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Bhoomi (2021)

Rayting:   4.4/10 2671 votes
Country: India
Language: English

Bhoominathan is an astronaut at NASA who has to resolve an unfinished business in his village before taking off to Mars.

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AdhithyaSubramaniyan 14 January 2021

Intro card says thanks to 2 worst YouTube channel that shows the intellect level of this director.

vedanthkumar 14 January 2021

Who told living on Mars is impossible? Noone did . Why are u crazy with white appeasement u had to use NASA , couldn't u have used ISRO? Story is pure garbage , pls watch something else

zayedmuzthaz 14 January 2021



So I Just Finished My First Crappy Movie of 2021. this Movie has One of The Unique Story Ever, A Well Educated Hero Trying To Save Farmers and Fighting Against Corporate Villains Single Handley. Yes In Telugu and Tamil we have Seen This story at least 100 times. it will still work if they made it well. but here Everything was Just Terrible from Start to Finish. Acting of The all cast Including Jayam Ravi, Ronit Roy, Radha Ravi etc was Just Crap. Also, Songs and Bgm of Imman was Annoying. I don't know why Nidhi Agarwal in This Movie, she was there I know..that's it.

Don't ever Go near This Movie if you don't wanna witness a Cringe Fest.


nkbtech 15 January 2021

Movie director believes what ever conspiracy youtuber's saying is true. Giving false ideology and wrong science to audience. Cringe overloaded scenes. Role for lead actress is to love nd romance the hero, dance and walk with hero.

yogeshsahir 14 January 2021

We respect farmers we respect those all. But this movie is fully loaded with CRINGE. Farmers protest nasa scientist heroism heroine songs fight corporate owner. We already saw in sharukhan SWADES and Vijay in KATHTHI and Mahesh babu MAHARSHI and so many so many Farmers movie. Yes this movie is the 2021 1st biggest cringe

sridhargunasekaran 14 January 2021

I tried to give 0 star but could not.bad screen play story line is very artificial.just tried to milk money by using emotions of people.

arjun-tkalathil 14 January 2021

A complete dumb story with old hero-villain up and down screenplay. First half an hour was pakka waste with unwanted intro and songs and after that the story begins with same old pattern without any logics. Skip it and save your time!

shaeshatriashwin 14 January 2021

I gave 7/10 Only for JayamRavi.

Review: Worst Direction always Making Average Movies. Making More Logicless scenes in this Film. Jayamravi Done his Fine Job. Another Agric-Politics Film, Getting Bore with this Content. JayamRavi is a great actor always doing something different. His Last 3Films Are SuperHit. So He should Avoid to do a film withthis CringeDirector😠

Verdict: Very Average

manirsoffl 14 January 2021

Never thought this film would disappoint me this much. Never seen so much artificial scenes like this. A total non attractive drama attempt from the team. Music not worked out. Screenplay was so illogical. Acting was not good by any one. Total waste of 2 hours. Agriculture is a good concept. But taking that with blind story and screenplay was not a good try. A complete pissoff with this. Am so tired with the screenplay. If you have time to waste then it will work out.

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