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American Sicario (2021)

Action | Crime | Drama
Rayting:   6.4/10 10K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Spanish
Release date: December 10, 2021

American gangster Erik Vasquez is scheming to become the top dog in the Mexican underworld, only to find himself making enemies out of both the powerful cartels and his own allies.

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User Reviews

anjwl 24 December 2021

I came across the movie by chance.

I enjoyed it, and the action and gunfights were fun.

The subject matter of the movie is common, but I was able to concentrate and the acting of t cnn he actors was slow.

mirel-414-332721 25 January 2022

Who voted !? Actor's relatives ??!! U really watched that ? If this is a 7.3 movie.... ok...nevermind. At the middle of the movie that cia girl agent says "hmmm...why a pretty rich boy like you choose this kind of life?" pretty indeed i'd say... and by the way, "sicario" is a soldier hired for his killing skills. That narco boss was the sicario ? Hehehe...poor guys...

orrmads 13 December 2021

One star is generous. This movie is beyond bad. Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. The storyline and acting were laughable, at best. I am actually still mad I wasted an hour and forty-one minutes of my life on this movie. It was physically painful to try and get through this. The picture/overall quality is so cheap seeming and most of the filming is done at nauseating angles. Don't waste your time.

omerus91 19 February 2022

Make no mistake: This is a B-movie.

Just like the terrible post-jurassic park dinosaur movies of the 90s before it, and the terrible post-star wars sci-fi movies before that.; this is someone's sicario-project

If you watch it with friends to laugh, then it's actually not too bad of a time.

If you're looming for sicario, you're better off watching sicario.

Julian2209 19 December 2021

Just watched it and have to write after years a review again, after seeing all those others here.

Is this movie worth watching? Maybe. Can it compete with the Sicario movies, absolutely not. However the atmosphere of the movie is somehow comparable. Is it an action movie? Nope!

With this type of movies you have to consider that they are not high budget Hollywood flicks. And for that, its watchable. If you expect too much though, you will be disappointed.

Danny Trejo seems to make 20 movies a year now. And like Bruce Willis nowadays, he had maybe 2 to 3 days of filming. Nothing special at all. Same old about his character.

The story itself, if really based on a true story, is not bad at all. And if based on a true story, of course there are not many twists. Duh. Real life is not a hollywood movie.

ParisImpressionH-Y- 13 December 2021

If a group of college students make a film like this as a graduation work, I guess they should be able to graduate... The lighting may contain some ideas, other aspects are mediocre or worse, nothing more.

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