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Anjaam Pathiraa (2020)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   8.0/10
Country: India
Language: English

The police are on the trail of a serial killer, but with the victims being fellow officers, will they be able to catch the killer and solve the case in time?

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pm_unnikrishnan 11 January 2020

This is definitely a worth watching murder mystery thriller. The thrilling tone is maintained right from the beginning till the end.

At first, some initial scenes may give an impression that the movie would become goofy as it progresses. But it doesn't. It maintains the amount of seriousness and logic one expects out of such movies.

There is absolutely no digression from the main story. No songs. No super star heroism. No melodrama.

The plot is one hell of a one. Keeps us really engaged.

Coming to acting, Kunchacko Boban did his part of a psychologist neatly. Then there is a stellar performance from Unnimaya Gopan. There are other excellent performances which cannot be told without it being spoilers.

Music really elevates the scenes and thrills to another level. The camera work was good even though it could have been made better. The editing was very good.

If there are flaws, they are all minor ones. Even though the story/plot is clearly the winner here, some parts in the beginning of the second act made the plot go slow. But it soon gets compensated as the movie goes forward. It can also be said that the last few scenes had some minor problems with logic. But it doesn't really compromise on the thrills and suspense.

Another minor problem was the character of Sreenath Bhasi. He comes as a young techie. The character is one in which Bhasi has got typecasted. His presence was mainly to give some comic relief. Such a character's presence cannot actually be justified. But it doesn't really affect the whole movie. Just a minor flaw. Maybe they didn't have the confidence to make the film without any comic relief.

The dialogues at some points felt a bit artificial. But for the most part they were good.

All these minor problems are just nitpicking. If you want to see a murder mystery thriller movie with a very good plot, you definitely need to see this.

naveenmdopa 27 April 2020

No intelligent deductions. Using a 'hacker' for filling the plot holes. What's the use of having a 'psychologist' for hero ? He was just getting all his answers from the 'hacker'. Not even one scene was intelligently written. Average at the best !

rahulraj-65393 10 January 2020

Anjaam Pathiraa is sometimes engaging. There are a few edge of the seat moments. Sreenath Bhasi was fun. Kunchako Boban barely holds it together. Not an excellent perfomance. The movie often tries to be different. It tries to keep distance from conventional hero vs serial killer patterns and the clichéd "now it's personal" twist (?) thanks to writer, director Midhun Manual Thomas. But the third act of the movie is not at all satisfying. All the hype the first and second acts built collapses miserably. In a nutshell, Anjaam Pathiraa is a good attempt. But it's just an okayish movie. Malayalam industry will need to wait more to get an excellent serial killer movie.

ranikgeorge 15 January 2020

I couldn't find much difference for this movie compared to normal crime thrillers except for a few.So I cannot say,that the movie was fantastic.And it was dragging a little bit towards the end.But anyways, very few parts must be appreciated.Else,this movie was nothing less than a normal crime thriller.

rohitmenonyt 29 April 2020

After a long time (read 'after Drishyam'), Malayalam film industry has produced yet another gem of a crime thriller. The story is about an aspirong criminologist who gets involved with the police in catching a serial killer who goes about killing policemen one by one. It is also said to be inspired by true events.

Right from the first shot itself, the director wastes no time in putting the characters & plot into motion. With each passing scene, you're drawn deeper into the mystery of the killers, who they & what do they want. The pacing is immensely good, the dialogues are realistic & crisp, the editing is superb & the background score is chilling enough. The visuals are powerful & borderline spooky at times. All the actors are in fine form & convince us enough to invest all our attention into the plot. In the first half, there literally isn't one single moment where you're not thinking 'What's next?'. Credit goes to the script writers for writing a gripping plot that keeps you engaged throughout the movie. The mystery unravels well & is quite satisfactory in the end.

The movie isn't without its cons. The regular usage of the term 'psychology' in the movie isn't validated as the director chooses not to explore much in that direction in the second half. This causes discrepancies in the thought process in the first half amd second half of the movie. Also, the second half gets a tad bit dragged because it carries the burden of revealing all the answers to the questions it raises in the first half. Apart from this, the movie is an excellent crime thriller & a MUST WATCH

sujith789_reviews 11 April 2020

  • Anjaam Pathira is a serial killer thriller movie. TLDR it's a decent thriller movie to watch. It's a good thriller movie released in Malayalam.
  • First half was good with thrilling scenes and second half was decent.
  • Direction and cinematography is good.
  • Coming to negatives, there are some loopholes in the movie. Story is not that great with many cliche's.
  • Acting is ok. The actor who played the serial killer is a good actor, but I felt he was a miscast for this role.
  • Final Verdict - A decent serial killer thriller movie.

nidhunmoviebuff 19 January 2020

The director that we knew and loved from the Aadu series makes a roaring comeback with Anjaam Pathiraa, a murder mystery thriller that keeps you hooked throughout. Midhun Manuel Thomas deftly combines a haunting background score with smart visuals and an in-form Kunjacko Boban to gradually build suspense and intrigue, delivering the best Malayalam crime thriller I have seen since Memories and Drishyam.

Although there are significant plot holes towards the end, the well written characters and their back stories leave you wanting for more. Loved the subtle homages to Hannibal Lecter and to the Creep series in the second half.

An engaging thriller and surely the first big hit of 2020!

banerjeenirmalya 11 May 2020

I am marvelled at South's ability to churn out quality thrillers one after another. Anjaam Pathira (The Fifth Midnight) is the latest Malayalam film to be a part of this bandwagon.

The story is about a shadowy serial killer who targets Cops!!! After a string of gruesome killings, Kochi Police DCP Catherine (Unnimaya) upon the advice of ACP Anil (Jinu) ropes in criminal psychologist Anwar Hussain (Kunchako) to help them crack the case. Together they begin the hunt for the perpetrator who employs brutal and unique methods for committing the murders.

I have always believed grit is the most vital component of a thriller. The moment you lose the tempo, the story is bound to lose the edge. This is where the movie scores brilliantly. Writer Director Midhun Manuel Thomas renders a taut tale where we come across ghastly crimes, compelling scenes and sharp twists & turns at every crucial juncture. This engaging treatment which doesn't allow the tone to slack off is the movie's strongest asset. Yes there are flaws. There are certain minute details which call for an explanation (the figurine story, the burning incident hypothesis). English dialogues appeared a bit contrived. There are a few cliches which could have been avoided.

But Anjaam Pathira overall remains a riveting tale of suspense where the right elements are combined in apt proportions. There are horrific crimes, startling revelations and a good backstory. One can't help drawing a parallel to the Tamil movie Ratsasan (The Devil). While Ratsasan had a more interesting plot development, Anjaam Pathira's ending is better fleshed out.

You will love it.

aaronbobby 14 January 2020

Watched 3 times The credit goes to casting, acting,Scripting ,music,Direction,camera and editing equally. Everything was perfect .All together my score 97/100. Everything was perfect This one is not like the other stereotype thrillers. I have 2 request only. Everyone should watch the movie in theaters and please don't try to spoil.

sangeethfrancisjaimz 25 January 2020

First of all revenge on rapes are cliche in Malayalam movie for a very long time. A lot of loose ends, the script clearly wanted to tell a psychological thriller but there is nothing psychological about this film that will put it on that genre.

If they had delivered the movie with less of technical stuff I mean, what was with the hacking and tech stuff.

It's a good movie among the movies that was released during the period.

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