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Becky (2020)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   5.8/10 11159 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives.

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steveneli 14 July 2020

John Wick meets Home Alone is the best way I can think of describing it. When I first saw the trailer I wanted to watch the film to see Kevin James in a dramatic/dark performance. He gives a good performance but Becky (LuLu Wilson) steals the show for sure. Not going to win any awards but entertaining and worth the watch.

OzoneParkSteve 12 September 2020

Entertaining movie that does not require any deep thought to figure out whats going on, i enjoyed it. They really should have called it Badass Becky...

eventlaunch 29 November 2020

Future cult classic for sure the violence makes John Wick look like an amateur EXCELLENT Never mind dumb critics i listened and waited when I finally watched it got blown away

Gorillaboi 8 June 2020

It's a violent version of Home Alone - but not as believable.

A very unlikeable 12 year old girl suddenly turns into an assassin that outsmarts and brutally takes out 4 grown men. The movie can't decide whether it wants to be gritty, or ridiculously / hilariously unrealistic.

The chemistry between the characters is terrible. The girl, as mentioned, is too unlikeable to root or care for. The plot is not the most exciting. And the motives of the villains centre around a mysterious key - in which its purpose is never even revealed.

So as far as the view is left concerned, a whole bunch of violence and death occurs for absolutely nothing.

Winter23 2 July 2020

How is it that 4 men, who have escaped from prison, aren't able to take down one little girl. I'm a huge Kevin James fan but THIS...was a waste of time!

seanboyps 6 June 2020

I've never left a review on here before but I feel entitled to leave one now. This movie was a waste of 90 minutes. Makes zero sense in any way and a completely unsatisfying ending. Casting Kevin James and Joel McHale is a complete waste.Watch if you really want to see action but other than that I simply can't reccomend this. A very poorly done film.

Fella_shibby 5 June 2020

This is another home invasion thriller, brutal, gory n fast paced. This time the family which gets attacked is a stubborn girl n her father n her soon to be step mom n step bro. As usual, the home is secluded n there r no nearby neighbors. The family is attacked by escaped neo nazi convicts. The young girl gave a lovely performance but it was surprising to see Kevin James in a very different role. The film managed to keep me glued to know the secret of the key but..... A sequel shud be made about the key n Lulu getting special training n recruitment.

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