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Bloodshot (2020)

Action | SciFi 
Rayting:   5.7/10 62194 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Ray Garrison, a slain soldier, is re animated with superpowers.

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zachwarren-85258 6 May 2020

This movie really deserves a better rating, and more support. I felt the need to make an account and comment on how many negative reviews there are as opposed to positive. I really enjoyed the movie even though the beginning was slightly slow, but as the plot developed I caught on that it's that way for a reason. The vision for the movie was definitely captured, and Vin Diesel really put himself in the shoes of Bloodshot. Watching the making of the film as well you can see the influence he had on the production, and even the stunt coordination. Sure it's not Avengers Endgame level, but remember the first Iron Man. It was epic, sure. But it wasn't the same quality as say, Black Panther. Bloodshot had solid action sequences, and as someone who studies stunts the tunnel scene was pretty badass, pardon my language. This movie definitely could set up something much greater, if given a bit of support. Sadly it didn't fare too well in the box office, so here's hoping that they can find a way to get something else going with the character, as it captured the Valiant Comics essence, and it has real potential. Thank you.

booboojaques 1 July 2020

Enjoyed it from start to finish sometimes people who do reviews In my opinion dont know what they're talking about lol watch the feel don't mind the reviews it is a great action movie

nikki_devins 30 August 2020

I loved this movie. Classic Vin Diesel. Absolutely awesome don't know why there are so many low reviews. Couldn't wait to see it so glad it came to Starz. Love it.

ikuewanemmanuel 17 June 2020

Bloodshot is one of the best movie I have seeing this

scottpointon-37841 5 October 2020

This was a really good action movie. Total recall vibes

pwvjunmh 4 October 2020

First off, every movie ever made except for the very first one pays tribute or "copies" something from other movies before. This is a good movie. From the cgi, story, characters, plot, etc... I really don't see how people can find this movie bad especially if you like any action or comic book movies. Ignore all these people with their "professional" opinions and be the judge for yourself. Just look at the vast number (hundreds) of fake/counterfeit reviews here. Somebody in some company (MARVEL?) has paid a lot of money for trolls with no life to write the same reviews with the same words and the same negative sentiments. Cookie cutter reviews. I would normally give this movie a 7 but because of all the 1-4 star reviews, I'm giving it a 10. In my opinion, anything lower than a 6 is fake. Its not winning any Oscars, but at the same time its no Samurai Cop.

starskydimitrio 13 June 2020

Maybe I had low expectations before movie, but I've like it so much. Feeling like upgrade, but with budget much bigger than 5 Mln. Innovative, fancy and original film. The coolest thing that it is logical. Yes, it was a bit spoiled by trailers and the plot itself is quite simple. Also Vin Diesel is Torreto as always and there were not enough money for the last scene. But this movie is still 10/10 for me. Of course the real point is 8-9, but I want to praise it among others.

islamkosto 25 March 2020

It's pretty obvious that this film is for kids. I see all that is wrong with this film as a 29 year old cinephile, trust me. But imagine watching this when you are 12, it would be amazing. That's exactly who this film is for. The fact that grown a** people are complaining is so weird.

kenjoealvarez 6 May 2020

Nice one, what great movie!! i think everybody will like it specially those effects that will really get you.

joiningjt 28 June 2020

This movie is a comic book movie people, it's not an oscar contender!! It had a great story , great characters, great villains, come on vin diesel is not suppose to be Daniel day Lewis!! Sam from Outlander was great , WATCH it!! I was throughly entertained!! The 4k ultra steelbook was worth every penny!! Oh and great special effects.

mgs7471 8 June 2020

If the review isn't at least an 8 the reviewer may be not be real. As anyone that likes this sort of film should love it. Super hero esque, some fresh action scenes, acted well, directed flawlessly. The movie was incredible.

martinrosamond 1 July 2020

This film is superb great and clever and different fantastic 10/10

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