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Artemis Fowl (2020)

Adventure | Fantasy 
Rayting:   4.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Artemis Fowl, a young criminal prodigy, hunts down a secret society of fairies to find his missing father.

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middleton_jack 12 June 2020

Truly an awful film. Scraps literally all the charm and myth of the book and misses every mark that would be necessary for even a decent film. The tone is confused, the scene direction is 10/10 for cringe. All those years of Shakespearean study and practice was a waste of time Kennith? Clearly. Packed with all the muddled and addled virtue signalling nonsense that you could ever need. It not only defuses any sincerity about the characters but also manages to destroy any possible tension. We seem to be in a place in film making where it is taboo and forbidden for anyone to represent negative qualities of any kind. Everyone is good and nice to each other except for characters hidden in cloaks or the colonial British man.

Josh Gads narration is not only entirely unnecessary but delivered like a high school students first assessment project.

Holly is wrecked. Root is wrecked. Foaley is nothing. Mulch is intolerable. Butler is wrecked. Juliet is nothing.

0 tension. 0 nuance. 0 technique.

It may be the worst adaption of a book I've ever seen. Definitely at least in the top 5.

njlee-44811 21 June 2020

This movie succeeds in being bad for those who haven't read the books, like me, and especially for those who have, like my wife. We crawled to the finish line of this movie, which we couldn't wait to be over. I was so lost. And why is everyone talking like their throat itches? And what does Artemis Fowl ACTUALLY do?!

fitzfloors 14 June 2020

If Disney put half the effort into the movie as they did into making a trailer and promotion, Artemis Fowl might have been only horrible instead of nauseatingly unwatchable. Thanks to the other 1 star reviews I will be reading the books so I can understand exactly how badly they dropped the ball. My kids and I haven't been this disappointed since the Last Airbender movie M. Night butchered.

Blk_Ne190 7 July 2020

Before I watch this movie I had heard people say it was pretty bad but I knew it was based on a book so I thought people may have hated it because it didn't live up to it. This isn't the case it is just a bad movie.

It is so boring and like aimless. To top that off it is also really nonsensical and confusing. I don't feel like I watched the movie because I couldn't tell you anything about it, it's just like a blur.

The acting was pretty bad and I don't know why but when I was watching it I just got this like early 2000s vibe from it and I don't know why. Like I think this would have done better if it was made then. It just had that type of feel.

The writing was also pretty bad too. It is never good when a movie doesn't make you want to read the book it's based on.

So skip it it's pretty bad

tankmaster-23611 12 June 2020

I felt nauseous while watching it. I want a personal apology from the frozen head of Walt Disney.

cricketbat 19 June 2020

Watching Artemis Fowl is like listening to someone read a complicated instruction manual at a very quick pace, without pausing to allow for questions or reflection. I get that they had to cram a lot of story into one 90-minute movie, but it just doesn't make any sense. Artemis is unlikeable, Mulch Diggums is annoying, I felt embarrassed for Dame Judi Dench, and the rest of the cast is forgettable. If you're interested in this story, skip the movie and read the books.

jhalcollege 12 June 2020

Fans of the books will be immensely disappointed as this movie changes everything, and not in a good way (think a wrinkle in time, percy jackson, or mortal engines). If you're going to rewrite the plot, it should at least be entertaining and make sense.

However, not only is this a bad adaptation, it is also a bad movie in general. You're not going to attract any new fans by pumping 90% of your budget into CGI, and then glossing over your characters and screenplay. Absolutely no one is going to say "I liked this movie, now let me check out the books."

It used to mean something when you saw the disney castle at the beginning of a movie. Now it just means the movie you are about to see is going to be a disaster.

hufflepuffboy 12 June 2020

For a movie that was in post production for nearly four years, I expected more. Honestly a disgrace to the books and a disappointing blip on Kenneth Branagh's resume. As a fan of the books, it is honestly just a terrible blend of the best books and forced plotlines and imaginary mcguffins. At least they didn't have a post credit scene.

ryanic 12 June 2020

You ever watch a movie and then realise that the writes think they are clever but actually they are not?

It's one of those moments in this movie where they are not even trying to write intelligent dialog, it's meaningless scenes that are pretending to be meaningful.

If this is what Disney is producing now you might as well give up on them. I canceled my Disney plus subscription after watching this, because if they are promoting this as being "good" then there is no trust left in Disney.

Want to watch something good from Disney? Go back at least 5-10 years before the rot set in.

roland1-11-194865 12 June 2020

This movie is the definiton of money grab. They took the name Artimis Fowl and the base idea from the books and threw everything else out. This movie is garbage.

koenvogels 12 June 2020

I was wishing for a Artemis Fowl movie long before there were plans on making them... I could picture all the books turned into great movies, in which you see the characters develop and grow. When I learned that Disney took on the challenge to make a movie adaptation, I held my breath. They wouldn't turn this into a disaster, now would they? Yup...they did... What a dissapointment.

As soon as I saw Artemis Fowl as an insecure, dependant boy who is nothing at all like the criminal, cold, steady, determined, witty mastermind in the books I felt so let down! He even surfs in the movie? Artemis would never turn to sports. Disney just had to make the main character a likeable weak little boy... terrible. This movie is nothing at all compared to the terrific books written by Eoin Colfer! There has not been looked at the story at all.

Shame on you, Disney.

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