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Becoming (2020)

Drama | SciFi 
Rayting:   4.6/10 924 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A young woman learns her fiance has become possessed by an entity.

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Marianne4388 1 April 2020

Slow paced boring movie. I don't understand the other reviews talking about this being tense and not knowing what comes next. To me it was very straight forward. I feel like I've seen this plot a million times before, only done so much better. The cast try their best, but it's just so boring. The entity isn't scary and I don't care about any of the characters.

cory-jay 25 June 2020

A thrilling start but I dont think the script built up to a climax. .Ending was lack lustre...seems incomplete.

lcherresse 19 April 2020

The plot reminded me of the movie Fallen, but it wasn't as good. The ending could have been much better. She started making really dumb decisions. It was okay just for something to watch.

saeidsisad 28 April 2020

Nonsense story Nonsense movie Nonsense No special effects No memorable scenes One star is too much for it

Gordon-11 10 March 2020

I find this supernatural thriller quite effective. It is scary and suspenseful. I enjoyed it.

hampersnow-28905 20 May 2020

I like Toby Kebbell and he is the reason I watched this, but this is a bland kind of horror movie filmed by someone who has no idea of how to do horror. More of a drama with sci-fi horror elements thrown it , it fails at whatever it was going for. There are angles to the story that are never explained and some that I have no idea why they were even in the movie. The entire film has a very disjointed feel as if in editing they had no idea what they were going for so they just haphazardly pieced it together. Extremely disappointing since at it's base it had an interesting idea (think Body Snatchers) but then completely dropped the ball and made whatever this is. Not even worth watching once unless you love Toby.

questl-18592 20 September 2020

Found this on demand, had never heard of it but thought why not, super vague description had me curious.

This is a surprisingly interesting little flick. It's got a fascinating concept, decent acting and it just never delivers well enough. There address some interesting notes on abusive relationships and bettered wife syndrome along with generational transition of rage and cruelty but it's so unfocused and meandering at times that it makes it hard to get real invested. There's also not much explanation why anything is happening.

As I think back, this really frustrates me. There's something here, a fascinating concept and screenplay, is just lacking that special something, that polish that could've made this something special. As it stands now, it's too forgettable and doesn't give me quite enough to sink my teeth into but it's so close. Sadly, we have what we have, not what I wish we had so this ends up being a surprise but still underwhelming. That said, if you have the chance, this isn't an awful and there are definitely worse things to watch.

dy38493 10 May 2020

Good movie but too slow but it is effective in some parts it is a super movie but lacks some good acting from the actors but is watchable.

bewitchedanie 7 May 2020

It's a horror cum thriller film. I kind of liked the suspense that was build in. The plot is about a kind of soul that takes possession of a body. The person becomes aggressive and ends up killing his wife and children and then kills himself. Once the family is killed the soul goes to another prey and this process goes on and on. I don't want to kill the suspense so I would suggest that you go ahead and watch the movie. Yet again I would like to add that there is no ghost that you might wanna see. You don't see ugly looking faces. This is just a human who gets possessed.

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