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All the Bright Places (2020)

Rayting:   6.5/10
Country: USA
Language: English

The story of Violet and Theodore, who meet and change each other's lives forever. As they struggle with the emotional and physical scars of their past, they discover that even the smallest places and moments can mean something.

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richard1974 18 April 2020

This movie absolutely moves deeply! While it has not adopted all aspects from the book, it does capture the overall sentiment wonderfully. The movie misses some parts I would have included. Such as in the end the long period Violet was waiting and received only small cryptic signs of life from Finch. And only the last of the five wanderings has been transferred into the movie, missing the other ones in which all the cryptic messages are understood and reveal the hidden sides of Finch's love for Violet. Some details have not been explained, for example the glasses Violet is wearing sometimes, that are her sister's. But apart from that it is a movie you enjoy watching, it evokes strong emotions. You feel love for Finch and Violet, you feel compassion and affection, and it makes you cry in the end. It absolutely has succeeded in portraying the exact emotions as meant by the writers. The scenery and the music is beautiful and the acting is captivating. It is a movie that will stay on your mind for quite some time after watching and to me that is a sign of a successful movie. It really goes to your heart. You realize - to quote Violet when she tells what Finch has taught her - that even the ugliest of places can be beautiful, as long as you take the time to look.

suciulaurentiucristian 28 February 2020

I did not know this was made after a book. I don't care if the book was better. The actual capacity of a screenplay writer and a director to reproduce the book can and will be forever disputed. What i want to say is that this movie takes you place. You laugh. You care. You love and You cry. This movie has emotion and has life. You, for the time it runs, feel.

Is not this the purpose of a movie? To make you feel? to connect to the characters - their joy, their sorrow? This aside - the acting ,the music, the photography....everything is so well suited to the scenario and the purpose of the movie. To feel. Not to understand but to feel. Watch it to live true emotions. Do not if you dont. For what was this movie made, it's a jewel. Take it as it is.

dylangiani 26 May 2020

The movie lacks details as well as accuracy provided by the book. If you're watching this having not read the book then you might enjoy it but notice a lack of details or actual build-up. You'll lack a genuine understanding of what this story means because the movie never explains or provides enough detail to made an accurate inference. I recommend reading the book as it is much more enjoyable. My heart also goes out to those who read the book and had to watch this disappointing take on what was a great book, I personally waited at least three years for this movie and I am still so upset thinking about how wonderful this movie could have been.

aeo-90520 29 February 2020

Randomly found this movie today and I only have praises for it. The acting is wonderful, it's well scripted and beautifully filmed. The movie creates a strong sense of nostalgia for that young sense of wonder, and a has a deep and meaningful message. Lovers of the book seem to be quite critical of this film; I would urge them to try to rewatch without expectations, the movie is undenyably touching. I also have to praise the music which really brought life to some the most memorable scenes of the movie. Overall, this is one of the best movie productions from Netflix I've seen so far.

beckyryan-27835 28 February 2020

From the start of the movie it feels as if we are missing half the information. If feels as if you are watching the movie 3/4 of the way through. The movie seems to not fill in half the story, making the viewer guess what it happened or having the make very vague assumptions. It seems to value artistic still shoots and the same sad yet optimistic soundtrack , which seems louder than audio on a lot of occasions.

Not even sure the casting was a good choice , by choosing Elle fanning I suppose it will bring in an audience of people. Not worth the watch to be honest

michellelioe-852-523632 2 April 2020

I dont read the book but judging from the movie itself, I like the movie, I'm getting the message about all the mental health illness and how important is it to seek help before everything is too late. The scene, the mood, the tone of the movie are all very nice, it got us to the mood, but really the character development sucks big time, I just don't quite get it with Finch's past, and Violet's relationship with her sister, a flashback in the past would really get us better help in knowing the characters better.

laurasomia 4 March 2020

This film tries to portray mental health in a realistic way and manages to do so to some extent. Some of the characters felt out of place and their arcs weren't developed enough, in my opinion. It is clear as you watch the film that was made after a book.

andronikakelso 28 February 2020

I read this book for the first time over four years ago and I've been keeping track of the movies production since it was announced in 2016. The book is very complex, typically something hard to match with a movie, especially a Netflix Original. Something I liked was Ella Fanning's performance, she did a pretty good job at being Violet. However this just leads to the many issues I have with this film. The portrayal of the mental health issues in movie are not bad however I feel that the story deserved more of an Indie feel and less of a mainstream Hollywood glow. This movie fails to set itself apart from other Netflix originals, whereas the book was 1 in a million. Finch's family is not supposed to be well off at all, however their house shows different. Typical of Netflix. He also, at least for me was not what i pictured. He has the same charm and looks wise he fits but the overall feel is a bit off in my opinion. Many of the details that made this book so amazing were cut out and left behind which is one of the reasons it becomes almost cheesy. I wish this movie had gone through a bit more screening and thought because the book deserved to make a beautiful picture. It's always hard to be satisfied when a book you love becomes a movie, and although this movie is not terrible by any means and still holds some of the things All Of the Bright Places readers love it sadly fell short.

l-iizzy 29 February 2020

To me, as a person struggeling with mental illness, this makes all the sence in the world. Simply because it absolutely doesn't.

There are hints, along the way you can guess what's going on but the way it plays out is just beautiful. You see the outside smiles when the inside is crying. You see doubts and moments of nothingness. You see coping meganisms and failures. And it's beautifully set up. It is slow, they give you time to take it all in, like the characters are doing. There are moments of great joy within the dark moments.

I haven't read the book. But to me, the way I could feel everything, it is a very special movie and indeed one of the best I've ever seen.

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