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Bheeshma (2020)

Action | Romance 
Rayting:   6.5/10
Country: India
Language: English

The film revolves around Bheeshma, a man making his living as a meme creator, who wants to remain single forever. But will he be able to?

Director: Venky Kudumula Writer:

Stars: Nithiin, Rashmika Mandanna and Ajay

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tanmaya-65102 24 February 2020

The movie contains a logical theme with Telugu masala . The direction is super and acting is perfect. Songs and dance moves are very much appreciable. It's must watch movie for Nithin fans and other audience. Social problems that face Indian farmers are shown in this movie . Of course it's a big part of the farmers issues. Moral of the story is we should go for organic farm.

abhishek-vn303 25 April 2020

What use is to have Organic Farming background if that does not become part of your script. Director took too long to introduce us to any story until interval block, and then you realize there is not much story in the first place. Good luck with entertaining audience with run-of-the-mill comedy sequences and senseless songs.

akashsilvers 26 April 2020

This movie is just another regular movie with a very veryyyy familiar tollywood template. Nothing new or different to offer.

Watch it only if you want to the same routine.

marvelshazamgadot 26 April 2020

This is such a botched movie. So many loopholes, poor story. Same old telugu movies.

phanirsch 22 February 2020

Simple movie which deals with organic forming. Useless twists, non timing songs. Very less role for Rashmika. The fans of Rashmika will disopint surely. Finally it's a simple movie for weekend time pass. Watch the movie with out any expectations.

spandykm 20 April 2020

No use at al... Idiotic movie.. Plz don't watch.. Worst one.. I donno how they direct without any story...

rish2006 24 February 2020

The film is so different and new with the topic of organic farming and it's importance. Along with it shows how some big businesses have a dark side of them playing in their own politics against their competitors and being unfair with the customers and public and how difficult it is to be a farmer. The plot of this film is strong enough to satisfy your experience watching this film.

jaheranny 25 April 2020

There have many moments of comedy which actually make it a fun-ride, but the dialogues has no depth that much. With that story, there should have better writings. They try to give some twist which is good to make it more interesting. There have some overactings also that prevent it from being great. Overall it's a good entertainer.

tc-venu 25 April 2020

This actor even know how to act?? Pathetic movie...

sidhusurepally 22 February 2020

PLOT Bheeshma (Nithiin) is a frustrated man who's tired of being single all his life. When an incident changes his life forever but helps him get close to the woman he loves, how does he deal with it? REVIEW It all starts with the hero of the film NITHIN who had done a tremendous job in terms of acting dialogue delivery..RASHMIKA as well..she had got a very good role and she performed as well..the story of the film couldn't be conceivable to the educated and civilised audience.. So you need to come to the theater without your brain and enjoy this movie.. Their is some kind of fault in the love's a!drawback apart from that comedy timing from all the actors make you laugh.. The film lacks pacing..make you bored at some points.. NITHIN is back with a blockbuster.. RATING 3.0/5.0

sakibsakhawat 1 November 2020

My fav hero NITHIN comic timing and action scene is awesome.Also hebha Patel co star for this amazing movie.Everyone role is perfect for this film, I'm glad to watched this movie

vrcritique 9 July 2020

This Covid-19 lockdown making one into a fan of other language movies, Yes, my whole family is now into Tollywood. To start with we have watched stylish star Allu Arjun movie "Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo" - Will share the review some time. Now finished watching the movie of Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna star cast "Bheeshma".

The flick plot is very simple, A single frustrated boy who was single for a long time searching for a girl to love with, found a girl, and chasing her to earn her to love him. In the meantime, A organic farming company called Bheeshma Organic, The Owner who did not have a successor to run the company after him proclaiming that a new CEO will be disclosed on the company's fiftieth anniversary. A rival business that was trying to facilitate conventional chemical farming closely following Bheeshma Organic. What happens next is the remaining story.

The screenplay is framed to be confronted with a lot of timing humor and memes quotation. Even in the middle of action sequences, Nithiin is telling some punches seriously but the counter dialogs by Vennela Kishore will make the scene humor full. The intermission scene was predictable but the opposite version in the post-intermission will make us laugh on the expression of Nithiin face. The dialogues too are quirky as the characters in the film and they liven the scenes.

The movie has added some seasonings apart from romance are to show the significance of organic farming against chemical-induced farming subtly without disturbing the humor quotient.

Overall, An Illogical flick but entertaining. If you want to try watching different genres try this movie.

Likes and Dislikes

The comedy scenes are favorable, and the movie kept its speed from scene one to the conclusion. The songs are decent and limited in length. Nithin and Rashmika made a cute pair, they both deliver compelling yet nuanced performances. Sampath Raj as Chaitra's father plays an effective role which would surely carve his performance into the minds of the audience. Especially, his WhatsApp conversation with Bheeshma is so funny that your sides will ache from laughing. Vennela Kishore gives a stand-out performance with his witty one-liners. Cinematography has traveled along with the script well.

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