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Beasts Clawing at Straws (2020)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.1/10
Country: South Korea
Language: English

A struggling restaurant owner, caring for his sick mom, finds a bag of cash in a sauna locker, while a customs officer gets into trouble when his girlfriend runs off with money he borrowed from a loan shark.

Director: Yonghoon Kim Writer:

Stars: Doyeon Jeon, Woosung Jung and SungWoo Bae

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riccy35 20 April 2020

I think the reviews before this did not even watch the movie, or just dont like foreign movies.

If you can appreciate these kind of movies, this one is definitely in the same league as Parasite.

From beginning till end it was exciting and it all comes together the longer it takes, and i dont want to spoil anything.

A bloody good thriller !

BitingMovieJunkie 3 May 2020

I have to agree with one previous reviewer: whoever gave this movie just 1 star clearly didn't even watch it.

'Cause, you know, you give one-star reviews to such crap as, I don't know, Look Who's Talking Too, Sausage Party or - to stay with recent releases - Cats or Extraction (aka Tyler Rake). You don't give such god-awful ratings to a movie like this. You may not like it, and that's okay, obviously. But you can't seriously be telling us you consider this one of the worst movies ever made.

Of course it's not perfect, of course it's no masterpiece but c'mon! Given the fact that this is a first-time outing well - it's a pretty damn good one. An edge-of-your-seat thriller that keeps you hooked for the entire running time. It may not be all that original, we can agree on that account, but it anyhow manages to pull off same good scenes and even - to same degree - some interesting points of social satire. What else should we ask for?

The title in itself it's already pretty much revealing as the whole plot centers around a bag full of money and the lenghts the characters involved are able to go to put their hands upon it. They got different reasons and not all of them act out of pure greed. But, in the end, this simple narrative mechanism is perfectly functional to show us the way money controls and directs our lives. The absence of money, of course, but also the excessive amount of it.

As I already mentioned: nothing original in here. But the director has the skills and so he manages to keep us interested. Till a totally sneering conclusion that seems to give us some sort of "cosmic justice" if you pass me the term. Or, most probably, it's just another delusion and the whole bloody affair will repeat itself again and again and happiness will never be reached.

So, yeah, I'll say Beast Clawing at Straws is a solid thriller, tightly written and directed and wonderfully acted (and a special mention, on this regard, goes to Jeon Do-yeon: as soon as she enters the scene well, she just steals the show).

yoeli284 25 April 2020

Castings are top-notch.. and when there are so many characters involved, it could have been very messy. But I thought this movie gave efficient amount of time to audience to get know those characters, and they were all well developed. Beasts Clawing at Straw reminds me of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels in some way. It looks like all of plots are unrelated, but ultimately it is all related.. If you don't like non-linear movie, this movie is definitely not for you. For me, acting, cinematograph, plot, and pacing were all excellent!! Highly recommended it!!

phd_travel 31 May 2020

A bag of money is the center of this crime story. Concentrate on the different characters at first, even if you don't get the connection. It will come together later. And everything does come together in a clever way. There is violence but not as bad as Quentin or Coen Bros. Jung Woo Sung is the big star here and he is good. But it is an ensemble cast the pulls this crime story with a hint of dark comedy together.

abidalidossa-77509 31 August 2020

Karma, fate, and a full circle.

While the story breaks up in small parts it ties up so very neatly in the end.

We all like a aha! moment and connecting the story dots which this movies does so well.

In an age where movies do not really suprise you, this one will....

majgotra 18 May 2020

Only Koreans could do it. Such a fresh and authentic story with lots of twist and fun elements too. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know why few have given it less than 7.

tribeta-10169 16 May 2020

The film's storyline is indeed slow, back and forth, but tense the action of murder so that the audience is not bored, interesting, and full of surprises.

jagodazujovic 17 April 2020

I don't know what to say about this movie. Movie definition keeps you watching it. But when it was over it was nothing special to me.

beadsmantube 24 June 2020

Making money is an absolute element, making a Quentin Tarantino movie clever.

mister_bateman 12 April 2020

It's a well made movie and certainly doesn't look cheap in terms of cinematography, but I just found it utterly uninteresting. None of the characters are likeable or evoked any sympathy, in fact quite the opposite. So I just ended up not caring at all what was going on. The story is also all over the place and not very believable. It's a mess.

tccandler 14 November 2020

This Korean thriller has elements of "Grosse Pointe Blank" and "Bad Times at the El Royale"... stolen money, double-crosses, murder and bloody mayhem. It combines heist thrills with dark humor in a swirling tornado of greed. I had a really good time with this one.

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