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Black Box (2020)

Horror | SciFi 
Rayting:   6.1/10
Country: USA
Language: English

After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is.

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tmontyb 9 October 2020

I put an * because I was wide awake at 2:00am and I needed something to watch. I saw Blumhouse and I saw Phylicia Rashad and I thought ok, lets do.

I was pulled in from the beginning and was interested in trying to figure out what was wrong with this guy. By the time the "twist" happened, I had figured out most of it, but I still couldn't turn away and wanted to see how it ended. I thought overall the movie was satisfying. If you're a perfectionist, I probably wouldn't bother with this because the writing was a little choppy and you might have to suspend disbelief to suspend disbelief, but it's really not a bad flick.

opotraining 9 October 2020

A good thriller movie with new story. But there is nothing horror in this movie. Movie is bit slow but not boring. Climax was not that good and could have been improved.

dpaserba-89967 7 October 2020

If you like Black Mirror you'll probably enjoy this. Wouldn't classify this as horror but more sci-fi, drama. The acting is superb.

arungeorge13 7 October 2020

Black Box begins intriguingly - a single father suffering from amnesia tries to regain his memories through a tech-backed experiment. The dynamic between father (Mamoudou Athie) and daughter (a terrific Amanda Christine, the true star of the film) is warmly established. It takes about an hour before the big (predictable) twist arrives, and thereafter, Black Box descends into a heap of melodrama. I didn't find Black Box positioning itself in the horror genre except for the first time the Backwards Man (played to astounding effect by actor-contortionist Troy James) pops up. It's very clearly a psychological sci-fi thriller that focuses less on the sci-fi and more on familial bonding.

The performances (from the all-black ensemble) are good enough to drive the film forward even during its melodramatic portions, with Amanda Christine being the standout performer, followed closely by Phylicia Rashad (as Dr. Brooks). The film has most elements of a Blumhouse production and blurry parallels to Jordan Peele's Get Out can be drawn. However, once the initial uneasiness recedes, Black Box is content being a little sappy in its proceedings. While I was never bored watching Black Box, I felt it could have been better.

Xavier_Stone 7 October 2020

A well acted and well cast movie with a good pace. Phylicia Rashad is a stand out and really helps the story along. It's difficult to write too much without giving away any spoilers and the minor mistakes in the plot consistency are easily overlooked as you want the story to continue.

Not enough of a thinking movie or a thriller/mystery to get an 8 or 9 but a good watch in any case.

santurcedc 9 October 2020

It starts slow and confusing in the beginning. However, it is a good movie to watch. Ms. Rashad play some interesting characters.

aidanratesmovies 7 October 2020

Although the title proves to be rather forgettable, Black Box is anything but. It's a unique and peculiar twisted vision from the likes of Blumhouse, which has a great premise, but doesn't always execute it as well as it could have. I'll start with this films flaws, for a number of reasons, this film ends up feeling a bit uneven. I won't spoil the whole twist of this film, you know a 'twist' is coming though as you watch it, and once it is revealed you can't help but feel a bit cheated out of the whole premise it set up. This alone accounts for the film feeling uneven for the last 1/3 or so, and also leads to a rather predictable finale which I knew almost exactly how it was going to play out. However, despite these flaws, the film does manage to capture the viewer's attention all the way throughout- by never giving up on the wonderfully mysterious and unsettling atmosphere it sets up from the very beginning. The acting is quite good, most notably from lead actor Mamoudou Athie, who provides a nearly incredible performance all the way throughout. Other standouts would include rising star Amanda Christine, Tosin Morohunfola, and Charmaine Bingwa. Phylicia Rashad's character feels a bit played out at times, as her character really serves no purpose other than a plot device, and a generic one at that. I enjoyed the cinematography in this flick, as well as the ominous tone and music it kept threw out. It never feels like more than one film, but you can't help but feel there was a far better way to tie this story together, rather than focus on something you truly aren't invested in, or even given much of a reason to. In the end, at its worst Black Box can be a bit of a structural mess, but its ideas and potential- as well as its phenomenal lead performances- lead this film to be quite enjoyable. It's an experience unlike any other, one you won't forget, but one you wish they would have spent just a little bit more thought on. My Rating: 7.75/10

gorgihow2000-314-703059 28 October 2020

The only saving grace is Phyllicia Rashaad. Everything after that is all downhill . Not worth anyone's time.

tianlansha-24761 7 October 2020

I put it on last night on my phone while in bed, the tags of Sci-Fi, Mystery and Horror giving me hope that it will be something mind-boggling and a bit scary that will keep me on my toes.

I was wrong, though. The movie started out OK, but later on became quite predictable and around the middle or right before, I already had figured out the mystery and the second half of the movie was rather boring.

It doesn't help that at around 60% of the movie, I started falling asleep and left it to finish it the next day and it actually managed to feel even cheesier in some parts.

The acting was for the most part OK, except for the protagonist's daughter that seemed way too mentally and emotionally mature for her age to the point where I started questioning is this a Horror or a Comedy/Parody.

The rest of the movie was almost spot on, except that it was too predictable and not scary at all, if I started falling asleep while watching it alone in the dead of the night, it says how "scary" it is.

Overall, I don't regret watching it, but I could've definitely watched some better and more rewarding Sci-Fi Mystery that I was originally looking for.

cruise01 8 October 2020

2.5 out of 5 stars.

Black Box plays like a boring episode of a Black Mirror episode. A father is suffering from an amnesia. After recovering from a car accident. That killed his wife. Now a widowed father with his daughter who tries to help with his memories. He visits a neuroscientist doctor who tries to put him in a machine to revisit his memories. Except he is unaware of these memories.

It was a boring plot that was done before with the concept idea. The script and direction does not do anything new. The music score is tedious. The characters are forgettable. It lacks suspense and scares for a psychological horror film. There is a couple of twists which did not disappoint with the direction it goes. But it has been done before and better than this film.

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