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After (2019)

Rayting:   5.5/10 39870 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A young woman falls for a guy with a dark secret and the two embark on a rocky relationship. Based on the novel by Anna Todd.

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novaknika-80580 11 May 2019

Two people meet in college, fall in love very fast and then for the rest of the movie you watch them making out. The "plot twist" isn't even a twist. The book(s) are incredibly gripping, I don't understand why they had to tone the plot down this much. The movie should have been 18+, it feels like it's 12-.

bealexandra 12 April 2019

I went to see this film with my hopes high since I have read the books multiple times and I absolutely loved them. Well, I got really disappointed. If you have read the books, you're going to be really disappointed as well. If you haven't, you will not understand the story, since the action is overall really quick, so you don't really understand the scenes or why they are even there. It is boring because 90% of the film nothing much different happens, most of the times is just music playing and Tessa and Hardin kissing and making out. The dialogues are weak, they barely even talk, and if they do, is just hi and how are you. Basically, the characters met and 5 seconds later are already declaring eternal love. No sense at all. The storyline is poor and doesn't respect the film at all. For me, the film killed the book. I feel like the characters didn't show much emotion. Hardin I just didn't feel the vibe. He is really superficial and his personality is just neutral.


skeilat-rains 16 April 2019

Clearly NO ONE involved in this movie read the books! The only thing they got right was the characters names! That's it. It was a completely different story than the book. There was absolutely no chemistry between the characters. I've seen more passion in a Hallmark movie. Seriously, don't waste your money or time.

amaliegraaberg 12 April 2019

We died laughing in the cinema, because it was so ridiculousy predictable and stupid. Don't spend your money or time. I am telling you, no!

TheTopDawgCritic 14 April 2019

Decent directing, great soundtrack, but poor acting in a story done many times before. The long 106 min run time felt longer with the slow dragged out pacing. Then there's the IMDb record for the most 8-10/10 clearly fake reviews I've ever seen - wow. All have only reviewed this film. So obvious and sad. A big pass and very generous 4/10 from me.

sofb 15 April 2019

Poor acting. The relationships were shallow and underdeveloped. The film overall was really really bad, to the point that I almost went out of the theater.

wwwlouisalovesbunnies 15 April 2019

So I´ve read the books. I found them very good despite being "teenage romance", because of the complexity of the characters (especially Hardin), the roller-coaster storyline and how you get so sucked into it and feel everything the characters feel. You can actually truly feel how Tessa and Hardin are soulmates.

The movie though... I totally get that they had to cram everything together and leave stuff out which most of the time when I have read a book and then watched the movie annoys me but still leaved me satisfied. But with this I was too dissapointed. They left out so much that the whole development of the story and their love just felt extremely unrealistic and strange so that it made all of the romantic scenes laughable and weird. I mostly rolled my eyes and cringed as well as most of the theatre did. As soon as Hardin started speaking, everyone in the room burst out laughing because of how monotone he sounded and how weird his lines were.

They left out so much of the character Hardin, his darkness and pain, the anger and the mood swings. On screen, all that tried to portray it was just him being a bit passive aggressive and cry sometimes. Be a bit moody but it was nowhere near what it could have been. This also made everything lose that deep passion that I think is the reason many people are captured by the books. Not many romantic books capture passion in that way and that´s what made it unique to me. When they left all of that out though, this just became a bland and boring cliché film.

Usually when I watch rom-coms or whatever, I am at least a tiny bit captivated by them or can at least feel some compassion with the characters but this movie didn´t move me or make me feel anything at all even for a second. Which is sad because when I read the books I cried several times.

The other thing that I think draws people in by the books is the sexual content. I heard this movie was gonna be the new "fifty shades of grey" but the attempt at this being sexual was the lamest I´ve ever seen. The sexual scenes were so not sexual it was weird that they were even there. And it´s a shame becasue I feel like the seuxality and the passion and darkness of Hardin was the whole core of this story and they left it all out and made it into just any other love story.

And don´t get me started on the soundtrack.... it was pathetic.

The one thing I liked was the visuals, they found great fitting characters, I loved the settings and I loved the modern but still retro feeling to it. It was pretty much perfect. But perhaps such a complex story as After can´t be made into a 1,5 hour film without failure. It´s too bad though, it could´ve been great.

nmaureb 13 April 2019

This was a bad movie, It's a really empty movie, nothing happened! the character didn't have any chemistry, no dialog, this was a waste of time and money, my life deserves better. i almost stab my eyes with a fork. i prefer to see my eyes bleeding than to see this empty movie.

ronakkotecha 11 April 2019

After is the kind of film that could have gone horribly wrong. Well, it had all the ingredients - good girl, bad girls, brooding mysterious college hottie, wannabe college teens sporting nose piercings & tattoos, dysfunctional families & broken marriages..the list will go on. But what trumps all of this the heavyduty emotional texture of the film. The intense romance that develops between Tessa and Hardin in a conventional yet very mystical way. There are not many twists and the narrative is simple. However, it hoodwinks you into feeling that something really uncanny will happen - whether or not it does, is for you to find out. Makeout scenes are aplenty but none OTT. They are aesthetic and complimentary to the storytelling. Director Jenny Gage handles that well with his young, good looking actors keeping their next-door image intact. Audience will relate with their characters and root for both of them. Pace is slow but consistent with moments that will stay with you. Overall, AFTER is the kind of college romance everyone hopes for - it's got love, lust and heartbreak in equal measure!

FrenchEddieFelson 19 April 2019

First things first, I clearly do not belong to the intended audience which is probably narrowed to female and romantic teens, between 11 and 17 years old. Possibly older, with a touch of nostalgia. Tessa, an ingenuous teen, leaves home, mum and high school in order to integrate university, her roommate inviting her to join an idle and carefree group. She meets there Hardin, a rebel without a cause (Nicholas Ray, 1956) but with a keen interest in literature, like herself. The continuation is relatively predictable and indubitably goofy. My own rating: 2/3 of 10. My rating while trying to belong to the intended audience, with a generous empathy boosted to the extreme: 4/5 of 10.

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