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All Dogs Go to Heaven II (1996)

Animation | Family  | Romance
IMDB Rayting:   5.5/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Charlie and Itchy return to Earth to find Gabriel's Horn, but along the way meet up with a young boy named David, who ran away from home.

Director: Larry Leker Writer:

Stars: Charlie Sheen, Sheena Easton and Dom DeLuise

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TheLittleSongbird 20 April 2009

I do like the original, despite one or two flaws. I did feel it was a little too dark for children, but it was beautifully animated and moving. This sequel is definitely inferior in comparison, but there were a few redeeming merits. The animation is not very good, there were a number of colour changes and very flat backgrounds, and I felt that the animation on Red was a bit too frightening for children. The songs were very pleasant, especially I will always be with you, but not memorable. Then again, neither were most of the songs in the original. I did like the singing voice of Charlie, provided by Jesse Conti, not so much Charlie Sheen speaking-it just wasn't Charlie. Also Sheena Easton was lovely as Sasha; if you want to know a little more about her, she sang "A Dream Worth Keeping"(FernGully) and "Now and Forever" with Barry Manilow.(Pebble and the Penguin, which I like more than this to be honest)I loved Mark Watters' incidental music too. I liked the character David, but I found Anne Marie a lot more likable, I cannot watch the end of the first film without getting teary-eyed. Likewise with Carface, Vic Tayback was definitely better, but Ernest Borgnine did a very good job with the voicing I felt, but Carface lacked the calculating manipulation that made him so memorable in the original. Bebe Neuwirth's Annabelle did little for me too, I preferred Melba Moore's angelic interpretation. Now another flaw, and the main flaw, was the story. It was a good idea, with some neat subplots, but it was told way too fast. The studio should have focused on accuracy and detail rather than piling on rushed subplot and another. Now for the main villain Red, a bit too frightening for my liking, but I liked his song, with the Spanish flamenco like rhythms. George Hearn did more than adequately with the voicing,very menacing at times like in his song, but I felt he was out of character. I wouldn't initially associate Hearn with villainous roles. A more inspired choice would have been Tim Curry, as long as they didn't make him do a phony accent that they tend to burden him with. The script wasn't bad, but it did need a lot more work, whereas Borgnine and Dom DeLuise provided the laughs, Sheen and Easton were a little less convincing. In conclusion, a disappointing sequel to one of the more memorable Don Bluth movies, but it is not as bad as the Secret of NIMH sequel, which was so awful I didn't know what to say. 6/10 Bethany Cox

MovieAddict2016 15 December 2005

Movies like these do not need sequels. Part of the advantage of Don Bluth moving away from Disney is that he didn't need to suffer their endless tirade of straight-to-video, poorly animated cash-in sequels. But apparently it was someone's brilliant idea to make a sequel to "All Dogs Go to Heaven," so we get this.

Charlie Sheen replaces Burt and he's not really as good. Most of the film is just a poor excuse for a sequel and it isn't nearly as dark, different or entertaining as the original.

I feel sorry for future generations who are going to have to suffer endless sequels like this without ever knowing what it was like to have a time when Hollywood didn't totally rely on successful films as a crutch to release banal crap.

Please, no more sequels to kids films that don't need 'em.

mervclan 5 July 2011

OK whats with all the bad reviews yes I am sick of all the bad reviews about this film on youtube and IMDb I thought this movie had a really good story and the plot made me feel happy why are you people saying its a bad sequel to a very good movie I thought it was just as good as the first one and I love the girl dog she is so pretty and the songs are really nice thats one thing I love the most the songs kept the movie in a good touch and by the way David wasn't a bad character I kind of like him because I wasn't familiar with the first one and I saw this one before the first one and I LOVE IT its a good sequel and I don't care if some people are not going to agear with me its better then most sequels like crappy video sequels that did not make sense at all and by the way their is an old saying don't judge a book by its cover and that means don't judge this movie by its looks or why the actors are different I just love this movie and I disagree with any one who hates it and I was so annoyed with all those bad reviews so I went watch the movie and calm down so their you have I went from angry to nice to calm and by way their is a girl at my school who does not like the things me and my friends like so if she does not like this film then she should just get STUFT this movie is good I love the songs and the animation and the soundtrack this is a really charming movie

I love the song I will always be with you wahaaaaaaaaaaaa and love the girl dog her name by the way is Sasha Tee Hee Heee their is nothing wrong I don't like about this film so if you want to agree with me that its a good movie press yes but if you disagree then press no I give it a 10 out of 10

LOVE THIS MOVIE Thank you Charlie Sheen All Dogs 2 is another better sequel.

psalm136 16 June 2007

MovieAddict2007 wrote:

"Part of the advantage of Don Bluth moving away from Disney is that he didn't need to suffer their endless tirade of straight-to-video, poorly animated cash-in sequels."

How so? When Don Bluth left Disney in 1979 the Disney Co. was not making direct-to-video sequels, so that could hardly have been one of Don Bluth's reasons for leaving. The direct-to-video sequels (Return of Jafar) and the spin-off TV series like TailSpin (which used Disney's Jungle Book characters) didn't start until the Michael Eisner era. I'm not a fan of the direct-to-video sequels from Disney or these things like All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 or the seemingly never-ending Land Before Time sequels but let's keep the history of these things straight. Disney didn't make sequels until long after Don Bluth had departed from Disney.

www-pearlsgirl-com 3 January 2006

First and perhaps foremost, I would like to remark that this goody-goody sequel really took away from the original ADGTH movie, with all its dark bittersweet sentimentality, its beautiful insights of the Afterlife,and its heavy undertone of the criminal underworld.Also, why must they characterize the cat as a demon? For certain children that come to mind that believe cats are evil, no-good animals out to serve witches and devils, this does not help. To cast the cat as an average villain is one thing. But to cast it as the Devil himself?! I mean, if the plot were turned around, would they cast the dog as the Devil? That point aside, I didn't care for Charlie Sheen as Charlie B. Barkin and Itchie's one liner role really didn't cut up. Annabelle lacks any spunk, as she had in the original. There are certain scenes and songs that touched me. Such as "I Will Always Be With You". And the end scene was sweet. I did approve of the Guardian Angel theme, while I didn't agree that Earth would be better than Heaven. 3 out 10!

EarthwormJimFan 27 December 2006

How could they take such a beautifully animated gem like Don Bluth's All Dogs go to Heaven and bastardize it with a charmless, cheesy, uninspired sequel. The haunting music and delightful characters are gone, now replaced with tacky animation and an unimaginative plot.

The Pros: Charlie Sheen is sometimes fun as Charlie, but he lacks the charming tough guy attitude that brought him to life by Burt Reynolds. I did particularly enjoy the songs "I will always be with you" and "It's too Heavenly here".

The Cons: There seems to be no connection between this and the original. In the beginning Charlie is chums with Carface, but wait a minute. Isn't this the same character who was responsible for Charlie's murder and kidnapped the sweet little orphan he loved? I guess that all changes in Heaven but why isn't Anne-Marie even mentioned? If Itchy makes it to Heaven, wouldn't Flo and Killer make it too? What is with Annabelle the whippet's voice? In the original it sounded feminine and charming and in the sequel it sounds like a whiny, bitchy, parrot. The new characters aren't all that great (except Sasha). And the animation is better compared to a generic Saturday morning cartoon. The constant cartoony "humor" is flat and unfunny and the "heart" just doesn't work when compare to the original, which had such a moving unsubtle touch that makes me cry every time.

All Dogs go to Heaven is one of my all-time favorite films. How Don Bluth allowed this sequel to be made is beyond me.

BOTTOM LINE: Not all sequels go to Heaven.

sonyfanatic 28 November 2005

To say the least I have seen this movie probably 50 times since my childhood days. Even now at 18 years old I still watch it. The story is simpler and easyer to comprehend then the first which I think makes it better. I just admire the character of Charlie, whom Charlie Sheen does an excellent job in voicing, Even their characters match! Charlie Barkin is a pimp, sheen is a pimp. Charlie is indeed a cool dog who's "good at breeding" like he says. To me the songs are preety memorable as well, their catchy and evoke a lot of emotion. I can honestly say that their is not a single corny line within this movie that I or my girlfriend can see (she just loves it when charlie and sasha kiss). In all its just a sweet adventure movie with two awesome K9's that manages to throw a preety sweet romance with another K9 as well.

My advice don't take the score of a 4 seriously, watch it for yourself and either love it or hate and while you do that. I will be singing "I Will Always Be With You" to my wife."

Smells_Like_Cheese 8 September 2007

My cousin and I watched the All Dogs Go To Heaven films yesterday and we both liked them. But he's 6 years old and looks at this film as Oscar material, to be honest I wasn't expecting much since I was very satisfied with the way the first one ended. While I agree that this was not any where near up to par as the first one I still thought that this was a cute movie. As far as sequels go, you have to admit that All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 is better than most. The voices were actually closer than usual and the story was still pretty charming. Even though the first one seemed to have an official conclusion, this was just a new introduction for those little one's who might have missed All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Charley has a new friend in Heaven, Itchy is there to join him. But Charley is getting a bit bored with the whole purity and typical days of being there. Carface has won an award for being the most turned around angel and it seems like things are working out for him, only he's really after a horn to give to Satan, or at least the Satan of dogs. But when Carface drops the horn, it goes down to Earth, Charley and Itchy are sent to get it, but Charley is quickly distracted by a beautiful dog, Shasha, who is taking care of a homeless boy, David. Since Charley is an angel, they can't see him, until he finds out that Carface, who is also down on Earth, has a special collar that will make him and Itchy visible, but Charley should watch who gives him that collar, he might be expecting something more in return.

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 is over all a cute movie. Even though that it was silly and not needed, for the kids it worked very well. The animation is pretty much like the same, but the new characters are very sweet and lovable. It's just a sweet little family film and I feel the rating is a little bit harsh, but I understand for the fans of the original. Like I said, it destroys the point of the first one, but I'm not going to spoil that for you. But I would recommend for you to give this a shot, but it's OK to just stick with the first film, that ended the story just fine.


kodyboy555 16 October 2007

Did any remember the old characters from the original movie, "All Dogs Go To Heaven"? Now, I've heard it. They're have returned in the sequel. I was expected whom known those characters...(clears throat)....characters that do not appear in this sequel are Killer, Anne Marie, Flo and the other puppies. Killer, as we said again, later appeared in the TV series and the Christmas special. And I was on the hunt. The plot: Charlie and Itchy end up in San Francisco, then new friends....never mind. I'm not going to have it on my comic strip, Kody The Fox! Well, otherwise, I watched it at Judy's and she has the movie, I'd wish I would have the movie at my dad's, or would I rent it? The heroic fox has signed off to ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN 2.

Mister-6 1 September 1999

A lot of kids I know liked the original "Dogs" movie.

They did NOT like this sequel.

I've seen both, and I don't have the advantage of youth, but....

I kinda liked it.

"Dogs 2" doesn't have the same setting as the original, and Sheen is a far cry from Reynolds as Charlie B. Barkin. But the songs are catchy, the animation is bright and Itchy was as bright as he ever was (DeLuise's voice was a welcome sound).

And the romance between Charlie and Sasha (Easton) was cute.

And this still didn't do very well. I guess the world just wasn't ready to see Burt vocally replaced so soon.

Six stars. Go buy it, and put it on Carface's tab.

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