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Army of One (2020)

Rayting:   5.2/10 2129 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Out hiking, Special Forces Brenner Baker stumbles onto a Cartel's compound. Her husband's killed and she's left for dead. The Cartel made two mistakes, killing her husband and leaving her alive. They won't live to make another.

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harris-49769 20 December 2020

...the filmmakers don't even have faith in their own production that they have to resort to bogus reviews all up-voting each other.

This movie was 100% a comedy as I couldn't stop laughing at the horrible acting, directing and writing. And the "MMA" action?! A 5 year old in Karate class is more convincing. As for the "Ranger", she had zero clue on any army tactics. Cub Scouts know better tactics. Avoid this joke and sadly up-voted mess of a movie. If I could give a 0/10, this movie would get it

abel_en_jantina 20 December 2020

This film is atrocious. The first ten minutes are okay, but it goes downhill fast. The acting is of a questionable level, and the characters are horribly one-dimensional. The latter wouldn't be an issue if the fight scenes were good, it's an action flick after all. Sadly they are not. The actors freeze so long after a blocked strike, you can easily count to 2 Mississippi before the next move is made. It's so fake I laughed out loud on more than one occasion.

ralph-13152 20 December 2020

Wow this was so bad. The acting, directing and the writing where horrible and laughable! Was this filmed with a single camcorder? Who funded this mess! Do yourself a favor and don't fall for the hilariously laughable high reviews. They are more entertaining than this movie!

bananaspider 16 December 2020

But why is it always that you must run into the same group of antagonists at very random times of the day?

kaneda-21 21 December 2020

Husband of 55 kilos blondie is killed by mafia. He has the best training on earth and kills one man after another... You know ... in the past, if Stallone, Arnold or Willis were here, they needed at least 10 weapons as a backup to take them all down. But she is ok with few pushups. Wtf is this crap?

rick-30522 3 February 2021

Trite, cliched, predictable. Didn't waste energy on getting the military stuff right. Full of absurdity and overacting.

cursealoud 1 February 2021

How can anyone have sympathy for the protagonist? They broke in someones home and instead of leaving, they decided to snoop around and move furniture, If anyone came home and saw that they would have reacted the same way. When your privacy and home gets invaded the first instinct is rage. Second, how come they shot the husband in the head and didn't kill her the same way. I don't recall her ever dressing a bullet wound. The ax in the middle of the forest was corny and killing the first guy with a tree branch was alone for me to stop watching.

pdbodyshop 31 January 2021

Former Ranger takes a whole compound of rednecks ! Enough's terrible.

jackolate 16 December 2020

Wasn't sure which direction this was going when the movie begins. In fact, you think it's about the husband (Matt Passmore, great actor) but WOW it goes in a completely different direction that I expected! It was dirty, gritty and a wild action filled 90 minutes. I would recommend for a Friday night takeout with the fam!

yarek0122 20 December 2020

Creators of this movie should pass all the exams of proper film making college... after finishing high school of course... Author of the screen play should read few books before writing again... more than few... Character development? Non existence... Red necks hillbillies?... pathetic... at best... Main character? Lukewarm... I spit on your grave'2010 is a masterpiece... compared to this glued with spits movie...

Less than one star....

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