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Baaghi 3 (2020)

Rayting:   2.1/10
Country: India
Language: English

A man embarks on a bloody rampage to save his kidnapped brother.

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pandeydh 7 March 2020

Best acting from tiger Shroff... Change my mind @gauravpandey

170r ka ticket ... Usse accha 1 month ka Brazzers premium lo

AarPrince 6 March 2020

If you are OK with watching an illogical movie where a guy with a gun is running straight at 200-300 other guys with guns, and all these other guys miss each and every one of their shot while the one guy is able to kill them all then go watch it.

I don't know what kind of mental conditions these people are suffering from, who are rating this movie 10/10. I just don't think Tiger Shroff will make any sensible movies in which he just acts good and doesn't just say mindless dialogues.

rohitbharatsharma 6 March 2020

I am suffering From Brain Haemorrhage after The Movie 😭😭😭 Im A Sci Student but now i lost interest in physics 😭😭

jatindosi 6 March 2020

Worst story line, worst direction, Bollywood should ban this type of story writer & director, # Kalank again on bollywood

kinshuk-gaur 6 March 2020

I have no words and patience to write about this movie. So, with my limited strength I can safely say making such movies is the best way to convert Black money to White. Period....

manas-95108 6 March 2020

Just one word.. Bakwass Wasted my time and money.. There's no story , no logic . Action sequence are directly copied form Wonder Woman and Spiderman : Far from home . And Tiger Shroff acting was one of the worst acting i had seen ever. Similarly Shraddha Kapoor dialogues are full of abusive words. And also this movie contains some nonsense songs which are too copied. Just get away from this movie or you may have severe injury to your brain cells. Bollywood is getting worst day by day.😐

vigneshdesmond 6 March 2020

One on those films which is so awful that even my 3 existing brain cells commited suicide. Yes, Tiger sheroff basically becomes superman and stops time to fight Syrian instigators. Yes there's a stupid love story which is somehow interlinked to US embassy in Syria. Please, for the love of god, don't watch this movie IF you want to live. Also, not dope, no "realistic VFX".

kumaripr 6 March 2020

No logic , worst vfx , worst acting , worst storyline

fakram17 6 March 2020

Bollywood is Loosing it's Charm Day by Day. Nepotism Sucks. Worst Movie of this Decade. New Decade Same Old Rubbish Bollywood. Just Avoid it at any cost.

dharammann-56882 6 March 2020

Most pathetic movie ever made possible ...extremely bad acting , poor film making , rubbish . Watch a cartoon serial on tv than watching this movie .

logical_guy 6 March 2020

Just illogical story....they just want to make audience fool by that illogical action scenes.... Don't waste your valuable time and money in these kind is just mixture of all Hollywood high end action action scene..and same old Bollywood story of saving his brother from..villians...

soyab786110 6 March 2020

I understand that action movies are good for business. But please put some logic. If you want the hero to jump far. Atleast give him some backgrounff of superhuman stuff. He jump across 30 feet like its another step. Even superman would be scared to show stuff like that. I want refund. If someone is planning to watch this movie. Dont ever go and spend money on this one. I like tiger shroff. But please take some good scripts.

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