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Birds of Paradise (2021)

Rayting:   5.8/10 1.1K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | French
Release date: September 24, 2021

Two girls at an elite Parisian ballet academy have their bond and bodies tested as they compete for a contract to join the company of the Opéra national de Paris.

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hello-41123 1 October 2021

Being a dancer growing up, I enjoy ballet movies if they are done somewhat descent.

Unfortunately this is not one!

At the beginning, as a movie nut I thought ok at least this is entertaining right? And that was pretty much the highlight of the movie the first time the main characters goes to the club.

You can tell this is kinda low budget, not the worst low budget but you can tell more and more as the movie progresses. Characters are not developed, story plot is weak, and lots of bad acting.

They want to be too many things- horror, drama, a little bit of sci-fi, a ballet movie... they got a tiny bit of everything but not enough of anything.

It's unfortunate... it's best describe as a not funny version of Mean girls with tutu, sex and drugs(ok I might've just made it sound way better than it really is!)

alpheusthelover 24 September 2021

This is very well shot with good camera moves. The score and production design help the experience so much and are effective. The storytelling is nuanced. The direction was on point. I really enjoyed the way the information was delivered.

The tone was great. Sometimes I expected it to go some ways but it surprised me.

Sometimes the movie moved between genres which I thought made the storytelling better and helped the experience. The performances were great too.

The choreography was amazing. It was beautiful but it also was a big part of the storytelling and was meaningful and symbolic and poetic.

It does what it wanted to do in an effective way imo.

This is personal but the movie made me think about greatness in our society, and what it even means. Maybe there are more ways to interpret the word. I think with paying attention it is not hard to understand it during the first watch, but I also enjoyed the second watch a lot too.

grangeheights 25 September 2021

A really enjoyable film. I watched it and then watched again the next night just for the dialogue. Really well executed. Cool soundtrack too.

ahmadrezarostami 1 October 2021

The story of the film, although great, could have been better ... I really liked the soundtrack ... Of the 2021 drama movies I saw, this was the best ... thank you.

Saoustou88 25 September 2021

This film was amazing. I knew it from the trailer as Kristine Froseth is a wonderful actress and so is her up and coming co-star Diana Silvers. Both very beautiful girls, although Kristine was a more belieavble ballerina due to her figure, height, grace etc. I enjoyed every's tense! Jacqueline Bisset gave a strong performance as usual and without saying too much, you can compare it to the masterpiece that was 'Black Swan' but on steroids. It is very seductive, beautiful cinematography and sometimes good choreography but most of all and surprisingly, the ending is unpredictable. Simply put the finale is perfect.

isaacochoterena 26 September 2021

The story of this movie does not exist, there are some moments of astonishment but nothing more.

There is no story to follow, there is nothing to rely on to make a plot twist, turning them into moments of wonder, which cause curiosity and are the highlight of the script. There is never a development of each character, there are many characters that end up discarding and the end is left to interpretation. However, there are things to highlight such as the performances, especially that of Kristine Froseth, the choreography and the coordination are good.

It's a shame that the talent of those involved is wasted by a script so lazy and boring that it says absolutely nothing.

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