Black Friday Poster

Black Friday (2021)

Comedy | Horror 
Rayting:   4.7/10 2.4K votes
Country: United States
Language: English
Release date: November 19, 2021

A group of toy store employees must protect each other from a horde of parasite infected shoppers.

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User Reviews

donttouchmeprimate 29 November 2021

Gorey, spooky, thrilling, exciting, well edited, acting masterclass!... Are all words that are not associated with this film.

Some awful and boring editing, slow and clunky pace, michael jai white doesn't even try to act.

Maybe I'm being harsh but it was boring from start to finish. We're all Bruce Campbell fans but I certainly won't be looking to watch this again any time soon.

m-ramanan 28 November 2021

RATED 4/10 Language: English I was expecting bit low from this movie but the output is much lower than the "low expectation" also. Templated presentation with poor graphics work. The gore factor and climax giant alien is not interesting and entertaining also.... Lot of meaningless scenes and the presentation is not interesting also... Easily skippable one...

whitemanfromtowne 30 November 2021

I know their is an audience for these kinds of idiotic films but I couldn't go any further than 26 mins. I've never been a fan of zombie flick to begin with so they would need to hold my attention the minute I start watching them. Anyway for those of you who enjoy these kinds of B horror flicks, have at it....hard ass pass for me.

gab-67599 23 November 2021

Out of all of these no name actors I only knew Mr. Campbell and Mr. Jai White. The rest I have never seen or noticed in a movie before. That being said the digital effects were a D-. The acting in this movie felt forced and fake. The jokes alone did not get one true laugh out of me. I think this was a extremely low budget movie and definitely not worth anyone's time. Unless you like cheesy jokes and bad acting, then this is your movie.

jeroduptown 27 November 2021

Could've been a funny parody of all things retail and black friday with the 80s horror element thrown in - but the writing wasn't there to accomplish it.

Draysan-Jennings 23 November 2021

That was just bad. Pretty much lost me right from the beginning. I gave it 30 minutes and turned it off. How someone could sit through this entire film is beyond me.

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