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Ad Astra (2019)

Adventure | Mystery  | Thriller
IMDB Rayting:   6.8/10
Country: USA | China
Language: English | Japanese

Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.

Director: James Gray Writer:

Stars: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones and Ruth Negga

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mark-1206 20 September 2019

Its basically a story of Brad Pitt having daddy and abandonment issues and issues with relationships in general, which happens to be set in space.

If that's what floats your boat, go for it. I hated it.

anantartuladhar 21 September 2019

Movie was just a drama flick....with so many unnecessary plots. OK!!!.... So its space drama but at least get some science behind it. You don't fly around space with shield in ur hand like super hero... Overall terrible!!!!

danuk-4 18 September 2019

The plot is completely ludicrous nonsense. None of the characters were developed enough for me to care. Brad Pitt is so boring in it! The science is all completely wrong. Visually it looked decent in parts (I watched in Imax) but it's mind numbingly boring and so insulting I was ready to leave after 1 hour. My wife said we should stay till the end but that proved to be a mistake. There are countless things wrong with this movie. I honestly wouldn't waste your time

Nplus1 19 September 2019

I'm a big fan of Sci-fi movies, when they actually make sense... As visually impressive as it might be at times, Ad Astra tries to be a psychological drama set in space. Only that it fails as a psychological drama and it's almost an insult to the space Sci-fi genre.

You clearly see a movie failing when a grandiose or highly abstract topic revolves around the personal stories of a character or two, it makes it feel "cheap" or sloppy (yes, I'm thinking Interstellar also). If you place the main story in any other setting, some details change but the main idea can be left untouched, so is this a Sci-fi movie? Is this a space movie? And if it's not, why is it wrapped up like one?

As some reviews describe, the main story is unconvincing at best, with a very sloppy script. Decisions feel forced for the sake of suspense, the journey totally predictable, there is no depth in the character construction. However the worse part, which I consider almost an insult to the genre, is the message that can be read between the lines: "believe and do not question". It's almost like a bored priest in the Vatican decided to sabotage a Sci-fi movie. I gave this a bit of thought and I can't remember any other Sci-fi movie being as anti-Sci-fi as this one.

It gets 3 stars for the visuals and Brad Pitt's effort, but it could have (should have) been so so so much better!

nitish_hsitin 20 September 2019

If you have trouble sleeping, watch this movie. The slow and boring storyline will put you to sleep.

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