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Another Round (2020)

Rayting:   8.1/10 46036 votes
Country: Denmark | Sweden
Language: English

Four friends, all high school teachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood.

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gustav_gerdes 25 September 2020

I went to the cinema today to watch my third movie from Thomas Vinterberg, after watching "The Celebration"(1998) and "The Hunt"(2012) i had huge expectations for this movie. And i have to say that i got surprised even more than i thought was possible.

"Another Round" or the danish title and phrase "Druk" is just a cinematic experience on another level. I as a Dane can relate to this movie, as if it were written directly to the individual citizen. The way the story is bound together with great dialogue and humor is indeed phenomenal, the way the story criticize the danish alcohol-culture is even more breathtaking, and thought-provoking. With of course amazing performances from Lars Ranthe, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang and Mads Mikkelsen. You can really feel that the actors and crew have been working hard on this task, and all turned out great. Once again Vinterberg have done it!

susiekamperthomsen 2 October 2020

Just watch it. The synergy amongst the actors and director is awesome. When watching it you realize how realistic it actually is. This could happen right now in any Danish highschool or office.

ernesto_orrego 4 October 2020

I saw a few mediocre reviews, which describes the movie as celebrating alcohol culture, hence why giving a mediocre score. Which is absolutely not true, and a misunderstanding. Maybe these persons comes from a society with less alcohol consumption, and see this as an unrealistic way of inciting a society to drink more. The movie is in my opinion more likely criticizing the alcohol culture in Denmark, as it perfectly portrays the danish alcohol culture and how absurd it is, which makes what is actually a drama genre movie to become somewhat of a comedy, because it is so realistic, and the realism is just hilarious thought-provoking.

mbrcf 16 September 2020

TIFF 2020 09

Another Round

Four close friends who are all high school teachers decide to maintain a specific blood rate of alcohol in their bodies in order to become happier, function better at work and social life, and get along better with their lives. What happens in this process of controlled alcoholism testing and its results consist the main storyline of Another Round, a collaboration of Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Vinterberg.

Each one of these four are explored individually for us to become acquainted with them and get to know their lives, their responsibilities and their problem whether at work or at home. But the film really shines in the scenes that all four are together, drinking, talking about their drinking thesis, laughing and sometimes, crying. This film is about alcohol consumption as much as midlife crisis, isolation, everyday repetition, loneliness, hopelessness and anhedonia. It's a film that resonates with all of us, it's about everyone in this world who struggles with serious problems in one's life and sees the solution in drinking regularly.

sigurdboytang 27 September 2020

Thomas Vinterberg tells perfect stories of what alcohol can do. As a result of problems with teaching, private life, and general happiness - Four high school teachers agree to try an experiment exploring alcohol's influence. What happens when maintaining a constant promille of 0.5? Martin(Mads Mikkelsen) is the lead role, and the one we follow the most. He has an outstanding performance. The movie executes well to not have a biased opinion on drinking, but show the whole picture.

In the western world, Denmark is one of the countries with the most relaxed relationship to alcohol. The legal buying age is 16 and by high school a lot of students drink 20-50 units of alcohol a week.

Bek204 14 September 2020

Four friends, all high school teachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood. (Source: IMDb)

I'm glad that I had the chance to enjoy watching Another Round at home and that's thanks to the Toronto International Film Festival.

After his unforgettable performance in "The Hunt", Mads Mikkelsen gives us another great performance as he plays Martin in "Another Round", if I would choose which one is his best performance, I would choose "The Hunt" for sure and that's because of the emotional and deep feelings that character had and Mads Mikkelsen was able to express that perfectly, In "Another Round" his character is kind of similar to the one in "The Hunt" but the difference is that in "The Hunt" his character was battling a difficult time of his life as he gave up on it and doesn't have anything left to lose, he was desperate, but in "Another Round" it's kind of the opposite, he is trying to improve his life by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in his blood hoping it'll work, and Mads Mikkelsen was brilliant in that, sometimes by just looking into his eyes, you can feel what's inside of him, grief / happiness / loneliness / sadness and etc... The supporting cast was was brilliant, his other 3 friends were all great in their performances, when they wanted us to laugh we did laugh and when they wanted us to get emotional we did indeed get emotional, perfect casting.

For those who don't know both "The Hunt" and "Another Round" are directed by Thomas Vinterberg and that's why you might notice that the movie is a bit smilier to "Th Hunt" with the set design, the characters, and the message of the film, for example, the scene where the 4 friends went to the supermarket when they were drunk kind of reminded me of the one in "The Hunt" when he went inside the supermarket and got kicked out, but in my opinion, I prefer "Another Round" than "The Hunt", I gave "The Hunt" a 6.5/10 and I was disappointed by it especially that it has so many good reviews and that's why I was worried of watching "Another Round" because I felt like it would be the same but I was wrong. "Another Round" had so many conversations that were long but they were so fun not like "The Hunt", all the conversations were boring and cold, for example in "Another Round'' the scene that all of them were having dinner and that's when we started to know the story of the movie and where the movie is taking us, the movie started off with happiness and with so much energy but as we were going towards the movie it started to go down little by little and slowly and that's what I loved about it. The movie makes you wonder what will happen at the end and what their lives will be in the end and that's a thing that made me want to watch and enjoy the movie, the film made us happy and sad and happy and sad again all the time.

The set design was beautiful, the camera angles were able to capture the beauty of the set design and that's not a new thing to a Thomas Vinterberg film and maybe that might be the main reason why this movie remained me of "The Hunt". Martin's apartment, the school, and the dinner table with the amazing designs of the cups and glasses. The custom designs were pretty okay, they were matching the environment very well.

phillehilde 15 October 2020

Great plot. Great acting. Makes you want to live like a dane!

dirchalbinus 21 September 2020

Jeg så filmen her søndag, og det med det samme er blevet, det bedste der er sket i 2020. Super sjov med masser af god humor og drama.

martin-boegesvang 11 October 2020

It most certainly is a funny and emotional experience to watch this movie. The acting is phenomenal and the camera work make the scenarios feel very life-like and realistic. As always, Mads Mikkelsen performs at the highest level - as do the others. Also, the ending is great.

TopDawgCritic 10 November 2020

Ignore ALL the high ratings and bogus reviews. This film is only at best a 6/10. Directing and performances were actually quite good, as was the humor.

But the almost 2 hour runtime with very slow pacing made it feel like it was 3 plus hours long. It was very predictable and not much suspense in the story. It's a shame the filmmakers have to resort to bogus ratings and reviews, it only shows they too had no faith in their own film, so they feel the need to deceive their potential viewers. Shame on you. It's a generous and honest 5/10 from me

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