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Angel Has Fallen (2019)

IMDB Rayting:   6.4/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Mike Banning is framed for the attempted assassination of the President and must evade his own agency and the FBI as he tries to uncover the real threat.

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louis-ohalloran30 15 September 2019

This is being judged too harshly. Is it predictable? Yes. Generic? Yeah. But what do you expect? It's a nuts and bolts action film, entertaining enough and worth your time.

carlcasso 20 November 2019

Once again I nearly didn't watch this one after reading the reviews on here.

I read that the photography was bad and the direction terrible. These experts really need to stop.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the photography or direction.

This is good action flick that won't win any awards but it's entertaining and that's whats its supposed to be.

I really wish people would stop being negative for the sake of it.

It's like trolling.

ssjsolidsnake 13 November 2019

If you enjoyed the previous 2 movies, this movie follows the same simple formula but it's a very nice 3rd movie. Don't go in expecting a deep story, some actors just scream bad guy straight away and make everything predictable, go in just to enjoy the nice combat scenes and fast paced action. Overall it's a nice film to just enjoy without thinking too much about it.

sara_c_sa 25 August 2019

Granted I was only in the theater to watch glorious Gerard Butler (who by the way is no aging well). Yes, I wasn't expecting a masterpiece, I had seen the previous two movies. It was supposed to be a fun easy to watch action movie, where things are not what they seem to be.

Let's just say that the plot is quite predictable, but yet that is not the worst. The CGI was poor. The scenes and situations were extremely forced. After two movies with pretty much the same plot, you need to innovate. However, and to me that was just ridiculous, they showed not once, but twice how stupid they think the police is. Twice there were roadblocks trying to capture Mr Butler's character that the police decided to place right after the road diverted in two, therefore granting the protagonist a way out.

All in all, the plot was full of holes that made it boring and unbelievable, in the worst of meanings. And the extra footage at the end just proved that they didn't take the film seriously at all.

stretch-38107 28 August 2019

This movie started out great. Then the terrible writing kicked in. Why have Banning look like a fool, after being such an intellect in previous movies?

yash-49469 4 September 2019

Give a kid a piece of paper to write an action movie and the plot you get is Angel has Fallen. Show a person how to record and the video you get is Angel has Fallen

thcgator 28 August 2019

Seriously dissatisfied with this film. The plot is paper thin, there is no amount of disbelief you can suspend to believe the other agents in this movie are as dumb as it is. The writers should have just hung a sign with words "No Really Mike Butler did this!!" along with the planted evidence. Every other good guy in the film went to the Storm Trooper rifle trading. What a sad terrible ending to what was a fun franchise.

swadwolf1 20 November 2019

Ok all the dum dums on here who gave this a 1 or 2 you wouldn't know a good movie of your life depended on it the same morons who give films like detective pikachu a 9 this is exactly what it should be the 3rd of a trilogy of good action movies and the storyline is very believable and shows how easy it would be to frame someone for something they didn't do

toushifhaq 7 September 2019

Why to make something so unoriginal and ludicrously typical storyline. There is nothing new to watch, no creativity, and honestly boring. Just over packed up action sequences (that too with a below average CGI) don't make a good movie.

gordonpatricia 28 August 2019

Walked out totally disappointed with cinematic experience. No wonder most people stay home to watch well crafted scripts and characters. I know you should not expect much from a movie franchise such as this but this was beyond lame and the second ending during the credits was totally embarrassing. Total crap!

martinsplads 3 September 2019

You know what ? This movie is a generic boring action flick with zero surprises and no depth what so ever. I feel sorry for people that pay money for this trash, its just really tragic that directors and producers gets away with making action movies that shouldn't have been made in the first place. Just by looking at the poster you know exactly how this movie gonna end, I don't believe that anyone with half off a brain cant figure this movie out is that God damn predictable. The only thing that actually works are Gerard Butler and Nick Nolte acting but they cant save this film, not by a long shot. Angel Has Fallen has fallen down in the toilet and I just hope it stays there forever.

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