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Acrylic (2020)

Rayting:   6.3/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A colorful neighborhood salon is threatened by a new addition. The pot is stirred by a local magazine competition and a long standing rivalry. Which salon has what it takes to win the grand prize?

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lhutcherson1 3 June 2020

The writing is atrocious. The acting performances were amateur. I could find almost nothing to enjoy about this hapless comedy dud. I don't remember laughing oncel. I hope this review saves at least one person from the drudgery of watching this waste of time to it's unsatisfying conclusion. To it's credit, the film quality and sound track were fairly good, but that's not nearly enough to recommend it.

ocean_breeze1ca 13 June 2020

This movie was totally boring, and a total waste of time. Bad everything.

gabryel_yo55 4 June 2020

I don't know why people spend their time and money to make this kind of joke we are in 2020 for God sake

mickcarr-uk 25 July 2020

Watched this cause my daughter is a nail tech and I have to say worst film I've watched this side of 2020, would of rated 0 if the option was there cause 1 is way to high.

hadaaman 15 November 2020

Good acting and a solid plot. The rivalry aspect was exciting and thrilling. Decent fun film to watch!

b-20322 14 November 2020

They could made a tv series out of this. Some scenes were cut to fast and wish they made certain parts a little longer. Still a movie worth watching when bored or on the weekend!!

rehanbutt-03180 14 November 2020

Cool film with some some humor and drama. We seen it as a family and we all enjoyed it.

abbie-kcinderella 13 November 2020

Wasn't expecting anything great (because of some of the bad reviews) but i actually made it right to the end. I'm a big nail girl so this is my topic but i liked the story and everything that came with it. Good movie!

qrbaalii 13 November 2020

Why is there so many negative reviews on here? Good film with a wild and entertaining storyline. Quality production and music also. It's at least a 7 or a 8!

mohamedabdohallah 14 September 2020

No comedy at all, this should be a try not to cringe challenge.

daveidoss 10 August 2020

Solid cast and acting and the story was entertaining as ever. Love the business rivalry mixed with some comedy and good fun. I think those complaining have not seen this yet

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