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Black Widow (2021)

Action | Adventure | SciFi
Rayting:   6.8/10 221K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Russian
Release date: July 7, 2021

Natasha Romanoff confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises.

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dbushman-56552 29 August 2021

My expectations were low before I heard it was a good movie. I sure was disappointed. There is no investment in the villain and the writing was pretty lazy.

nanciabutt 9 July 2021

Taskmaster character is butchered in this movie.. Such an amazing villain destroyed only to enter some emotions in the movie.. like dude i am so disappointed.. I would've given 10 stars if taskmaster was ruthless like in the comics.. Movie is underwhelming.. Jump cuts are very noticeable in several places.. story is mediocre to say the least.. action scenes average.. overall very dissapointed.

tymoody 9 July 2021

I don't quite understand the hate the movie is getting. Too many people expected full comic book accuracy with Taskmaster, which would have been hard to accomplish and harder to fit in the story they were trying to tell. I understand the disappointment from fans who expected that full Taskmaster story, but do not think it means that this movie was a flop. Florence Pugh was excellent in the film and the chemistry between her and Scarlett Johansson was great. Good fighting sequences except for parts of the third act where the CGI was very noticeable. Plus that end credit scene was amazing. One of my only complaints is that Marvel stated you wouldn't need to watch the shows to understand the movies but if you hadn't seen falcon and the winter solider the end credits may not make a 100 percent sense. At least make it clear the shows are a must watch if you are going to make them necessary to understand certain things. Overall a great movie.

rainboth-drums 8 September 2021


I laugh at and pity the fools who are paying a subscription fee to Disney

Marvel is desperate and scraping the very bottom of its barrel.

Time for Avengers 10 and Thor 16 I suppose need to extract money from losers.

As for Black Widow: why is she dressed in white and why is it billed as a superhero film when it is a domestic drama?

ERP-master 6 September 2021

This Disney+ thing is really desperate for 'Content,' isn't it?

The janitor in Iron Man is going to get his own movie soon.

The Black Widow in w.h.i.t.e! Is just boring and tries hard to be a family drama. Well, if you liked this then you will love Little House On The Prairie! Mark my words.

ben-shashana 9 September 2021

It's been said that the only legitimate philosophical question is in the form of "Why is there something instead of nothing?" Black Widow reverses the two subjects of that question.

They have nothing left. They are just desperately finding characters to make more filler movies for their bottom-feeding fandom.

I don't mean to dismiss anyone's experience in watching the film, but I found nothing intellectually challenging or entertaining about either the story or the interpersonal exchanges among and between the characters. Like a boring episode of 2 Broke Girls (but minus the pretty legs) this thing just drags on.

And you don't need to be a soothsayer to figure out that critics are too emasculated to be able to be honest about a female-lead film.

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