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Best Sellers (2021)

Comedy | Drama 
Rayting:   6.1/10 1,000 votes
Country: Canada | UK
Language: English
Release date: September 17, 2021

A cranky, retired author reluctantly embarks on a final book tour to help out a young publisher.

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jwvandegronden-1 21 September 2021

He might as well have been all by himself, with simple puppeteering to support him. Might even have been stronger an effect but possibly too theatrical for a movie.

Ik don't care how mediocre (it really wasn't, but thats what I read here and there) the storyline is. It is a human interaction, a story trying to display real people, no matter how imaginary. And when most of the actors get a passing grade for Hallmark level performances, Michael Caine was riveting, in your face, real! The entire movie depended on his availability to pull along an entire cast of unintented parodies of actors who couldn't find the right line if they tripped over it. But all that doenst matter! Just strap in for a ride of your life with a man who can do nothing else than excel in his job, portraying emotions, telling stories, making characters come to life. I haven't checked how old he is, but clearly that doesnt matter either.

I was glued to my seat the entire time, and even despite the Hallmark ending, bells and whistles and everything, you will take that for granted as a soft landing out of an emotional and epic homerun by Michael Caine. Sit back and enjoy, in awe of some of the greats we are still surrounded by and who grant us their time and effort to tell stories their way, the only way. Damn. It was really that good. Trust me.

gcsman 23 September 2021

On the surface, the storyline of "Best Sellers" seems simple enough. Young book editor Lucy Stanbridge (Aubrey Plaza), who recently inherited Stanbridge Publishing from her father, attracts famous but long-silent author Harris Shw (Michael Caine) back into business after he unexpectedly has a new novel to offer. They set out on a publicity road tour in and around Boston and New York, and lots is learned about both of them, leading up to a revelatory finish. By turns it's poignant, wry, funny, or all three at once. It's a 'little' film, very human-centered, and really well done. Michael Caine is predictably excellent, so it turns out that the success of the film depends a lot on Aubrey Plaza's acting (is he going to steal every scene, or can she stand up to him?) since she's probably on screen the most of all. Turns out she does pretty well, and it's not just him that we end up interested in.

The character-driven progress of the story is all about how Lucy tries to manage Harris through her publisher's agenda of getting the new book publicized versus his stubborn resistance ('crusty old codger' doesn't say the half of it). The script leaves a lot of questions hanging in the air. Why is Harris so cranky and at times downright mean to her, his own agent? Why is he an apparently self-loathing drunk and why hasn't he written anything in 40 years? What about her father, who was Harris's editor long ago? Is the new book going to take off, or her company going to go under? All these questions get clever and complete answers, and when they do, the story suddenly starts to cut a lot deeper and gain many new layers. I thought, though, a bit too much of the Reveal got packed into the last 20 minutes or so of Act 3. The long central Act 2 is all about the road trip, which is always teetering hilariously on the brink of collapse. Lucy is constantly drive to distraction, and Harris constantly looks so rumpled and dissolute that you wonder if Michael Caine himself is really that frail; is it all an act?

There's a quietly brilliant set of scenes where Lucy gets fed up with Harris's recalcitrance and recruits fans to do readings from his new book instead, which then go viral on the Web. And another where devoted readers ceremonially burn the book after reading it (which makes pefect sense in context -- you have to see it).

And the ending -- also very quietly done, but Wow. Everything is going to be all right. And it's satisfying, not just something that was pulled in out of left field. It makes perfect sense knowing what we know by then about Harris and his hidden history. What's an author going to do for 40 years except write?

trinaboice 13 September 2021

Movie review: Best Sellers

IN A NUTSHELL: In a last-ditch effort to save the boutique publishing house her father has left her after his death, an ambitious young editor goes on a book tour with an aging, bitter, and boozy author who was one of the first writers to put the publishing house on the map. The film is directed by Lina Roessler and written by Anthony Grieco.

THINGS I LIKED: As an author and an author coach, I simply had to watch this movie. I was curious to see what they were going to do with the story and with the legendary Sir Michael Caine. By the way, in order to properly pronounce his name with is own accent, say "My Cocaine." ha ha It sounds just like him, right?

Great opener with the cat and introduction to Sir Michael Caine's crusty character.

The cast also includes Aubrey Plaza, who gives a mature performance, and Ellen Wong as the faithful employee.

Didn't everyone fall in love with Cary Elwes after watching The Princess Bride? Sadly, he's only in one tiny scene in the film.

There are some tender, touching moments.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: Considering the movie is about literature, the writing is surprisingly pedestrian and disappointing.

I hate watching people smoke and drink themselves to death.

There are some bad, shallow acting moments, none by Sir Michael Caine, of course.

Super cheesy music.

Extremely predictable.

Some side storylines completely disappear with no resolution.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: English and British profanity, including F-bombs (spoken and written) A man urinates in public A man flips the bird You see a woman throw up Drunken, selfish, indulgent behavior Lots of alcohol

You can see the rest of my review on my Movie Review Mom YouTube channel.

truyc 14 September 2021

Actually, i'm a big fan of her but she acts incredibly poor in this movie. May be, it is a casting issue, because you can't cast Aubrey Plaza into an Anne Hathaway role. Plaza is chaotic, unpredictable and funny in a creepy way. I don't understand why she accepted an ivy league graduated-daddy issued-coorporate girl part. And she really couldn't act through that boring character with some mediocre dialogues.

Script is boring, movie is really bad. Michael Caine is incredible as always. I really needed some fun but this movie is far from it.

michelle_kummer 18 September 2021

I am a huge Michael Caine and Aubrey Plaza fan so when I saw this film I was over the moon and excited. The two of them are a dynamic duo and I really enjoyed this film.

It's light hearted, Michael proves he is a true gentleman, a genius and one of the greatest actors on the planet. Aubrey is always a delight so I recommend this film. Don't listen to any bad reviews.

turgut-7 14 September 2021

Very sweet movie, and also sad to see McCain so old to be honest. Brilliant actor. Unfortunately the bright and obnoxious Apple ads hurt this movie as well..

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