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Abominable (2019)

Animation | Comedy  | Fantasy
IMDB Rayting:   7.0/10
Country: China | USA
Language: English | Mandarin

Three teenagers must help a Yeti return to his family while avoiding a wealthy man and a zoologist who want it for their own needs.

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friesena 24 November 2019

This is a heart felt movie. I loved it. Ignore the technical criticism. Ignore the reference to political overtones. All criticism seemed superficial...perhaps they were fake. It is obviously a kids movie, but as an adult I left with good feelings. Very few movies or television shows do that for me. Children in the theater cheered at the end.

hellawakeoo 29 November 2019

What an amazing movie, the music is perfect and the animations are so beautiful. A heart touching story for kid and grown ups!

gobi_n 3 December 2019

Saw the trailer, not much impression. Went to watch it with friends, come back surprisingly entertained. The story is heartwarming, and there are plenty of funny scenes too.

lindsayriessen 21 September 2019

This movie was as enjoyable for a 3 year old as it was for a 63 year old. Abominable takes the themes of grief, hope and family and magically transforms them to take the viewers on an epic journey through Chinese culture. Infused with music, language, landmarks, customs, spirituality and traditions, Abominable makes viewers feel like they are on the journey right alongside Everest and his newfound friends.

With a slew of witty one liners, heartfelt moments and magic-infused hilarity, this film plays like a Concerto of a young girl trying to help a lost creature find his way home, and in turn, finding her own way back home as well. Fresh and original, absolutely one of the best animated films of the decade.

changyueyu 26 October 2019

Lacked in depth and not the most original story, but scenes are masterfully crafted and absolutely stunning, to the point that you can overlook other minor flaws.

antonioldd 9 September 2019

I went to see this movie at the world premier at TIFF. It's a funny, emotional, and enjoyable film perfect for young and adult audiences (I cried like a little child with all the beautiful meanings of this story). Go see it!

kjproulx 10 September 2019

Dreamworks has been hit or miss when it comes to releasing great animated films over the years. Whether it's Shrek or Kung Fu Panda, there some truly great movies out there, but I once How to Train Your Dragon hit theatres, and each of its consecutively great sequels, I found myself wondering if the studio had peaked with that trilogy. Well, Abominable is their latest upcoming release, and after seeing it at the Toronto International Film Festival, I can confidently say that this is surprisingly one of the very best animated films that they have released, ever.

Everyone knows that the creature known as the Yeti has been known to be a myth, but in Abominable, a young girl (Yi) finds that one actually exists. Having been experimented on in laboratories until escaping and finding its way onto this girl's roof, she befriends him and makes it her mission, along with two other friends, to return him to his home on mount Everest. This particular story has been told hundreds of times, but unlike many movies that choose to copy and paste formulas, Abominable is one that truly cares about the characters and the adventure they go on, which had me falling in love with it as it progressed.

Having written the story for Monster's Inc., worked in the animation department at Pixar on Toy Story and Toy Story 2, eventually directing her first animated feature in Open Season, and now officially writing and directing Abominable, completely bringing her full vision to life, Jill Culton is one with a storied career, albeit not massive. After her outing here, I must admit that I will be following her work for years to come because I believe her vision and how it was showcased, was honestly fantastic. On top of that, Dreamworks has been on a roll with incredible animation, and this movie is nothing shy of fitting that description.

It should go without saying nowadays that most films released by large studios will probably hire the best of the best to create the most beautiful animation, but I just have to commend them here as well. The smooth motions of characters and the detail put into the wide landscape shots are all superb, and these elements are only elevated by a very enjoyable cast of characters, on an adventure that eventually had me in tears. If for nothing else, you'll probably enjoy looking at this movie, but it has much more than that to offer.

In the end, Abominable does suffer from feeling familiar at first glance, but this movie embraces that and creates a journey that feels fresh. The themes throughout this film are meant for all ages, which is why I believe this movie will be a hit with families across the world when it hits theatres. I wasn't exactly jumping out of my seat with excitement when the trailers for this movie first began to circulate, but after experiencing it for myself, I must say that Abominable definitely surprised me in ways that I wasn't expecting. This is a great animated film and it deserves attention when it hits theatres.

darko-plecas 17 November 2019

Yesterday I went to cinema with my kid and his freind to see it. It is beautifull family movie. We spent great time in cinema. Movie is great, music from movie is great. Everything was like it supose to be.

strawberries68-1 3 December 2019

This is such a cute, colorful movie. The animation is beautiful and the story is simple but sweet. Better than any Disney movie I have seen in a long time. Makes you what a yeti :)

AlyziaFabregui 25 September 2019

Love this movie. great for adults and kids. I would highly recommend it. Go watch it!

ktjohnson-52786 28 September 2019

I went to see this with my daughter, I went in not really knowing what to expect from the movie and left so touched by just the messages in the movie. The humor was great and hearing all the children constantly laughing made my evening. It was fantastic! IF I had to pick a CON, at first I thought the beginning was dragged out, but it is needed in my opinion for the rest of the movie, where it all fits in!!! Great movie! will be buying when its released.

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