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#Alive (2020)

Action | Horror 
Rayting:   6.2/10
Country: South Korea
Language: English

The rapid spread of an unknown infection has left an entire city in ungovernable chaos, but one survivor remains alive in isolation. It is his story.

Director: Il Cho Writer:

Stars: AhIn Yoo, Park ShinHye and Jeon Baesoo

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Jester222 31 August 2020

I enjoyed the film. The effects were hood with the infected and well acted by all......including the Zombies. Nothing too gory and the bloody letting is quite restrained really but still nasty enough to give a sense of tension etc. It's a lot more teenaged and romantically themed that the superior French original "The Night Ate the World" which I really enjoyed much more. But, this is still watchable. Some big plot holes aside its enjoyable and the sense of being trapped is well conveyed. More upbeat than expected. Zombies seems a little easily repelled for my liking....but I guess you can't just have the two cast members killed or film over.

The fireman scene and use of a drone was interesting.

Not as good as the incredible Train to Busan but worth a watch.

contactvmiguel 9 September 2020

The first act was interesting but as the story progresses the main character seems to Be dumber and dumber. The ending literally annoyed the hell out of me. Sacrificing common sense for cinematic shots omg. 6/10

Sleepin_Dragon 11 September 2020

I rather enjoyed #Alive, it didn't feel like the average zombie movie. There seemed to be some parallels between the imagined threat here, and the very real threat, Coronavirus. There's a great scene where our man looks outside fearfully, and then looks at his food rations, something many people have done in 2020.

It's very nicely acted, nicely shot, it feels very fresh and current. The moments of horror were very nicely done, and never became too silly. Some nice twists, it's never predictable.

It has a real sense of doom, and terror about it, the way things gradually collapse, that said the action begins quickly, they don't hang around.

It's good, 7/10.

Fella_shibby 29 August 2020

I am generous with an 8 cos i enjoyed the film, simple. Aint no wannabe critic. Its ur typical zombie/survival film but with less guns n weapons n less fellas. The film also doesn't pay more attention towards the gore but tension is maintained. Some say that it is similar to The Night eats the World which i havent seen yet. But this shud not deter genre fans from watching this.

henkjan_steringa 9 September 2020

I couldn't even finish the movie. So many plot holes, the guy doesn't even look skinny after 25 days without food. Main character is the biggest moron on the planet.

la-33184 8 September 2020

Nothing new or aspiring, plot was just average. Just a one time watch movie out of curiosity. Zombies were kinda cool.

lexva5 24 September 2020

I could not measure who are the dumbest beings in this movie. Our protagonist continually at a loss, or the zombies who have inconsistent parameters when to attack? After half an hour of cliché after cliché and continuously dumb choices (opening the apartment door to check on a zombie scuffle, shouting from a balcony to avert a zombie scuffle, setting a drone on a low battery etc ) made by the main film protagonist I could not stomach this any longer and could not care less what was going to happen to anyone

I am Legend is a much superior zombie movie on a man fighting it alone in a zombie world. Similarly for 28 days Later.

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