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Arkansas (2020)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.9/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Kyle and Swin live by the orders of an Arkansas based drug kingpin named Frog, whom they've never met. But when a deal goes horribly wrong, the consequences are deadly.

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deloudelouvain 4 July 2020

Well I'm just surprised by the low rating Arkansas gets. I read a lot of negative reviews, stating Clark Duke wants to be like Quentin Tarantino but failing in doing so. I can't agree with that. Tarantino is Tarantino, he's the master in this genre and almost everybody loves him for that, me first as I'm a big fan of all the movies he directed yet. Clark Duke on the other hand did a pretty good job with Arkansas. For his directing debut I thought it was more than convincing. Sure he must be a big fan of Tarantino, but then again who isn't? But also as an actor he gave a good performance, his character was a delight to watch, and so were the characters of Vince Vaughn and Liam Hemsworth. Each character adds something special to the plot, a story that is well written, a sometimes intriguing story but most of the time a very enjoyable story to watch. So yes I'm very surprised Arkansas doesn't get higher ratings. It's a mystery to me what those one star reviewers are trying to achieve, is that really the worst movie they ever watched? I guess they don't watch much movies then because I've seen thousands worse movies than this one. Anyway, if you really like this genre of movies just give this one a fair chance, I did and was surely not disappointed.

kdbywg 15 August 2020

Clark duke is on his way. I liked this one for sure.

knightox 23 August 2020

Don't believe any of the negative reviews. I went into this flick expecting an average/so-so plot. Boy, was I WRONG! It's a great debut by director Clark Duke and Vince Vaughn, Liam Hemsworth and John Malkovich really shine in their roles.

sororos 29 July 2020

A lot of reviewers seem to reference Quentin Tarantino to express how this film's aspirations are out of its reach. And they may be right, insofar as this movie dialogue and action are quite the same as say Pulp Fiction. The question is: was it the director's intention to actually try to equate Tarantino's film? I'm not so sure.

Yes, Tarantino's influence is quite obvious. It is gangster flick with quirky characters and where things slowly get out of hand. But are those elements Tarantino's exclusive domain? Don't other films make use of such tools in their narrative toolbox? Of course they do! My point is no film is made in a vacuum and the fact that one of the critics' main arguments is the similarities with Tarantino's work, is a testimony to the director's work.

My opinion is "Arkansas" uses some of Tarantino's themes to tell an original story, all the while creating a mood of its own. Liam's character is an interesting portrait of a smart outcast who struggles to find meaning in life. His partner offers a funny, self-deprecating look at hipster culture while never completely muting its relevant criticism on our society. It's not overdone, and it's there to make dialogue interesting and thoughtful, sparing us constant comedic or cool-sounding dialogue. The overall restrain that permeates the movie, in the rhythm, the setting as well as the acting is a very welcome change from oftentimes overly dramatic crime movies I see trying to grab my attention.

A solid 8/10 for me. I will watch it again, as soon as I get a better display (some scenes are indeed a little dark).

ja_raule 19 July 2020

Its not a perfect movie,but it dont deserve the ratings that people are giving to this title,a 6*It may be slow sometimes,but its a quite good and entertaining and it also has his funny moments,for me its a solid 8******** You wont regret it.

Fella_shibby 5 May 2020

I saw this movie without watching the trailer, without reading anything bah it. Sometimes I do this like a blind buy. The film is slow at times n tries hard to be a cool slick flick. Vince Vaughn saved this film from being a disaster. He once again played a drug dealer like the one from True Detectives, who wants to start afresh but..... The star cast is good, Eden Brolin's got a very different n attractive face. All in all, this one will not leave any impact.

p_piorico 4 September 2020

Loved every minute of it.....intense, dark, witty, introspective,. Kudos to direction and screenplay.

hello-81002 11 August 2020

That's it. An intelligently written, well directed and well produced, greatly acted and tastefully photographed movie. Stylish and clear headed. Arkansas deserves at least a 7 on IMDB, like a lot of quite slow and clever little gems stuck around the 6. If you love cinema, do not miss this little jewel. Characters are graciously sketched in their lovely, human weirdness. You do not know a lot about them, but you can sense their past in their words, faces and actions. Liam Hemsworth is a little affected in a couple of scenes, but everyone else is credible even when exaggeratedly over the top, like Malkovich. Watch this movie if you want to watch a good, well-narrated and entertaining story. Cinema really needs this kind of productions, even if the ratings tell us that people need less quality.

mallorykirkland-46533 3 September 2020

Awesome movie!!! Being from the South myself, the accent and southern knowledge was perfect! Great watch! It kept my interest throughout.. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

TwistedContent 5 May 2020

I'd guess that for a lot of people Clark Duke is a face seen in a comedy or another, be it any of the "Kick-Ass" or "Hot Tub Time Machine" films or perhaps the last season of "The Office". "Arkansas" is his very own first full feature, a debut in both directing and writing plus performing one of the main characters, and I'm quite frankly wholesomely surprised. Based on Josh Brandon's novel of the same name, "Arkansas" is an engaging, grimy and subtly funny Coen-esque neo-noir tragedy in five chapters.

By the time I even noticed there's a trailer out, the release of the movie was just a week away, so I went in quite blind. Not to repeat myself, but I truly am pleasantly surprised, I get a lot of kicks out of the modern neo-noirs, small town crime shenanigans, simple folks in way over their head - a vibey sub-genre that I believe Coen Brothers kickstarted, providing endless inspiration with their unique writing and characters who think they're smarter than they actually are.

Kyle (Liam Hemsworth) and Swin (Clark Duke) are the footsoldiers of an Arkansas-based drug empire, trying to work their way up the ladder where on top sits a drug kingpin named Frog, whom Kyle and Swin have never seen. Naturally, one day a particular deal goes wrong for the two boys & the consequences are increasingly deadly. "Arkansas" is split in five chapters, each tells either a portion of the story of Kyle and Swin, or introduces the other characters in the whole wide drug scheme and its history, ultimately weaving together a web which's entirety only the viewer can see. Drug smuggling, drug dealing, schemes, the crime world hierarchy, murder, love, so on... I think it's sure to say some will call it a pointless movie, perhaps a plotless one, or just a tedious experience. Yeah, it's a slow-burn, there's attention to detail, to plot-irrelevant conversations and a lot of it is as aimless as the lives of the two main characters, but it's often where the charm of "Arkansas" lies. Having said that, perhaps it could've done better with a more fueled climax.

The cinematography was kind of a conflictive experience for me. It would seem that "Arkansas" is not a big budgeted movie, despite having such a stellar cast. Speaking of that, great performances all around, if a little too little of John Malkovich. Plot might not relate to that, but the overall atmosphere felt somewhat realistic, and so did the characters and the performances carrying them. For a long time I've hoped Vince Vaughn will stay in the crime genre, for "True Detective", "Cell Block 99" and "Dragged Across the Concrete" were an awesome fit for him, now accompanied by "Arkansas". Fingers crossed for more. So, the cinematography, far from exceptional, but overall great camera work, but a little drab color grading... I craved for a crisper, more elegant aesthetical look. Ears, though, were pleased with an interesting original score and soundtrack, country-like and fitting the atmosphere like a glove.

"Arkansas" is not a very original tale and outfit, but it's a great exercise in its genre, a pleasant experience for fans of such vibes & a highly commendable directional debut. My rating: 8/10. To end it with a quote, "May You Dream of offered tits."

rdoubleoc 15 July 2020

This movie is NOT hard to follow, but it is a little hard to pay attention at first to unless you give it your undivided attention.

The opening scene was good, for example, but they should've slowed it down just a notch (I had to replay it to even realize what happened, but the second time I couldn't understand why I didn't get it the first time). And if you miss this scene, you're gonna be lost the rest of the movie. That's the only reason I comment on this.

This movie has a few nice "schools of thought" (the character's own words), which I found kind of refreshing but depressing, even though I already knew them myself. Good movies have unique elements, and I consider this one of them. If this movie was just about drug dealer revenge and double-crossing (*rolls eyes*), we've definitely got enough of those movies, but this one is different. I'm kind of interested to see how Rotten Tomatoes will rate this movie, actually.

Overall, it's a good movie, especially for the summer (I wonder why I think this, though. Maybe because it takes place in the summer in the south? No idea). .

Was actually gonna buy it before it went on sale for $1, since it was only $2 more to buy it than rent it. Movie prices should always be so cheap. I'd buy a lot more of them instead of rent.

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