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Bahut Hua Sammaan (2020)

Comedy | Drama 
Rayting:   7.3/10
Country: India
Language: English

With their planned heist gone wrong, Bony and Fundoo get inextricably involved in the pursuit of 'Kohinoor' quite possibly the biggest scandal the country will ever witness.

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almeidaelvis 2 October 2020

Srsly amazing Concept of film, Comedy is quite original, the only thing it lacks is Visual effects in some scenes. Still it is understandable that budget would be an issue. Still the VFX does not disturb the concept of film

reet-spverma 2 October 2020

A worth watch, doesn't bore at all. Eventful and engaging. Sanjay sir as usual, legend. Raghal Juyal is good. "Cubicle" fame Abhishek Chauhan has done a pretty decent job here. His is spontaneous. Hope him to see more. Nidhi Singh has also done a good job. All other characters are also good. Ram Kapoor in cameo role of a shooter is also worth watch.

Story is good. Based out of Varanasi. Please do watch it.

kishorenitin 3 October 2020

For some anti Modi and so called democratic people, It's a kind of sarcasm on the so called "current situation in the country". Just keep your political views aside and enjoy the movie, it's a masterpiece. Haven't seen such creativity in a while.

ms-33409 9 October 2020

A must watch. Hilariously junkie and unafraid to make a satirical statement on the system and the politics of the system. The humour in Bahut Hua Samman is a mix of old school slapstick comedy, sharp lines, along with a sizeable dash of crudeness. The use of popular and peppy songs of the 80's era adds its own special touch. In the end, when all's well with the world, everything has fallen back into it's right place, Bahut Hua Samman leaves you with the message to speak up, to question, to demand answers - in other words - to keep the spirit of democracy up, running and healthy. It's a good one-time watch, funny and entertaining, if you don't overthink things much, that is.

gopalanimesh 2 October 2020

Satirical dialogue fresh story explaining punjivaad and consumerism affluently.. Sanjay Mishra and raghv Juyal as always good.. but surprise pack is Abhishek Chauhan.. Nidhi has done great job... Overall I like it only lacks it's pace in middle but cover up at last

vsthetitan 27 November 2020

The movies storyline was great. But it didn't require the evergreen Hinduphobic ideology of bollywood. For instance: 1. Akhand bharat - a term used by Great Chanakya to unite entire Bharat (India) is used as a name for a company which destroys people's lives. 2. Again a Hindu sage whose only ambition is to earn money and attain power. There are idiots in every religion but every time hindu. 3. The sage and story around him is created in such a way that its character (of swami) resembles Baba Ramdev of Patanjali. I think the writers forgot to look the level of expansion yoga got through his teachings. I am not a fan of Ramdev but neither of this idiotic film. 4. Bhola (as name of Shiva) and yadav (Krishna's vansh) are both criminals who want to have intercourse with one woman. 5. A minister is doing vipaasna in a deep state or as the movie says 3 days and 4 to go after that he gets up and start abusing a man with foul language and starts beating him. Maybe vipaasna doesn't treats your mind well.

These are just few examples. I will not say don't watch the movie. Do watch it and see what these people are feeding in the minds of teenagers of Bharat. And then think how you should rate this movie.

MrAnkurPandey 26 November 2020

The Movie concept is clearly and bitterly against a single and most successful Political Party and one of the large established Indian Business of the country. The movie is an illogical yet entertaining story. The movie is simply a political and business revenge trying to silently infuse hatred amongst the audience. This is what is called as silent poisoning.

gpashish 2 October 2020

Must watch! Good acting by Raghav, Sanjay Mishra & nidhi... 10/10 to the writer for speaking his heart out.Brave Indeed!!

sahil-masrur786 14 October 2020

This one out of nowhere arrived on Hotstar, is a treat. Refreshing, satirical, crazy zany humour, likeable leads, awesome performances from all the casts and amazing compilation of soundtracks is a must watch. Abhishek Chauhan is someone to look out for. Sanjay Mishra is always reliable. Nidhi Singh does justice to her character always and Raghav too has good comic timing.

amit-60224 5 October 2020

Cinema, story telling and associated craft is an Art . Bahut hua Samaan is a perfect example of art which is used a is a tool to educate, motivate, and activate our citizenry, inspire or may be open our hearts and minds to look beyond what they are being shown through the media. It's a dark satire and also a tribute to Indian Cinema of 80s. The uncanny reference to the social and political issues is remarkable. Some action VFX looks hilarious but then it's a brilliant take on action heroes of this era. Sanjay Misra and other actors have done a great justice to the writing and direction . It's a new version of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

dev-patidar777 2 October 2020

It's a good mixture of comedy & reality. You're going to love it. The cast, hands down the best I've seen in recent times. Great writing. I'm out of words actually. Pls go and watch it.

RoBiN_SinGH211221 3 October 2020

Bahut Hua Sammaan is very hilarious movie of the year 2020 after Lootcase. One Line Dialogues And situational comedy too fun. All actors performance is brilliant. Comic timing perfect. The way this movie is tightened by looking at the situation in this country, it is quite interesting. Much better. Some People ("Modi Bakht") Offended after watching this movie. Because those persons are devotee some stupid reasons. Please away negative reviews. One Time Watch Movie My Rating: 7/10

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