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Black Is King (2020)

Adventure | Fantasy 
Rayting:   5.5/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Visual album from Beyoncé inspired by 'The Lion King'.

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NorahJoy 13 August 2020

WARNING: lengthy post

I felt so many emotions watching this, I took notes. I thought the negative comments were from non-black conservative trolls until I decided to watch it for myself. I was excited. At first. Then I felt embarrassed. It was as if Beyonce became indignant because The Lion King received mixed reviews that she decided to take matters into her own hands, only to deliver another "Carmen" or "Obsessed" aka an effort that no one really wants to see again. Ever. When it comes to movie-making SPECIFICALLY, this one makes no sense. Some of the music videos do not correlate with the spoken word. It loosely follows The Lion King and branches off into a poetry-laced jungle haunted with mysticism. The rosy words are overly self-indulgent to the point it made me feel like melted ice cream. There were many lines about how black skin is made from the stars and how our fluffy hair is strands of wisdom, blah blah blah. It was alot of beautiful gibberish that is meant to uplift insecure women of color. In the process, the movie neglects many things. For one thing, what about light skinned women? The song "brown-skinned Girls" excludes women who are biracial (black+white) or multiracial/black like Beyonce, who prides herself in not only being black but Creole. When it comes to the "BLACK" part of Black is King...are we only talking about brown skinned to deep-brown-skinned africans and african americans?

The other thing is, this film does not represent Blackness well at all. In many scenes, there's a lot of stunting going on, flashing riches, sass and beauty.

That's not blackness. Even more heart-breaking, the part that REALLY mattered, the part about taking care of your family and working hard, is mentioned briefly by some unknown speaker. Once that's over, it's back to rolling hips and dramatic outfits... Which brings me to my next point...

Beyonce's power is her beauty. She should model often because she is incredibly beautiful, however have you noticed the only reason why people love the film is because it is aesthetically beautiful? That's about it. When it comes to choreography or story-telling etc, Black is King lacks majorly. It kind of became a fest of rolling hips and sultry gazes and synchronized flowy movements but that's nothing original nor inspiring. To be fair, it was an honest effort and better than anything I could ever do. And what was up with the whole River Baby/Moses situation?

The dangerous parts about this movie are the spiritual or religious and supremacist beliefs that seem to be promoted throughout. Speakers whisper words such as "I am the creator of all things" and exalt blackness to a royal and even celestial level. "I know I am a god," "Blackness should be equated with glory." Why though? Black is beautiful indeed, but no amount of "research" could ever make me feel above others (white servant included--seen in the music segment "Mood.") or that I am a god myself--complete with a "mother Mary" like painting of myself (major side-eye...). That is dangerous ideology. Royalty is not determined by skin color, Divinity is beyond humanity, and racism does not always or usually stem from jealousy or intimidation. This just screams "REVENGE!!!" I am not empowered by this movie, I feel like apologizing for this movie. I will give another warning, though, and that is to beware: Jesus isn't white, but black isn't god either....

loco_73 3 September 2020

Get your barf bags ready for this one! Or better yet, avoid this superficial and empty concoction...

1 out of 10

mayarzc 7 August 2020

Black is King is one of the worst "movies" I ever watched, I don't get what the message should be. Cinematography is less than mediocre, the director(s) is clearly lacking professional knowledge and talent, the "acting" is really bad and the claim to be art is just ridiculous. It seems to be a overproduced vanity peace for silly costumes, nonsense quotes and a protagonist who is so out of touch and unable to realize what's really going on in the world right now. Very weird time to release a vanity piece like "Black is King". In my opion, Beyonce is overrated and has been for years.

Jumbajookiba 7 August 2020

After giving us Hamilton on Disney+ they go and spoil it by showing this pile of narcissism in the form of an overblown music video. They manage to go one step further from their terrible real life adaptations of classic animation with this. I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement, but, I thought it was about equality and no promoting the idea that black people are better than white people. Perhaps Beyonce and Disney would like to put more effort in helping the poor and suffering in Africa by spending the money they wasted on this on providing clean water, proper education for the children and medicines to combat the terrible diseases afflicting many Africans who live in countries where their politicians live in splendour and the children die because of a lack of clean water. I'm so disappointed in Disney for doing something that benefits one incredibly rich black woman instead of helping BAME people both in America and the rest of the world.

km-equines 10 August 2020

If you want to see Beyoncé for an hour and 25 minutes, just go to YouTube and watch her music videos. But don't waste your time watching this, it's narcissistic, has no point, is confusing, and was just created so Beyoncé could flex on the world. What a huge disappointment!

lukas-ingel 4 August 2020

I come from a country where we actually do have a thing such as a king and a queen, where royalty is viewed as something extremely special and representing of *our* culture and history. For that reason, and what the title of this 1 hour and half long "artsy" music video implies (that a race in and of itself can be linked to something superior), I am indeed offended by this choice. I think it's disrespectful to the meaning of my culture and several others, and a hypocritical nonsensical message, and as you've noticed by now, adds nothing but division after there are so many of us from every race supporting the whole Black Lives Matter movement with passion, and will strive to continue to do so. To remove all the humanity and make it about being supreme and "royal" is beyond me.

Of course, I think it's great to strengthen the bonds and the history and the culture and roots of PC, especially with someone high profile like Beyoncé doing it thereby having everybody seeing it. But this is simply not it. There is nothing educational, barely anything artistic except for extremely glamourous shots and vibing music that ends up just being the background, as does the actual Lion King aspect which fades out quickly. To the ones who keep defending Black Is King by saying that it's *Beyonce*, the "film" has no ill intentions, and we all don't have a right to feel offended or disrespected here (funny how that goes), you don't even have to watch the movie to get it. Just go straight to the trailer and they literally have the *only* noticeably white (male) in the whole thing stand as a servant in the background to a table full of fancy-dressed women of colour having a party. People have tried to furiously defend this but, quit beating around the bush. It's obvious that it's not there by coincidence, it's obvious that it's supposed to be some reversed sh* of what black people went through back when they were forced to be slaves and back when they weren't allowed bigger roles in films and tv and had to represent something like that there. But with its message in today's society, 2020 folks, reversed racism (well, racism), *really*? It's not alright. Not for the movement, not for the people, not for the cultures.

I actually happen to be a big fan of Beyoncé's music and art style (well, the previous), having loved and supported her since I was a kid when I first heard her, so to see her put out something like this... I can't even describe what I feel but it's such a letdown she would go this route. She could've saved it all focussing on the beauty of the actual African culture and the roots and what it looks like in different places in Africa today, all the different people there, and cut that nonsense offensive title, maybe boost up her music so it doesn't feel like background as much and boost up the Lion King story, and it would've been so good. But that didn't happen. It's like she finally took all the praise about her being a goddess with beauty and music out-of-this-world to her head and dropped it in one "film" and decided to promote it as African culture supporting all the PC out there, giving their race a title of royalty and add in a few vain messages about strength and beauty and empowerment and that's it.

Beyoncé's status does not make her free from criticism, and this time she messed up. She deserves to know that and acknowledge she's really forced this whole movement two steps b

itsterrence 12 August 2020

As a black man, this whole film reeked of racism. The title alone is enough to turn you away and the hour and half long film appears to be a desperate attempt at some sort of award. No thanks.

Dianarae 26 August 2020

What is this even about? From my perspective it's a sexually inappropriate music video for Beyoncé that is the length of a movie. Not impressed by any aspect of this whatsoever. Complete waste of time.

rmortier 21 August 2020

Just plain bad. Don't waste your time Surprised Disney even supported

kwanmccomas 10 August 2020

As a Beyoncé fan and lover of all things Disney, I had hoped to be able to enjoy this movie with my wife and three teenage girls. Disney promoted it and I assumed that would be enough. I looked past the blatantly racist title hoping to see something deeper than skin color in it. I watched the first half hour hoping the salacious dances, sensual costumes and confusing messaging would lead to something good and uplifting. But it had nothing to do with the Lion King movie. I honestly don't understand what I was watching. The James Earl Jones voice-overs only added to a cacophony of bizarre, incoherent images set to a mostly inaccessible Beyoncé video track. This could have been an amazing opportunity to share something beautiful, brilliant, and classy. Beyoncé was so far off the mark that I'm feeling confused and irritated that the film got pushed to the top of any list me or my family (or anyone's family) would reach for it. I feel like a crazy person after reading so many glowing reviews online but this movie should have been titled the King's New Clothes.

channon-martin 16 August 2020

Self centered mentality that continues racism. Racism goes both ways and I feel like that shouldn't need to be said since it's 2020, but here we are. We need programming that brings unity, not ones that divide us.

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