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Adventures of Arsene Lupin (2004)

Action | Crime | Romance
Rayting:   5.5/10 6818 votes
Country: France | Italy
Language: English

As the daring thief Arsène Lupin (Duris) ransacks the homes of wealthy Parisians, the police, with a secret weapon in their arsenal, attempt to ferret him out.

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Silvana-Leiss 2 August 2005

I really had to laugh out loud at some of the complaints about this movie. It is really a mystery to me how someone paying attention to the movie could be confused by it? And while I admit indeed that there was more story and story twists in this movie, then in maybe 5 "great Hollywood productions" such as Spiderman put together...well, that's a part of the books, too! When reading a Lupin book it is never advisable to get used to things staying as they are! Arsene Lupin himself is one of the most dynamic characters that ever existed! I watched this movie at the Fantasy Film festival, and I enjoyed it immensely. So they took some story bits from different books, who cares? The story is nevertheless continuous and quite understandable, if one is ready to apply a bit more brainmatter to it than to ..say.."The Hulk"! The costuming and setting was splendid, and the whole tone was very fitting for the time in which it is supposed to play. Of cause no movie will ever truly incorporate all that is Arsene Lupin, it is simply impossible. Not just because of the different medium, but also because of the growing difference in thinking that characterizes the current time and the time in which it was written. The idea of a brilliant and gallant master thief itself will stay the same, but the habits, interaction with society's members and all that are so definite and important for Arsene Lupin, that leaving them in might confuse the mass audience, and leaving them out would destroy the Character. If anyone wants a Lupin for current times they may look for Lupin Sansei (supposed to be his grandson^^), and Simon Templar might be a sort of poor substitute, too. However, the original Arsene Lupin is a legend of his own time, and that description should make matters clear for anyone. oh, and the 9/10 is because indeed some of the effects were executed a bit poorly, especially the odd "zoom" at the aiguille creuse.

ziquemu 28 March 2005

... or whatever the French equivalent would be ("mec, que est-ce qu'ils ont pense quand ils ont cree cette film?"). I was actually in Paris when this premiered. It's like six stories in one, and every time you think it ends, it just keeps on going on. We even get Knights Templar thrown in at what we think is the end, but then we move on to historic events.

The idea is great -- the gentleman thief. It's just over-over-over explained. Cinematography is quite good -- nice look and feel for old Paris. However, editing leaves something to be desired. And yes, Kristen Scott Thomas speaks very good French (well, actually, I'm not one to really judge -- sounded good to me). A nice effort that could have been a truly entertaining film if not written by a team of seven writers not in communication with each other (or so it seemed).

And one last thing -- the thief thing is a little ridiculous. The guy goes into a room, women are wearing enormous ostentatious necklaces and earrings, and they never notice him basically ripping these off of them. I think there was some sort of sensory deprivation problem back then (perhaps "touch" hadn't yet been discovered), so that might have made it easier for our pal Arsene. Otherwise, I have no explanation.

So, if you want to see a recent French film with good production value and practice your French, enjoy. If you want to see a good French film, there are many many other films more worth your time.

UnlimitedPower 8 March 2005

"Arsen Lupin" and "Immortel" were among the films that i went to see during the French Film festival in Belgrade. While i immortel left a good impression on me Arsen Lupin got me and a couple of my friends laughing. Here's why: First of all, "The Adventures of Arsen Lupin" are a series of books which tell a story of a Gentleman Thief in the 19th century. The books are enjoyable if you are a fan of romantic-adventure novels.

The film tries to squeeze a few of these books into a whole. This was in my opinion a mistake from the start. The film starts unwinding at about the 1 hour mark and keeps unwinding for another hour, meaning that its ending for a whole hour. The scenes quickly jump from one thing to another not explaining the who or why, characters come and go, places, things, details... After an hour or so you can't even remember what happened 2 minutes ago and frankly you stop caring since the plot makes 360 degree turns every frame. Instead you catch yourself enjoying the unbelievable plot twists and the speed at which they unfold in a bad way, I had the whole cinema laughing throughout the second part of the film. All the characters are switched around, so in the end his father is trying to kill him (WHY?!), oh yeah and he is searching for this treasure which is shown by placing certain crosses together.

Also he seems to be in love with a witch/devil character who tries to use him but doesn't, then does and so on... Another comic character was the witch's henchman who had a metal plate covering half of his face, his role is also unclear. The costumes and scenery are very well done but they don't do much to fix the script, editing and awful directing. The first half of the film starts out slow and slightly boring but the second half is fast, confusing and outright funny. I loved laughing my head off at the unbelievable plot twists in the second half of the film. Otherwise its not worth seeing this film.

elemaire-1 24 October 2004

Based on the early years of the French classy hero, this movie provides all the fun you can expect from a classical adventure movie. Fights, Stunts, exotic places, wicked villains, and characters you will love to hate or chill for ! It was a good surprise to me, because I am not a great fan of Pitoff.

Romain Duris and Kristin Scott Thomas (especially her !) deliver a very good performance and Eva Green (i didn't know her before this movie) is really charming as Arsene Lupin youth love. One thing i enjoyed as well is the visual reconstitution of 19th century Paris, which is really impressive when you live there.

Good entertainment !

PAolo-10 10 October 2005

Salomé's "Arsène Lupin" is a great divertissement. Definitely an update of the LeBlanc Lupin, with an eye on Monkey Punch's "Rupan San Se" (and Miyazaki's too, as Cagliostro's grand daughter is one of the characters. Salomé's (and Roman Duris') Lupin is _definitely_ the XXI century Lupin 1st, and in many ways it portrays the character as it should have been, rather than the Casanova softie of the seventies TV show interpreted by George Descrières.

Yes, plenty of suspension of disbelief is needed, and there was enough material here to make at least two slower paced movies, which I would have personally preferred, and which would probably have happened with overseas budgets. And the plot does makes sense (well, most of the time) but it's not for everybody: some attention needs to be paid to the details. Of course this movie won't work in the US: the director does not remind all the time who the characters are with flashbacks and voice overs, so this practice excludes pretty much that 90% of US movie audience which seems to suffer from ADD. Oh, and the bad guy sets a disabled individual on fire and tosses him out of a window, which pretty much guarantees PC police censorship too.

For all the Lupin aficionados, or for people who have just known the manga/anime interpretation of the (grandson) character, this is highly recommended (but you need to be able at least to read French, as that's the only language in the subtitles, which are also a little incomplete). Over 2 hours just packed with action and romance, and good music too.

MRSMB85 23 September 2004

Spectacular production of a novel written by Maurice Leblanc about the character, Arsene lupin, known perhaps to many Europeans and video game addicts, but not much to the rest of the film-going community. Great for Saturday afternoon film going and very much unlike any French produced film I've seen before. Young actor, Romain Duris, does a decent job of portraying Arsene Lupin in his youth and early beginnings as a gentleman thief. It's very difficult to take your eyes off him. He plays the part more as a modern day version of the old-fashioned character - grungy and hairy and all that. Up and coming young actress, Eva Green, plays his childhood sweetheart with just the proper amount of restrain. Overall a finely tuned performance. Kristin Scott Thomas plays the Countess of Cagliostro and outrightly steals the movie. She is no match for the gentleman cambrioleur. Anyone familiar with her other films will not recognize her as the exotic, over-sexed and murderous femme-fatale. It's a multi-dimensional and very soulful performance. The rest of the cast provide superlative work. I'm sure there will be lots of comparisons to Indiana Jones. However, the difference here is the well written and intelligent screenplay. The French has finally come up with their version of an action adventure that everyone can enjoy, but doesn't insult your intelligence.. I didn't think they were capable. A most enjoyable film to watch.

cooperaitaliano 6 April 2005

This is really an amazing film. I watched it only in French with French subtitles as my friends whom i am staying with are French speaking. Like the majority of European films i have seen, it is superior to what has and is coming out of Hollywood. From the start, it is gripping. The audience are taken on a ride of suspense to the last moment. Twists and turns in the plot, unpredictable things happen. The casting is good. I am familiar with Kristen Scott Thomas. I knew she spoke French as i understand she lives there, but her French accent is quite amazing. I could here English accent on some occasions, but it was so subtle that it was hardly noticeable. Her casting in this film was so contrary to type that i had seen in other films. It was so refreshing. The action scenes were again amazing. So well choreographed and still almost believable and realistic. The original idea originates from an animated book, which makes it ambiguous and sets it apart from a lot of other films in the similar genre. Films based upon Comic books are being done to death in Hollywood, and i am trying to avoid them. I am glad that this was made by European Film makers, not Americans, otherwise it would have been almost painful to watch. The romance that develops is another interesting addition to the plot. All of these little things, develop well and come together. The choice of location was again just perfect for the scenes and the setting of the film in the mid to late 19th Century made it quite unique. A very clever film, which is definitely worth watching.

alf-50 15 December 2005

I guess it's not that easy to make a 1-2 hours script on such a character, but I'm afraid that the choices made by the production were wrong from the start.

This movie tries to depict how Arsène Lupin became who he is. It tries to give some of the keys which lead him to his extravagant life. But even in this attempt, everything is wrong. Arsène does not kill ? OK. But this is given to the viewer as a fact from the beginning. And the whole film tends to push him into criminal revenge for all the bad people he has to suffer from. I mean by this that his character is already forged, so the movie does not hint you how, and, on the contrary, everything that happens to him leads to no consequence about it. Then, what's the point ?

The way I picture Arsène Lupin is as a very smart gentleman. Even if he is nothing but a bad boy originally. This is why the choice of Romain Duris surprises me a lot. He seems like a good actor, but he looks much more as a bad boy than as a smart English gentleman. He's got a forced smile on a tough face, when Lupin always has this mocking smile. I agree though that this point could be discussed for hours as the original book character was a bit of both.

Finally, Lupin's character, even if he's an opportunist guy is very clever and usually thinks ahead a lot. He is not the kind of guy to run straight ahead inside a trap. I would have liked to see more "Ocean's Eleven" in it. In this movie, he is more reacting to the events than making them happen the way he planned it.

All in all, it's a nice movie with good acting and nice sets (I've been very surprised with the "Place de l'opera" with a 19xx look), but it is not very fair to the quality of the book character.

hcaraso 20 October 2004

A fan of Lupin ( I read almost all the novels), I entered the movie theater with great expectations and came out with mixed feelings, but with a margin of admiration. That's certainly the best of the cinematic technical renditions of Maurice Leblanc's immortal personnage (the TV renditions are all below standard).But after John Barrymore and Melvyn Douglas, Jules Berry and Robert Lamoureux brought a conception of the main character which is absent from this superproduction. The two guys from Toronto (nice city, I lived there six months) who sent positive comments are mostly correct. The other from Italy is right when he predicts "failure abroad" (this movie is already losing momentum in Paris only a week after its premiere and severe reviews). Now let's be lucid: most of the French movie critics are hopeful future cinematographers, and they react furiously when a newcomer comes up with a movie that reflects a good use of a heavy investment, which was the case with many films by Claude Lelouch, and applies also for ARSENE LUPIN (2004). J.P. Salomé did a fine job with the millions he was able to raise, and most of the actors look real. Too bad Lupin is not one of them; I didn't recognize my Arsene from Romain Duris' impersonation, although he tried hard (and his stunts were Indy Jones, Tarzan and Flash Gordon reunited). To put it simply, the Arsene Lupin standing up on the screen for me had not the class I remember from Maurice Leblanc's sensational novels. I just went across a lengthy interview I made with Claude Leblanc (son of Maurice)in 1992, when he was 90 years old (he died two years later). I'm sorry to say, Romain Duris is no match to the list of the former Lupins (except Charles Korvin, in the last of the three movies made by MGM), including Georges Descrières, classy, but unable to save the TV versions. But how can you concentrate "813" in 52 minutes? And the ending, with Franz-Ferdinand of Austria murdered in front of the Gare de l'Est, is purely ridiculous, almost an insult to the millions of youngsters who were murdered after the Sarajevo catastrophe. J.P. Salomé probably imagined that moviegoers would smile at that: none did, at least in my sparsely populated theater. If he imagined it as a prelude to a new sequel, he missed the point. Too bad, because I generally enjoyed his movie and appreciated the efforts deployed to make it a success. I sincerely wish it good luck. harry carasso, Paris

IreneAdler-1 12 December 2004

I watched "Arsène Lupin" a few months ago, and I am very astonished when I read some opinions here. This movie is... how can I say that ? simply bad ! For the first time of my life I was ready to take my coat and walk out after only 30 minutes. And what a pity ! Because they could play with one of the most popular French character, because it seems they had a big budget to make it (I mean for a French movie), and because they smashed almost everything. OK, Romain Duris was an excellent Arsene Lupin and I must applaud the set decoration and costume design work too. But that's it ! Special mentions for the worst film editing I've ever seen and for an overloaded storyline. Disappointing.

I. Adler

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