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Alone (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   4.8/10
Country: USA
Language: English

When an outbreak hits, Aidan barricades himself inside his apartment and starts rationing food. His complex is overrun by infected Screamers, and with the world falling apart into chaos, he is left completely alone fighting for his life.

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azizmalhas 19 October 2020

You might have noticed that this was a copy of the South Korean movie #alive, but if you check credits; they both have the same writer. So I don't think the script was stolen, it was just a replica with few changes to serve the American audience as usual. However; that being said. The Korean version was much better on the storyline take, the acting, the zombie makeup, even the romance was better.

It was a good movie, but since I've seen the Korean version, I couldn't put more than 5 to this one.

kimanimunene 20 October 2020

I get that this is a an American production but if you are to take a concept from overseas kindly do it justice not, half baked effort

skitofit 20 October 2020

There's a Korean film that came out a year or two ago with the same story, plot, everything. And it was much better.

koldham-81514 18 October 2020

I enjoyed the concept of someone trying to weather a pandemic solo which also poses the question of if it's possible. Unfortunately things kind of went off the rails a bit. A lot of things don't really make any sense and it all kind of ends with an incomplete happy-but-not-really-happy ending.

xnvsdwu 18 October 2020

According to wiki this is the original and #Alive, which is the Korean version, was adapted (remake) from this script. #Alive was released first even tho it is the remake.

I love Tyler Posey but the script and story line for Alone was horrible. No character arc or any attachment to his character. It felt rushed and the last part of the movie seemed to have the most "action".

I personally prefer #Alive. Better story line and character arc!

rochfordsimon 16 October 2020

Can be a bit depressing at times and different spin on zombies. Donald Sutherland plays a great part. An ok watch.

This is a remake of the Korean film 'Alive', which is a much better version.

hampersnow-28905 16 October 2020

I liked Teen Wolf and Tyler Posey was good in it but was overshadowed by Dylan O'brien who is much more appealing, a better actor and obviously went on to more success. Maybe Dylan could have saved this movie but instead Alone seems to have been made for Tyler's fans who want to see lots of shots of him shirtless and even a bare rear shot and not expect much else. A few years ago a movie was made in France called "The Night Eats the World" and since then other countries have been making not quite exact copies of it. It was interesting , this is not. This starts out very slow, so slow that I thought I would give up and while it does pick up It's so poorly written and acted that I just didn't care. Scenes seem to have been written just to get him out of his clothes. He is awful in the lead and by the time Summer Spiro is added to the story as Eva I was sure he had met his match in bad acting. The entire film is filled with holes, seems to have scenes missing that maybe could have added some suspense and is obviously aimed at teens or younger. His fans I'm sure will proclaim him the next Brando but as an adult I found this cringeworthy, stupid, juvenile, forgettable, and completely Hollywood-bad.

yahiaaqil 17 October 2020

The movie is over and I am still trying to make sense of any of it! Total garbage with a horrible plot!

Bookermcco 22 October 2020

If you've seen "Alive" (which wasn't good in my opinion), this is the same except in English.

mcrussel-90301 19 October 2020

The original movie was wonderful. The characters struggles were more believable, there was a strong female character, and their relationship was interesting. This movie is just so terrible. It's poorly written, it's clearly ADR, the female character is written as a helpless princess hiding in a castle waiting for the prince to come get her. I honestly feel like we've gone backwards with this movie.

awill-75116 18 October 2020

This movie came out after #Alive, which has the same exact plot. Check out #Alive on Netflix.

eventlaunch 20 September 2020

Simple and effective hits every right film making thrilling note must watch dont listen to stupid negative reviews just watch and enjoy

sampsonart 21 September 2020

LOL I saw a rating where the dummy who rated it said it was bad acting..??!?!.. the main bad guy is a regular on Ozark and the main girl is a great actress. The acting overall was really good. This person doesn't know what "bad acting" actually is and probably think Transformers was a "masterpiece" Hahahaha.

I was convinced and that kept me watching it. Is it original? Nope.. was it good? Yup!

nehpetstephen 19 September 2020

ALONE is a finely made film: the paranoid cinematography, languorous editing, and immersive sound design coalesce into an experience that is palpably nerve-racking at times, and the performances, albeit not especially outstanding, are perfectly believable. This film should satisfy you, more or less, as a riveting thriller, but it's doubtful that it'll stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

The story is, well, very simple--a classic cat-and-mouse thriller pulled from Serial Killer Plotting 101. There's a freshness to how the main character behaves quite realistically within every situation. She never falls for what's obviously a trap like many cinematic idiots often do; there's a sense that she's always doing what we would probably have done in the same situation rather than simply what the screenwriter thinks would be interesting. While such believability is, unfortunately, rather rare in movies, there's also nothing very surprising about it. From beginning to end, everything is quite predictable.

Unfortunately, whatever the film succeeds at in terms of behavioral realism, it fails at in terms of making the situations unfold naturally. The woods of the Pacific Northwest are quite massive, but the number of serendipitous run-ins in this story makes it seem like they're a couple of acres at most. The plot depends upon the characters always being within about fifty yards from each other, which is rather frustrating by the end.

What was more frustrating for me, however, was how weak the characterization was. The film never succeeds at making the two characters anything other than superficial ciphers in a very cliched serial killer plot, however realistic their behaviors and the actors' performances might be. The screenplay hints at some possible thematic meanings that a very generous viewer could possibly mine--likening the abduction to grief; comparing the will to survive with suicidal depression; the hint that you never truly know what's going on in another person's mind, whether that's suicidal urges or serial killer urges--but in the end none of these interpretations really resonate.

In the end, there's nothing to really recommend this film--nothing that really stands out--despite it being perfectly competent.

i-max 7 October 2020

I'm giving a generous 8 as support for the director and writer. Of course this is a remake but there's much more to appreciate from the film. The only thing I didn't like was the guy's motivation, which unexplained and deserves a closure at the end.

frances_farmer0 21 September 2020

This one seriously kept me on the edge on my seat, which doesn't happen that often. It's a pretty 'simple' movie, in theory, but extremely well done. Anyone giving this a rating under 6 is just being jerk for no reason. Solid movie.

sounakc-98971 22 September 2020

Just fantastic, pleasantly surprised, thrilling, raw and gripping screenplay, amazing performances from the two leads. This movie deserves a lot of praise, needs to be seen. Highly recommended.

Impartial-Critic 5 October 2020

A recently widowed woman is trying to relocate and escape her old life, find herself being stalked on the road and kidnapped by a demented stranger, after she escapes her kidnapper and into the wilderness battling both nature and the chances of her recapture in a last attempt of survival.

The movie is over all a mindless thriller, that doesn't stand out from the stalker/kidnapper sub-genre in anyway balanced paced at moments yet very dull and stretched at others due to the lack of a strong story to support it.

The plot is basically revolves around a random woman who's being hunted by a random man! No presence of any back story to make us care for the lead character and her survival.

With the number of wrong and stupid choices that every character do in this movie (the widow, the killer or even the guy haunting in the woods) along with the fact that this movie is 1 hour and 38 mins long and lacks an interesting dialogue, you'll find yourself forced to fast forward almost third of this movie in various parts just to escape the various awkward dialogue pauses that lasts for minutes during the endless chase scenes.

markthomassintek 24 September 2020


Not another!


We have seen so many of these films recently where a female gets either kidnapped or chased by a nutter what could possibly make this stand out from all of the rest to make this your choice to watch?

Well actually it was rather good with the suspense building nicely throughput the film, yes predictable in places and slow in others but what made this for me was 2 very simple things.

1st, It's set in the real wild so rather than having an actor pretend to be in a forest in the middle of the sun shine this was actually filmed during one of the biggest rain storms so added that realistic element.

2nd, as we see in so many films the complete back story of every character is told just rushing what could have been a great film, answering every question by the end of the film but this film doesn't, you don't know why he is doing what he is doing, you don't know his back story and you are only briefly told the main female characters back story which is relevant to what is happening in the film so this film could concentrate on the story without rushing or explaining everything, keeping you guessing as to his motive or not.

So yes this does stand out from the other films of this genre and is one to see if you get the opportunity.

Rating 7 out of 10

anuity 24 September 2020

I rarely write a review but I had to say something in defense of this movie. I'm stumped by the negative reviews. Plain simply put, this was a great tense thriller. My wife and I walked away totally surprised and satisfied. I left with none of the criticisms some of the other reviewers expressed.

Dahbeed 28 September 2020

I enjoy survival movies because I like to put myself in the situation - how would I react? What would I do? This movie is very believable, especially from a female perspective. The heroine, Jessica, is not a "superhero" nor is she a victim. She isn't "blond, buff & twenty" like most of victims portrayed these days. Instead, she is your sister, daughter, friend - just a regular youngish (30?) woman, moving from one place to another, pulling a U-haul behind her much used car. Same for the "man." Average looking, even a little common looking - exactly the kind of guy you see everyday at the store or gas station. Their "meeting", too, is an event that occurs a million times a day all over the world. As I watched this, I found myself thinking, "I've done that..." Don't get me wrong, this isn't a feminist film at all. The movie keeps your interest simply because it is so believably realistic - Jessica and the man act and react like one would expect - not like a character in a script. And the ending, though violent, dirty and degrading, was not how I expected this particular story to end. Definitely worth watching.

inkwarp 19 September 2020

I didn't have any expectations coming to this. So, despite the somewhat formulaic plot the great direction, the top notch performances, ( particularly from Jules Wilcox), amazing soundtrack, all contribute to make this better than the sum of it's parts. It's incredibly taut at times and it never lets up. Definitely worth a watch. I'll be interested to see where John Hyams goes from here. a solid film and , owing to my nerves being shredded at times it's a 7/10 for me.

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