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Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Action | Crime 
Rayting:   6.6/10
Country: USA | Mexico
Language: English

Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett must face off against a mother and son pair of drug lords who wreak vengeful havoc on their city.

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User Reviews

kingcrownedyoung 21 May 2020

Hasta el fuego!!! I thought it was great. The haters can stop with their low ratings. Dark and still funny.

angiemsage 13 July 2020

Great movie from beginning to end !! All the action was awesome. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are awesome..!

gupta-vasudev 28 June 2020

Loved this movie. It reminds me of bad boys 1 and 2. The climax was really good and Will Smith did a really good job.

gosullivan-74116 17 May 2020

Not like any of the sequels as of late ie ghostbusters, Oceans 6 and the crap storm that was terminator this is a classic Bad Boys movie 10/10

imadchemaly 25 July 2020

Amazing new sequel, hopefully not thenlast although it seems it is. As usual superb plot, loads of fun and action and epic representation of the two hero characters. Thumbs up.

jrbusiness-64499 23 August 2020

Bad Boys for life. Have you seen this movie?

I love this movie and think it is probably the best one out of them all. Although number one is hard to beat.

I am so glad they made another one and it turned out great.

It is definitely worth watching.

It is funny, full of action and it has a good story.

houcica 22 August 2020

This was surprisingly good and exciting. A few times in the movie they completely surprised me, there were things I didn't expect. Not predictable at all. Also thank you for using real women, with real bodies and not overly skinny women.

usmaninadeem 17 August 2020

Full of action,comedy + thriller. Suspense is awesome. Lawrence comedy is amazing.

MAYESY-44 17 August 2020

After all these years the chemistry is still the same and at it's brilliant best. Story line was better than I thought and a rollercoaster of emotions that I didn't expect. Brilliant, brilliant film.

kabiruishaka 7 June 2020

I watched this movie, I cast my sight without taken away. The comical nature of the film and the streamline story had great impressionistic effect. is so appealing to me. The writer employ a great care friendship. Resolution action to brought down antagonist add flavor. I reckon climax and anti climax admirable. Bravo to this five star ratings.

brenwood-25477 11 August 2020

Loved the first 2 films but loved this one even more. The first ones had good humour in them but a lot of this movie I was laughing out loud! It's a movie that's relatable as Marcus and Mike are much older now and so are we as an audience. Great film, lots of action, great story and some really good humour for the older generation.

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