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Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra (2002)

Adventure | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   6.6/10
Country: France | Germany
Language: French | Arabic

Astérix and Obélix go to Egypt to help architect Numérobis who is building a palace for Cleopatra.

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Asterix-3 28 January 2002

All those who had seen it will easily agree with me : the first opus was terrible. Christian Clavier was unbearable, the story was ridiculous, the look was disappointing ; despite many talented actors and technicians, Goscinny was betrayed. Astérix et Obélix contre César was a cruel and total setback. Alain Chabat and his team had a lot of work to do in order not to fall into the same traps. Adapting Astérix to the cinema could have even considered an impossible challenge after that first disaster.

However, they made it. Astérix et Obélix : Mission Cléopâtre is a great adaptation of the famous comics. Alain Chabat, who also wrote the screenplay, could modernize the story and the characters and obtain the best from the composer, the cinematographer, the production designer, the actors... With the biggest French budget (50 million Euros), he's made a movie that is suitable for all the family, with an outstanding look and a funniest Jamel. Fast-paced, with plentiful play on words, some situations are really hilarious.

If you like Astérix, and if you like humor, you will like this movie.

Iphigenie72 5 April 2005

I was lucky to see this sequel before the original because i'm not sure i would have gone out of my way to see it if the contrary had been true. I found "Mission Cléopâtre" better than it's predecessor for different reasons, but the major one is this : it was almost word for word an adaptation of one book not an amalgam like the first movie. The physical resemblance of some characters to their animated self were very funny especially the bad guy (who's name is escaping me, but he's the other architect). I don't know how this movie played in English; my first language is french so i didn't have that problem... I imagine some of the jokes weren't that easy to translate. I've learned something with years it's better to watch a movie with the subtitles than with the dubbing maybe you wont understand what is said, but you wont lose the rhythm and i think that's important too. I would recommend this movie to anyone who really loves "Astérix et Obélix".

cinewatt 2 September 2002

This is definitely a "must see" film. The excellent Director Alain Chabat (also acting as Ceasar) has managed to capture the very essence of the "Adventures of Astérix" (the French comic books it's based upon) and to create a fantastically modern and intelligent comedy, which is also an homage to the world of animated films. This movie is so funny, so full of jokes (both visual and spoken) that it might take you two or three screenings before you notice them all, between your bursts of laughter. The only drawback is that a non-French audience (or at least a non-French speaking audience) might not get all the "private jokes". There are so many dialogues impossible to translate, so many situations directly related either to the comic books or to the French way of life, that the fun might be lessened. However, it's still totally worth seeing for the beautiful picture, the amazing stunts, the music, the totally crazy atmosphere and the excellent acting. All actors are great, but the film would not be the same without Jamel Debouze, Gérard Darmon and Edouard Baer. And please don't EVER compare this magnificent film to the terrible previous one based on the same comic books : "Astérix et Obélix Contre César" and directed by Claude Zidi.

negative-7 13 April 2002

I have to confess that I slept in the cinema while watching the first Asterix movie... but this one is simply FANTASTIC! It is really funny and it leaves the first one miles away. It has enumerous gags and funny situations that made me laugh since the first minutes of the movie and I only stopped laughing when I reached the car to return home. I repeat: this movie is spectacular... Obelix is really funny and Cleopatra is a real babe!!

bluegum4 23 March 2003

I loved this film, the audience I was part of loved this film, and the little 7 year old girl who was with me loved this film. We all laughed at the puns, the visual humour, and the good feeling you left the cinema with when it ended. I could easily see why it was such a huge box-office success in France. I am planning on buying the DVD, so I can see it again and laugh at all the bits I missed as I was laughing so hard the first time.

swinneke 8 August 2003

Making a movie about a Comic is hard to do. Making a good movie about a Comic is extremely hard to do. Making a good movie about Asterix & Obelix has been done.

This movie shows that the french do know how to make an : a) funny , b) hilarious , c) beautiful , d) superb movie. The acting is no less than superb , the sunny feel to the whole movie is perfect .. A MUST see ! This just has to be the funniest thing to come out since we started the new millenium.. 10/10

jvanhalderen 27 September 2002

Wow! the French are really getting the hang of it. If we look at their first Asterix movie we see a good story with nice actors (especially thanks to Gerard Depardeu)but very lame special effect. In a fantasy story like Asterix Special Effects are really important. Well.. they did it right this time! It looks terrific. I personaly think Mission Cleopatra is the best Asterix story ever written. In the movie there's not one moment you're bored. Go and watch this! One thing! they didnt go exactly by the script which I think is a little bit pittyful. For example, In the comic Obelix breaks the nose of the Sphinx, immediatly all the little storekeepers start breaking of the nose of their miniature Sphinx. (really funny to see)..Well they didnt put it in the movie, instead they burried the nose under the Sphinx. Asterix: "They will never look for it here" (guess again). Was funny but not as good as the original. Another thing i disliked about the movie was their choice for music. It maked the film to childies. But never the less... It's a must C!

Grz Da Jean Holland

dbdumonteil 23 November 2002

In 1995, the movie "le hussard sur le toit" was released and it had a record; it was the most expensive movie ever made. This record was beaten seven years later with this film. But once again, this enormous budget was worth to be spending. Alain Chabat controls perfectly the huge incomes to his disposition (for example, sceneries are carefully restored and the crowd movements are wide) and he succeeds in recreating the fanciful atmosphere of the Astérix'albums. His making is very inventive, full of clever visuals and ringing brainwaves. Moreover, he doesn't only emphasize on the special effects of the movie and this was one of the faults of the first Astérix' film made by Claude Zidi in 1999. On the other hand, what a casting! It's very similar to the Sacha Guitry's film "si Versailles m'étais conté" and you can have fun by guessing which actor epitomize which character of the album "Astérix et Cléopâtre". As far as Christian Clavier and Gérard Depardieu are concerned, they're better managed than in the Zidi's film: they don't ham it up and are more credible in their respective roles even if Depardieu isn't fat enough. The other actors are excellent, (especially Gérard Darmon) rightly chosen even the minor actors in whom Chabat grants a big importance. Nevertheless, this one doesn't fit in the Caesar's role: he is a bit listless and not authoritarian enough. At last, let's notice that the characters' names are successful and funny puns (Menubestofplus, Numérobis, Itinéris), but they're only easily understood for French people. At the end, a successful adaptation of the Astérix's comic strip on the screen and a pleasant entertainment.

thesummer_ismagic 26 October 2003

With a joke per line, they succeeded in making a very funny movie and keep the essence of the comic books. The actors (Jamel Debouze in particular) are hilarious and play their charactors very well. Of course you need a very good level of french to understand all the jokes but they're worth the classes if you really want to have a good laugh!

AmyJenson1995 4 March 2015

Usually when comics are adapted into movies, the result is often deceiving at the end. But some made exceptions and this one is among them.

This movie is irreverent and incredibly hilarious from the beginning to finish. It had been a long time since I haven't so much laughed while watching a movie. Alain Chabat, who is best known for his spoofed side, succeeded to insert his delirium while respecting the main frame of the original comics. There are some very well thought jokes which took me by surprise and immediately provoked an irremediable burst of laughter like for example the Lobster scene which is so unexpected and hilarious or the Raft of Medusa which get the same reaction.

The casting is also great and very enjoyable to watch. Each of the characters are well tuned and work with harmony with each other in every scene. Again Alain Chabat created some characters which featured the mainframe but get updated to this nowadays era like Caius Ceplus starred by Dieudonné (Understand Caius Idontknow), A Darth Vader like centurion who is unable to remember any names of the people he met or Itineris starred by Isabelle Nanty (Which is also the name of an older cell phone service network provider well known for its network issues), an Egyptian woman with deep gloomy blue eyes who designated herself as the spokeswoman for her workmates and has several issues transmitting messages. Gerard Depardieu and Christian Clavier starred again as Obelix and Asterix and the chemistry between the two is evident. Christian Clavier is the perfect Asterix by the way and was never matched by his successors in the two other sequels who never succeeded to transmit the magic and funny aspect of the little Gaulish warrior. T Don't miss also the pirates who are funny as hell in the four scenes when they appeared

This is definitely a movie to see in its uncut version if you're looking for a great moment surrounded by your family.

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