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Airplane Mode (2020)

Comedy | Romance 
Rayting:   5.0/10
Country: Brazil | Mexico
Language: English

Follows the young Ana, who studied fashion design dreaming of becoming a great stylist but dropped everything to become a digital influencer for a famous brand.

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samwise_ 24 January 2020

Am I a total fool if I enjoyed this? I am, to say the least, very confused with myself. Yes, because I love good cinema and this is not it.

This said, Airplane Mode is, in my humble opinion, a totally enjoyable movie, never boring, incredibly predictable, but still, I can't give it less than a solid 6!

Maybe the fact that the italian dubbing is decent? Maybe the story has something original in it, that kept me from leaving? I can't say for sure.

So yeah, a solid 6, don't judge me.

Now I have to watch Citizen Kane or something, to redeem myself.

alexpitt-345-971699 23 January 2020

Airplane Mode was, in all honesty, a bit tough to get through. It was never boring, but it did lots of things wrong and it left me feeling cold by the time it finished.

To start with, the characters all felt wooden and stereotypical. The main girl, Ana, could be quite unlikeable at times. This got better as the film progressed, but I still never particular cared for her story. The acting was fine by everyone, but it was nothing special.

The script is full of clichés, very predictable, painfully unfunny, and contains some extremely cringy dialogue. All of this added up to something which could be uncomfortable to watch at times, and I felt embarrassed for the people involved.

Once Ana has her crash, which is the main catalyst of the film, she wakes up in bed and looks exactly the same apart from one small mark on her face. Ana's make-up looks fine, as does her hair and her nails. She looks as if she just woke up and applied all of this, even though she was in a crash which everyone was saying could have killed her. This took me completely out of the film.

I have been very negative about this film so far, but that's not to say that there were no redeeming qualities. As I said, it was never boring to watch, and I liked the motto of the film about how people only let you see what they want you to see on social media. They have a whole life which no one else sees, and it's not always as shiny.

Overall, Airplane Mode is certainly not a good movie, and one that I would advise you to steer clear of, but there were a few shining moments that stopped it from being a truly awful film.

SCORE: 40%

anahelblack 28 February 2020

The plot was weak, but the main character is cute. I guess the target audience are young people. I'm confused with some reviews believing the movie is set in the US, it's clearly set in Brazil. It's just that it's a banal story about a rich teen addicted to social media, instead of poverty and slums. Also, to the foreign audiences: please do learn how to read subtitles!!!

ondullea-33561 27 January 2020

The movie is cute, but the overacting of the "villains" was a bit painful and the storyline was very predictable.

I did enjoy the MC and she was believable. Though most of my issues could be from the dubbing instead of having subtitles.

roger-99-171599 25 January 2020

Excellent comedy about the social media era flaws and risks. Well performed, satirical and touching at equal levels.

aimen-k 24 January 2020

Watched it after some minutes of releasing on Netflix, what makes me appreciate the movie more is the idea of that our relation with social media isn't well, and that making a distance with it maybmake our lives better!

jenny-jd 1 February 2020

It's a nice light watch but also has a deeper message that goes way beyond the internet and influencers and all the superficial things we deal with in this day and age. It's a nice movie that can help you see how you may yourself sometimes miss out on things that are real while trying to chase things that do not actually even give you a real experience.

olimanickam 31 January 2020

It was a typical teen/family movie with a predictable storyline.. and I actually enjoyed it :)

maeganjmerrell 28 January 2020

It's painful. I literally just created an account here to leave this review, that's how bad it was. Just avoid watching it

dwp1948 29 January 2020

01/29/2020 Condensed Content: Where to start? Where to start? There is NO content. THE END

talitagoncalves 28 February 2020

Deep story about character building and the formation of being. Here is a work in which artistic practice (she was a stylist) describes the most intimate nuances of suburban youth. Love and affection increase how the bonds of affection are created by creating a look at oneself, within a community of meaning and feeling.

perdigaum 27 January 2020

Not sure why netflix paid for a brasilian movie with american slyle

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