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Barnyard (2006)

Animation | Comedy  | Family
IMDB Rayting:   5.6/10
Country: Germany | USA
Language: English

When the farmer's away, all the animals play, and sing, and dance. Eventually, though, someone has to step in and run things, a responsibility that ends up going to Otis, a carefree cow.

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seeyounext2sday 17 December 2006

I find it hilarious that so many people are gnashing their teeth and saying,"it's just a copy of The Lion King". This type of story didn't start in 1994 - the plot is ancient, with even Disney admitting that it was based on some of their earlier films, Hamlet and - get this - Exodus from the Bible (not including the fact that it was alleged that the whole movie was stolen from "Kimba the White Lion, but that's another matter). So, the genre is several millennia old. If people are going to accuse "Barnyard" of plagiarism, they should at least check the original source material before throwing stones.

Anyway, onto the film. I thought it was lightweight, but had some very funny parts. Thankfully, my children (13 and 8) are able to separate fact from fiction, so the images of bulls with udders, getting loaded on milk, stealing a car and evading the police whilst joyriding probably won't have too much of a negative impact on their lives. However, if, when they're older, they fall into the company of a gang of cows with attitude and a propensity for car theft, I'll know who to blame.

Some people really need to lighten up.

teri-124-415295 28 February 2017

My husband and I have watched this movie with all five of our grand kids - which means we've seen it over 20 times. I am not exaggerating. The grand kids love it, quote it, and ask to see it every time they are at our house. We adults love it too. I do not understand the negative reviews. This is a great story.

Bing5253 22 October 2006

Barnyard is an animated movie about life on a farm. It may not be as good as many other animations but overall I think that this movie was not a great disappointment. The animation is less detailed and more comic and cartoony but is still reasonably enjoyable. It has some good old slapstick violence and some hilarious creatures in. I agree that it should not be ranked along side Finding Nemo or The Incredibles however it does have some hilariously funny moments.

This movie stars Kevin James (King of Queens) and Courtney Cox (the woman we all know from "Friends"). It also has some performances from Danny Glover and Sam Elliot.

Overall, if you are looking for a mind blowing animated movie jam packed full of hilarity then this movie probably isn't what you are looking for but if you are just looking for a decent laugh then this is worth your while.


markmatthew 6 August 2006

There's no getting around it: "Barnyard" is the worst animated feature I've seen in years, and one of the worst movies I've endured during summer '06. 3-D, 2-D, no-D...the tools are irrelevant. It doesn't matter whether you're pushing pixels or pencils: if the story isn't there, all the synergistic cross-platform push in the world won't overcome archaic, low-tech, person-to-person word of mouth. In the case of "Barnyard," Paramount and Nickelodeon don't even have much of a "product," much less a movie. It didn't appeal to the little ones in our party, and left several of the adults in various stages of slack-jawed stupefaction.

The much-discussed cross-gender, udder-enhanced bulls only hint at the parade of dubious marvels to be found within this marketing opportunity. (Again, "Barnyard" may be many things to many stockholders...but it's *not* a movie.) Its demerits have been detailed by so many critics, reviewers and movie sites that they hardly need to be repeated here.

We saw "Barnyard" at a drive-in theater, so if there was something in the film's multichannel audio mix that would somehow enhance its qualities beyond belief, we missed it. However, the coup de grace to "Barnyard" was unwittingly delivered by the exhibitor, who ran an old Tex Avery cartoon ("Doggone Tired") prior to the show. There was more comedy, better artwork (the design and poses of the dog alone drew laughs) and more emotional honesty in this six or seven minute cartoon than in all of "Barnyard." My 6-year old niece and her 4-year old brother kept recounting the best moments of this "ancient" short all the way home. When I interrupted to ask my niece what she thought of "Barnyard," she paused a moment and said, "Well...I'm sorry, but...I didn't think it was really too good" - then proceeded to chatter on about the Avery cartoon.

When children find that a nearly 60-year old cartoon short (in a faded, deteriorating print to boot) is more entertaining and memorable than the 2-hour animated feature it precedes, it can only mean one thing: Time for the suits at Nickelodeon to call more meetings, do more "market research," and tell the "creatives" to come up with storyboards for "Barnyard II: The Original Party Animals Meet The Fairly Odd Parents!" (No doubt followed by another "brand-extension" classic-in-progress: "Barnyard III: The Original Party Animals Moo-ve into Outer Space With Jimmy Neutron!")

tjay1777 6 August 2006

First of all, disregard the other absurd foolish reviews complaining about that the movie has male cows and there's no such thing. Yeah, we know there's no such thing, but it's just a darn movie, dang. People need to lighten up!

Anyway, onto the movie, it really is a great family movie. The whole theatre was cracking up mostly the whole time. It was really funny, and children and adults will both love it. Just to note though, there are just a few scenes where younger children might be a bit frightened, but it's not enough where you should not take them to see this. I highly recommend this to everyone. Heck, I think some of the adults in the showing I went to were having a much better time than the kids. If your in the mood for just some great entertainment that the whole family can see, this is the movie to see.

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