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Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021)

Animation | Adventure 
Rayting:   6.0/10 2477 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

In the 1970s, a missing teacher of martial arts is the subject of a quest by his devoted and brilliant but distant students, who include Batman.

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wkrpinlouisville 13 January 2021

I see what they were trying to do - make a 70's kung fu movie with Batman splicing Enter the Dragon, Shaft and Kung Fu Panda together. In some scenes it almost works - but here's the big problem. When I'm watching a Batman movie - I want to see Batman or Bruce.. and neither one is the star of this movie. The main protagonist is Richard Dragon. Bruce is a side character at best and Batman has a couple of cameos. The mantle of the bat is treated like dress-up time for Bruce who 'becomes a different person' while wearing it.. not really.. His fighting skills get slightly better for some reason - but there's none of the cold calculating detective to be seen. I didn't see - but wouldn't be surprised if this 'Batman' IS wearing hockey pants.. Such a shame because I know the creatives behind this are capable of so much better.

sahil-masrur786 13 January 2021

Just to market the film, Batman is used in the film. Instead he his in a supporting role, to Richard Dragon playing the lead. A genre mix of 70s kung fu films, blaxploitation films, and a bit of Bond, but no Batman! Poor scriptwriting, bland voice dubbing (except MJW as Bronze Tiger) and weak character development, 2021 started with a bad DC animated film.

Paradox-Warrior 21 January 2021

Just read the title of this review and that's pretty much the entire review. That being said, the movie as a whole isn't bad. It's a fun throwback to the 60's and 70's kung fu action flicks a la Enter the Dragon (hell, one of the leads is basically a Bruce Lee clone) with some supernatural stuff thrown in. In and of itself, the animation is decent (though I've seen far better from DC and Bruce Timm) and the story was fine, but the fact that DC marketed this as a Batman movie is beyond a shameless cash grab and downright insulting towards Batman fans to the degree of a big middle finger.

Basically, Batman should never have been in this movie to begin with, and the movie damn sure shouldn't have his name as the titular character in the title. Basically, there are four primary characters and Batman ranks dead last on that list of what the movie does with all them in terms of story and character development. He doesn't even wear the suit for the vast majority of the running time other than less than 60 seconds in the beginning of the movie and about the last 10 minutes. That's it. That's how long we get Batman in a BATMAN movie. What's more, even going on the basis that this is a "young and not as experienced" version like the movie jacket says, the character doesn't feel like Batman at all. He doesn't possess any of the intelligence and investigative skills that Batman is known for, even if this is considered an earlier version of him. I'd be fine if he was just lacking in martial arts skills from the modern day equivalent because, yes, this is supposed to be a younger version of himself, but one thing that defines Batman is his absolutely incredible mind, deduction and reasoning skills, and his tactical ability. None of that is present in this movie whatsoever, even to a developing degree. Not only that, but his costume is treated like it's some kind of lame superpower, like he gets stronger or faster or deadlier when he puts it on... which he doesn't. There's the barest flash of the Batman we were praying to see at the end where he sets up a quick ambush, but that's it. But honestly, it's not the underperforming Batman that's so irritating, it's the fact that he's essentially a B or C list character in his own movie. The only two out of the four primary leads that get any kind of character development are Robert Dragon (aka Bruce Lee) and Ben Turner (who is a mashup clone of Williams from Enter the Dragon and Shaft). They are actually the primary leads.

The worst part? They end the movie like they're teasing a sequel is in the works.

Between this, WW84, and how bad I've heard Death in the Family is, I just don't know what the hell DC is thinking anymore with their films. Honestly, they should have left Batman out of this movie entirely and just done a fun 70's kung fu-style animated movie. He had no purpose being in it and his inclusion, as I said in the beginning, absolutely reeks of nothing more than an utterly shameless cash grab banking on one of their top tier superheroes that for some reason they seem intent on destroying any way they possibly can.

oZo61 14 January 2021

Watching this, ask yourself...if it was a different character than Bruce Wayne/Batman, would you even notice? I don't think so. It's like they just decided to make one of the protagonists Batman as an afterthought. The animation is up to par, the voice acting is good, the choreography of the fights scenes is excellent. The cast is, quite frankly, awesome! Especially Michael Jai White. He channels Black Dynamite, all over again. James Hong is, as always, a treasure. Mark Dacascos proves he is wonderful as a voice artist, and still sounds youthful. Kelly Hu ads a 70's self-sufficient women's lib vibe that is perhaps the most bad ass character in the ensemble. The only misstep is David Giuntoli (Grimm) as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Oh, he's good, but not a good fit for Batman. Or maybe it's that the Batman character is not a good fit for this story? Either way, something feels off about it. Don't get me wrong, it's a good animated movie, and a fun diversion in these trying times. But is it really a Batman movie? I don't really think so.

betweentimeandspace-80204 13 January 2021

Overall, it's a decent movie. It's not DC's best animated movie and definitely isn't their worst, but it's solid for what it is. The plot is simple and straightforward: the heroes try to save the world from an evil cult, nothing more and nothing less. I appreciate the fact that they made it an homage to 70s action movies; mixing in elements from the martial arts, spy, and blaxploitation films of that era; especially given that the main characters in the film came from that same era. But keep in mind, like Assault on Arkham, it's a Batman movie in name only and focuses more on the other lesser known characters, as this movie is basically a "Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter" movie featuring Batman. So if you're looking for yet another Batman movie out of the dozens we already have, you might be disappointed. But if you're looking for a movie that expands on a different corner of the DCU, this might be up your alley.

borism07 13 January 2021

Whatever reviews you read I hope you'll give this movie a try. Sure, it may not be a perfect movie, and it may be a mostly Bruce Wayne movie, or even a Bruce Wayne and Friends movie, but to say this is a bad movie would be a lie. So many different nods to different genres and history brought together with good animation that is reminiscent of 70s plus add 70s kung fu music to the mix and you have a really unique story with a unique ending that promises some amazing things.

landonkiltz 13 January 2021

Everything about this movie screams 70's! From the retro-style Warner Brothers animation logo I knew I was in for a treat. This movie is obviously very inspired by Enter the Dragon, 70's era James Bond, and Dennis O'Neil Batman comics.

Bruce Timm's animation style looks amazing as always.

The Kung fu sequences throughout are great, and the movie makes good use of flashbacks.

Also for a movie with Batman in the title, Batman is barely in this movie. This is very much a Bruce Wayne story which is also unique.

Glad the 2021 movie season started on a high note!

nouber1 13 January 2021

Poor script, trying to bring the 70s in non sense mingling it with james bond character , we are lost and with a a black movies of the seventy , guys what are you doing here

jmtmccann 15 January 2021

Not worthy of the name batman in the title, just another film in a long line of films appeasing the ethical route

dvsusmc 13 January 2021

The writer didn't "borrow" from Enter the Dragon he downright stole from that legendary film. If you've watched enter the dragon then you've seen this embarrassing copy of it as well. The level of laziness on the writing and it's recycled 70's exploitation film tropes really annoyed me.

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