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All Day and a Night (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   5.8/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A young man who committed a homicide deals with the repercussions of his action.

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mwarmstrong 9 May 2020

Extremely powerful picture. What some may view as your stereotypical black film goes beyond that. The film is nuanced in such a way that those who can't begin to understand the life of a large number of minorities in America, and what they go through, may not appreciate. The film is not meant to be a gangster film, but a film that depicts multigenerational struggles, complex father-son relationships and the fight to break the cycle bred by systemic poverty and the pipeline to prison. A film that simply isn't meant for the ignorant minds of those who wish to stay ignorant, but those who understand the challenges in America.

Jeffrey Wright, per usual, is excellent in his character development and Ashton Sanders continues to flourish and grow as actor.

tomsawyer-01858 13 May 2020

This movie starts rather slow, low as it leads you without information into a brutal murder of the parents of young girl. No explanation required, our biased position as a judge behind our screens has been established.

Then starts what I suspected would be a cheap attempt to make me have pity for his action. Probably the usual bad childhood, with a violent alcoholic father and sexual child abuse.

The non-linear cutting of scenes of different people who influence the young killer, with in-between scenes of his childhood starts as a puzzle, which slowly with growing intensity completes the picture.

The choices he had were they real choices ? Where's the exit of the tunnel?

Almost every scene has its memorable quotes. with deep psychological consequences.

The movie never gets low or cheap, on the contrary it rises until the end, which a good movie should do.

It always remains narrative, never trying to manipulate your judgement, except that at the end you may stop judging without knowing.

tvcobelle 2 May 2020

Ashton Sanders is mysterious, brooding and complex, similar to his role in Moonlight.

Very disappointing to see reviewers reduce this beautifully done film down to a "hood movie".

If you simply appreciate good art, you'll savor every minute. Not for the squeamish. Not for those who do not like thinking while watching movies. Not for those who embrace prejudices.

boraaltun 1 June 2020

I really don't understand who doesn't like this movie. Most of them waiting for happy ending. Sorry guys, I have a bad news for you, art of cinema is not a stupid fairy tales, it's a mirror of real life. And yes, there are lives like these characters.

zac-68274 4 May 2020

This movie delivered! What did the illiterates expect! Life in poverty stricken neighborhoods aren't stereotypes! The stereotype is other people wanting to help stop the inhumane cycles. The racist lice demons will find every reason to blame the victims! Ashton Sanders always rises to the occasion with a star performance! The cinematography was great as well!

nored-14104 4 May 2020

Do not listen to those low rates. Most of them have racist remarks lol

moxixe 4 May 2020

This film was so overwhelmingly realistic. The acting was amazing and I was so drawn into the characters lives. It was very sad to see children affected by poverty and the bad choices people made around them. It was a very well made movie with a lot of thought put into it.

deepaksaini-89690 21 May 2020

This is one of the finest black movie to see..The role of young black boy is super awesome..he played it like real...the whole movie keep me going..

michaelgallagher-95127 2 May 2020

Love boyz n the hood,menace II society,south central,juice to name but a few.This is by no means on that level,however in the last 15 years this is bloody close.definitely worth a watch.8 out of 10

Money4Nothing 10 May 2020

I see a lot of low ratings and they're probably coming from millenials who aren't familiar with this kind of movie. You see, hood movies haven't changed much in the last 30 years or so (and as a big movie fan I respect that), probably because the hood hasn't changed much either. This movie could've easily be made in 1997 just like One eight seven could've been made in 2020... While for example, teenage movies in the 90s were about this kid who lost his dog or built a treehouse with his friends; and nowadays teenage movies are about teenagers collecting Instagram likes or being recruited by the government and transformed into cyborgs. So if you liked hood movies back in the 90s or 2000s, you will like this one too, if not then go find yourself some nice kid-becomes-a-cyborg movie

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