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Ava (2020)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   5.3/10 41321 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Ava is a deadly assassin who works for a black ops organization, traveling the globe specializing in high profile hits. When a job goes dangerously wrong she is forced to fight for her own survival.

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thai3 4 August 2020

Seem to have seen many almost the same films over the past few years. Assassin with military background falling foul of her employers who turn on her. The only difference with this one was there is almost no story, why are people being killed, why turn on such a good operative. I would have walked out but it was raining

notany 22 August 2020

This is classic Hollywood comedy: Actor (played by Jessica Chastain) who also owns the production company (Freckle Films) hires another actor with one hit as a director to direct an action flick written by his actor friend and they get many famous actors to act on it. How hard it is to do an action film with famous actors. It's surely a huge hit.

Little they know, the actor-writer is not a good writer and actor-producer is not good at reading scripts as he think he is. Because everyone is friends with everyone, nobody is honest. Hilarity ensues. Experience is tragic for the audience. Comedy for the Hollywood insiders.

peter-laganis 26 August 2020

The first 30 minutes were really promising. Good action, suspenseful vibe, great acting... but as soon as one of the secondary character Michael appears, everything flops. Not only because of his insecure and awkwardly mediocre acting, which reminded me of some cheap drama or love story soap opera... but because he represents an entry point into Ava's past. A boring past which has nothing to add to the story or her character.

So if we crop off all the family stuff and stick to the action... then it could be a solid 7. In stead it is a poor 6.

Worth mentioning: Jessica Chastain and John Malkovich performances are great. Colin Farrell somehow sticks to his (good) average, but who really disappoints is Geena Davis. Her approach personally felt to me like "Let's make it clear - I'll say some words, get the money and leave."

fallyhag 21 August 2020

I like Chastain as an actor bit this is not her genre. This film felt very cheap. The story dull, the direction amateur and the action scenes were really really bad. You could see the fight scenes coming from a mile away. The poor story telling was so bad that the excuses to have a fight we're incredibly lame.

I can't explain why so many top actors took part in this cheese fest. I got goose bumps as they had to blurt out their awful lines. The whole thing just felt B-Roll amateur. Not recommended.

nirohonyi 21 August 2020

I could write and explain the how absurdity bad this movie is - from absolutely incoherent storylines, to fights that are so edited and cut, that they are impossible to understand - but I'm just gonna put this as clear as possible: Don't waste your time.

Oh, by the way, a secret assassin's organization would have operatives that are, let's say, good at their job?

Andwhoever the choreographer for the "fight sequences" was, he/she was definitely not a vet, or even a martial arts fighter with understanding of how a REAL fight flows.

Here's to you Colin Farrell, and you Glock with a REFLEX SIGHT and ridiculous suppressor. You stealthy, sneaky, sneaky assassin's.

expe67 21 August 2020

No real reason for this movie to be made.100% predictable,no likeable characters,no one to root for,chastain kicks ass just about everyone but does not seem strong or body trained,the whole thing is laughable.she also does not possess the star power to like her regardless.boring and stupid.

Xstal 21 August 2020

Paint a black spot on the door of this and walk away at pace. A mercenary cast, not only in the story, assassinating any engagement you may have developed from the start and doing it with some ease - All Very Awful.

Fella_shibby 4 September 2020

Female assassin on the run, history of brutal kills, ex military, etc...the list goes on n there r many similar movies. But when u make a movie on a bad ass female assassin pls dont put family melodrama n cliches aft cliches. The hand to hand combat is not choreographed well, the film is devoid of tension n suspense n the worst is the piece of cake assasination plan. Jessica Chastain aint convincing as an assassin. As a fan of Colin Farrell, i got disappointed. Well, he is in good shape but the footage is very less. So ther is a scene wher the character of Chastain is narrating her alcohol abuse n childhood stuff in a group therapy and jus when poor Tony's turn came to share, the camera cut off, how selfish man. Gena Davis played an assassin in Long Kiss Goodnight n sad to see her in bad condition, very old n with those plastic surgery lips. The woman who played Chastain's sis (she was ther in Teeth n It) has a very chubby face n poor ol John Malkovich talking as if he is wheezing but he does get to kick some ass.

13SecondFilmReviews 22 August 2020

How many lame scripts trying to mimic Jason Bourne does Hollywood have to churn out before people say ENOUGH? If you want a badass female protagonist, for god's sake call Charleze Theron. She's the ONLY one who can pull it off. This story was so predictable and cliche that you could guess the lines the actors were about to utter. Throw in the PC wokeness of two white sisters getting down and dirty with rapper Common, and the ludicrousness of Colin Farrell's haircut, and you've got a film even less exciting than the DNC convention.

yves-vanherreweghe 21 August 2020

The worst movie of 2020. I'm 100% sure the storyline is written by a 5 year old. It made me wonder why great actors participate in such a movie? Not all of them can be broke, no 🤔. I wanted to give an example that says it all, but actually I already wasted to many words on it...

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