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Beckett (2021)

Action | Crime | Drama
Rayting:   5.6/10 21K votes
Country: Italy | Brazil
Language: English | Greek
Release date: August 13, 2021

Following a tragic car accident in Greece, an American tourist finds himself at the center of a dangerous political conspiracy and on the run for his life.

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thimbletack 14 August 2021

I thought that the filming was incredible. Great shots and great edits. The story was the typical chase and crime thriller. Compared to other recent films, I thought this story had more depth to it than say Without Remorse. I enjoyed that the plot focused on the character rather than the detailed politics. It kept it more relatable. Really a pleasure to watch and just enough details to keep you interested. There was realistic violence versus the over the top.

kosmasp 14 August 2021

Remember this is a movie. For that there are things that are heightened. I for one thought it is interesting having some villain shadow ... whatever operate in Greece. Also our main character here is no superhero. He won't Bourne his way out of things ... he has to rely on luck (and some shoody writing on the bad guys part too of course).

Having said all that, bonus points for shooting in Greece (evident on many occasions and just a small little detail like the plastic water bottle being used during a car drive almost at the beginning is one testament of that) ... and having many talk in Greek. Which our main character does not understand at all.

You could argue that he puts a lot of lives in danger of the folk who are so willing and eager to help. But there is not time to think about small things like that ... the movie has a pace that seems relentless and never stopping.

Works out pretty fine at the first half of the movie, gets a bit dragging towards the beginning of the second part. And as stated above the villains seem especially ... well light minded? Is that politically correct way of putting it? Whatever the case, this is a rock solid thriller, which is not an indicator how your next vacation (in Greece or elsewhere in Europe) will go down.

drsnow-06412 13 August 2021

Produced with a budget of $10 million. $9.5m went to Washington's salary. 3 stars for the locations.

Moviedog26 13 August 2021

This movie has it all. Poor acting, poor script, overall boring. There is no end in sight to the garbage that is being offered to us by the streaming platforms.

moses-matsepane 13 August 2021

This movie was not for John David Washington, they should have cast someone else. The acting was generally really bad, I felt nothing for the characters and I also didn't connect with the story. The Characters who are seemingly "in-love" had no chemistry between them. The camera work and editing were the biggest let down, some of the shots were out of focus....not artistically out of focus, like incompetent DP out of focus. Editing department should have cut those out. Some scenes were shot like it was a low budget student film. This movie was hard to watch because the overall quality was really poor.

platon_mp 15 August 2021

What i liked was the old fashioned way its filmed. Reminds me of classic greek cinema. Also as a Greek watching many beautiful locations or streets that i walked thousand times cetrainly keep my interest. Greek actors were fine, their acting felt natural. Im not a camera expert but the way its filmed feels like you re not watching a movie but events unfolding in front of you, like a documentary.

And here is where my biggest complain is. In order to make up for that normal like 'anti-cinematic' way of filming you need to balance it with something very captivating in order to keep audience involved, in other words some spicy flavour. Its like filming myself running from Metsovo to Athens. It may be a movie, but not an art, not something more than a few people would care to watch. And if someone makes a movie without some sort of a greater philosophical meaning at least he owns the viewer some kind of entertainment.

Do you remember some american shows where you have the real person tell a life surviving story and in the meantime they make a short cheap movie to alternate so you dont watch a person talking on a chair for 50 mins? Make those 50 mins 105 and you have Beckett, only the story is about politics, a subject few can relate to.

I wont even discuss about Johns performance as he wasnt given a fair chance.

Summary: it captured some greek elements and it felt real and natural but it was missing taste and artistic touch to make it appealing for a larger audience. Dont feel like trashing this movie since im from Greece so i cannont give it any less than 6/10, propably more of what is worth for.

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