but it manages to capture the viewer attention, with a good pace, and a well-built connection between characters. The narrative's main themes are more than known to the public, such as teen love and friendship, but also depression and insecurity, subtly, and successfully achieved. The animation itself surprised me in a positive way, with rich and detailed backgrounds, nice colors and two or three interesting moments. Some transitions are a little strange, but it's all good.

ChonkyMonkey 22 June 2020

The charming art and simple romance reveals more complex themes about attachment as experienced by each of the characters toward their passion.

This is very much a beautiful coming of age story about these young children taking more agency over their expression and decisions.

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