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Agent Cody Banks (2003)

Action | Comedy  | Family
IMDB Rayting:   5.1/10
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

A government agent trains Cody Banks in the ways of covert operations that require younger participants.

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ma-cortes 24 July 2005

The film talks a shy adolescent (Frankie Muniz) who's submitted to jokes from his school fellows but he's really a CIA undercover agent . He's assigned by his chief (Keith David) for one dangerous mission , he then meets a teen girl (Hillary Duff) whose father (Martin Donovan) is a scientific working in nanotechnology industries for the nasties (Ian McShane and Arnold Vosloo) . The teen is helped by an attractive agent (Angie Harmon).

The plot is a little bit ridiculous , but we're in a spoof comedy and it is narrated in fast movement ; besides , abound the surprises , being very funny and bemusing . In the film there is suspense , comedy , emotion , action-packed , tongue-in-cheek and chases galore with impressive velocity pursuits . The screenplay is nicely developed as well as characters and the frenetic action united to excellent special effects that are varied of these too . From the beginning until the end the amusement and entertainment is continued . The humor moments are in charge of Frankie Muniz with his abundant botches and goofs that happen when he must confront perils and risks against the villains . It's a spoof of James Bond's films , even there's a flying artifact like in ¨Thunderball¨ , plus a role type ¨Q¨ , a weapons deliverer , who teaches the various gadgets which Cody Banks will subsequently use . Exciting final facing off between the protagonists and the baddies on the mountain headquarter is breathtaking and special mention to the habitual villain Arnold Vosloo (The mummy) , he is terrific. Colorful cinematography by Denis Crossan ; the exterior of the CIA headquarters was shot on location in the Academic Quadrangle at Simon Fraser University near Vancouver , this location is popular for films shot in this city . Atmospheric and lively musical score by John Powell . The motion picture was professionally directed by Harald Zwart (One Night at McCool's , Commando Hamilton , Pink Panther 2). Rating: Enjoyable and nice.

Lost_cow 14 March 2003

What can I say... It was a fun movie!

Went to see it with my 9 year old and we both enjoyed it a lot. Kind of a bond for younger audiences. Far fetched? Sure... but then so is 007 no?

I especially liked the little humorous details here and there... like the page "Would the driver of a silver Austin Martin please report to..." inside the CIA building (James Bond's car), or Cody's cell phone that rings like Austin Powers video-phone. Pay attention when watching it as the movie is filled with little details and one liners referring to other spy movies.

Was it worth the price of admission? Sure!

bkoganbing 10 April 2009

Taking advantage of a couple of hot teen television properties at the time, MGM fashioned this fantasy for kids about a typical teenage boy with one big secret. Agent Cody Banks is a CIA operative, part of a special program that trains kids for special missions. And in the title role Frankie Muniz gets to do them, providing he's not grounded.

The other hot property at the time was Hilary Duff who was in Disney's Lizzie McGuire series while Muniz was doing Malcolm In The Middle. She's Frankie's assignment, Duff is the daughter of a scientist who's gone missing and Frankie has to both protect her and find out what's going on.

It's something big all right, scientist Martin Donovan has invented some kind of artificial life that will eat anything carbon or silicon based. That could wreak a lot of havoc in the wrong hands.

Donovan is Duff's father, as for Muniz's parents they are unbelievably clueless, but that's part of the charm of these films. One who's not clueless is Muniz's immediate superior and handler Angie Harmon. She's got a great scene in the prep school where Muniz has been put to be close to Duff with some of the adolescent males there.

Agent Cody Banks with the star power of two current teen idols made a lot of money, so much so a sequel was made. Now if they had really wanted to do something different, they'd have made Duff the secret agent with Muniz her assignment.

claudio_carvalho 27 May 2005

Cody Banks (Frankie Muniz) is a shy common teenager, living with his mother, father and little brother in a suburban house. But he is also a very efficient undercover CIA agent. He is assigned by CIA director (Keith David), with the support of his instructor Ronica Miles (Angie Harmon), to date Natalie Connors (Hilary Duff) in order to be invited to her birthday party and get close and spy Natalie's father, Dr. Connors (Martin Donovan). Dr. Connors is a brilliant scientist, who has developed some sort of micro-robots with the intention of controlling oil leakage from tankers. However, the investors of the experiment intend to use the device as a powerful weapon. "Agent Cody Banks" tries to follow the success of "Spy Kids", it is very silly, but entertains. There is nothing special or original in this popcorn movie, indicated for an afternoon without any other alternative. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Agente Teen" ("The Teen Agent")

gonzogm999 27 September 2003

This is an okay kids' movie; but as college students who often enjoy kids' movies we did not enjoy it. The most irritating thing about this movie for me is that near the beginning of the movie he was 16 and getting his driver's license, and later in the movie he was 15. The entire movie was full of inconsistencies and overall annoying if you cannot stop thinking while watching a movie. We liked Hilary Duff's role, and the plot line on the romance was cute. Frankie and Hilary's chemistry was the best part of the movie.

udeaasykle 21 May 2004

I pretty much knew what i was in for when i started seeing this movie. It is suppose to be funny and cute, but it isn't. It is cheesy and stinks of bad dialog and the world's most crappy plot. Yeah i know the movie is probably more suitable for kids but this i just my opinion. The fight scenes with "cody" sucks and let me tell you why. It is soooo obvious that they used a stunt double who is about a foot higher and wider and an adult to be honest. The second thing i noticed is when he is fighting in Natalie's "birthday" party where there is, by the way, blackjack and dice games. Way to parent your 15 year old daughter. I wish i could go to a "we will frisk you before you can come in" party when i was 15. After the fight, Francois Molay, the henchman manage to say something like: That guy is an agent cause he had to learn those moves in the CIA. Yeah, cause no one but the CIA fights with kicks and punches.... If you are about 12-18 you will probably like this movie but i don't. I rate this movie 3/10

mail-1208 30 June 2006

Blatant rip-off of Bond movies for the teen set. It's been done so many times that it doesn't seem to matter anymore.

I really liked it, but then I was going into it knowing what it was and just had fun. I didn't detect any pretension that the film-makers thought it was anything more than it was: a thoroughly enjoyable piece of fluff with a couple of very attractive stars. I was surprised on one or two occasions when Muniz appeared to be doing some stunts that didn't involve wire work to see that this boy has action man potential.

This is the kind of movie that will have the young set whooping with delight. That hottie Angie Harmon also provides interest for older male viewers.

=G= 8 August 2003

"Agent Cody Banks" sticks Banks (Muniz), a 16 year old high school student and CIA junior agent, in the middle of a 007 plot clone with a nemesis who's out to extort nanobot technology from a good-guy scientist to control the world. Banks' mission is to get close to the scientist's hottie daughter (Duff) so he, save the world. This kid flick has the same kind of high tech stuff, great sets, and production value we come to expect with 007 or MI flicks including martial arts, X-boarding, etc. all built around a teen puppy love story centerpiece. A fun action guy flick for kids which gets moving quick and never slows down. (B)

Saturns_Illusionist 1 January 2004

Harald Zwart (who wrote and directed the great Norwegian short film "Parents") directed this shot, that could be seen as a curious mixture between Robert Rodriguez's "Spy Kids", Ian Fleming's "James Bond series" and those Saturday morning cartoons, however real action buffs should be warned: there´s nearly no action and nearly no suspense in this flick, even the above-mentioned films are more exciting than "Agent Cody Banks"! The synthesizer-score sounds like as if it was stolen from Fleming´s movies or Rodriguez's series and the only notable thing is the appearance of "Baywatch babe"-legend Angie Harmon - unfortunately, she doesn´t save the film at all! Yawn...

ovega_artist1010 28 April 2003

I don't normally review films. But maybe its the beautiful weather or something cause this is the third film I've reviewed today. And Good heavens was this silly.

Ok ok.. I know this movie is for kids. I was aware of that when I bought my girlfriend and I tickets to see it. She wanted to go, and despite my fears of throwing money out the window so to speak, I agreed. And, with no suprise, I didn't enjoy myself.

This film is for the young and perhaps the young at heart. I guess the one possitive thing about this film I can say is that I infact learned alot about myself after leaving the theater..

Agent10 27 March 2003

Kiddie spy flicks have become something of a new trend, resulting in the first spin-off since Spy Kids other than the original franchise. To say the least, this film falls way short of that expectation. Yes, the film had cool gadgets, and some decent sequences, it just seemed to lack where Spy Kids excelled. There wasn't that innocent charm or the silliness, for it seemed to be replaced by sexual innuendos and teenage hormones. Unfortunately, this series will most likely get more sequels, which means they have at least another chance to make up for their mistakes.

kraley 13 March 2003

Normally I dislike (and somewhat resent) unoriginal movies that are simply an exercise in age regression of an established franchise to target a younger consumer audience (Young Indiana Jones, Young Sherlock Holmes, Muppet Babies, et al) . This practice ruined Saturday morning for me even moreso than mandatory comic-relief characters (Scrappy Doo anyone?). To be honest I went in expecting VERY little from Agent Cody Banks which was obviously a spy genre movie targeted at consumers too old for Spy Kids and too young to get into Bond films.

The story concerns a stand-out from an experimental new government recruiting facility that takes high school kids to a 'summer camp' which is actually a high-tech training operation for young CIA operatives. Cody Banks is one of the 'graduates' of this program who is currently simply getting by in his regular routine until his country calls him up to active duty.

It seems a nerdy scientist has developed nanobots capable of eating their way through just about anything at the atomic level (originally designed to clean up oil spills in offshore disasters). Needless to say, the funding for the project is supplied by a shadowy character with plans for world domination and, of course, he has a menacing henchman (Francois - rather ironic considering the US relations with France at the moment) who does the physical dirty work on the mastermind's behalf. When the villains seek to kidnap the daughter (Duff) of the nerdy scientist to gain control over the nanobots, Cody Banks (Muniz) is called into active service and given an array of spy gear that would make Bond envious. The side 'gimmick' is that Cody is shy and cannot talk to girls which makes him 'endearing' juxtaposed to Bond's womanizing talents. In all other respects Cody is a 5' tall 15 year old James Bond.

Sounds like a Bond film? It is. Only better than the last three Bond outings (believe it or not). I am actually fairly certain the sets and props used at the end of the film are recycled from early Bond films (most notably the sub bay and mag-lev train from Moonraker and/or Man With the Golden Gun- I cannot remember which film for sure, but you'll recognize it when you see it). The plot, while COMPLETELY unoriginal, is consistent and engaging enough to hold the attention (especially if you are too young to have seen the Bond/spy movies it borrows from). The gadgets are fairly interesting and, again, while derivative of earlier franchises, are fun to see in the hands of a teenager.

The acting is fairly credible (such as it is) with a few exaggerated (and over-acted) spy film stereotypes. There's no profanity, no nudity, no drugs (though what COULD be alcohol if you wanted to see it as such), plenty of action and the requisite action-film violence (and one fairly gruesome death at the end).

This movie is targeted squarely at the 'puberty set' but is still enjoyable by all ages. My 5 year old son really enjoyed it and nothing in the film was more objectionable than what he watches on broadcast TV (perhaps less so to be honest).

I recommend this film to anyone that likes spy films and anyone looking for a 'safe' film the entire family can enjoy.

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