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Bob Biswas (2021)

Crime | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   6.8/10 6.3K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: December 3, 2021

Bob Biswas, an insurance agent, is released from hospital after eight years in a coma and is welcomed by his wife Mary and son Benny. He has lost his memory and does not remember the past.

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Insane_Man 6 December 2021

A common man loses his memory but his past never left him.

One of the worst of its kind. Worst direction. Worst writing. Bad story. Bad casting. Bad music. Only working section is Abhishek Bachchan himself. But he is wasted. His talent is wasted here. Kali Da is best. The street shop owner is also very good. Purab Kohli is also very good.

Kahaani's Bob Biswas had a maximum 30-40 mins story, was far better than this entire movie.

Slightly spoiler ahead. Nothing special about the movie though.

I hated the annoying song every time of a killing. I hated the way the lips of Chitrangda Singh. Her casting was wrong. She doesn't fit the role. Her lips, her dress up, acting, nothing fit the role.

The idea of the blue, is not working. Anything else about this may have major spoiler.

The predictable ending. By the way, everybody dies, so who send the last pic? Many more loop holes. So, watching it a waste of time indeed.

sunildaswaney-63642 5 December 2021

A very slow,dull and boring movie which maintained its painfully slow pace from the beginning to the end. Huge disappointment coming from the same filmmaker who made such brilliant films like BADLA & KAHAANI 3/10.

MandalBros-5 5 December 2021

When one is making a spin-off of a great thriller, usually our expectations become high. So, in that case I'll say it's a disappointment. No character has been written in right way. Each one of them is unpredictable, this may act as a positive point for many, but I find it as negative. After finishing the film, you'll forget all the characters except 'Kali Da'.

Acting wise everyone was okay, not extraordinary. Another negative point is that the timeline of this story is not revealed, if it's a prequel there are too many loopholes and if it's a sequel (which I'm sure it is) there are still many. So many questions remain unanswered, if they want to make another sequel then writing should be very strong. Now, as the name 'Kahaani' is associated with it, I don't think anyone will miss it. So, despite being an average thriller I'll say WATCH IT.

Available on Zee5.

© MandalBros.

shovonbhattachrjee 30 December 2021

The storyline of this movie is good and The Acting is also very much good. Specially the last suspense of this movie is very much interesting and you should see the entire movie . Overall good movie.

msunando 2 January 2022

Bob Biswas, for those uninitiated, is an offshoot character from the 2012 superhit "Kahaani", also directed by Sujoy Ghosh. Bob is a life insurance agent by the day and moonlights as a bounty killer by the night. The film starts off with Bob (Abhishek Bachchan) being released from a psychiatric facility where he was treated for several years after emerging from a comatose state for a loss of memory. We soon realise that he has been released due to an influence by some powerful people, despite the fact that Bob has no clue of his past orchestra fact that he has a wife Mary (Chitrangda Singh) and two children, Mini and Benny. On being released, he is reunited with his family, which is a tad uncomfortable for Bob, and in due course he is contacted by some people who want him to get back to his old art of being an eliminator.

Bob can't believe that he has been a killer in his past life, but is soon coerced into his profession. Strange people come into his life who have known him well and are willing to help, but the forces beyond his control set him up to aim at a gang of people associated with the commercial distribution of "Blue", a pill targeted at students that helps them concentrate on their studies and enhances academic performance, but induces addiction. Inability to have access to it makes them helpless and even violent. It has a strong distribution network that's controlled by some powerful people. Bob soon realises that he is being manipulated to kill, and shooting comes pretty naturally to him, but looking at his family he wants an exit route. He soon discovers that he ha made a fortune in his past life that can help them go elsewhere and settle down in a normal life, but he also knows that he will have to pay for his past crimes. This time, it's not just him, but his family is caught in the quagmire of the situation that's rapidly getting out of hand.

Bob Biswas is a fast paced thriller which doesn't waste time about the past even though it might have a treasure of information stored, but stays in the present. Abhishek Bachchan is quite effective as the bounty killer who is acting on impulse but under duress, but his character seems distant from the one Shashwat Chatterjee had played in Kahaani. Bob Biswas here turns into a likeable hero compared to the menacing villain that he turned into in Kahaani. Chitrangda Singh is charming, Samara Tijori is rebellious. Paran Bandyopadhyay with his Bengali accented Hindi is a body of secrets for his customers, easily lighting up the scenes where he gets the screen space. Bob Biswas leaves ample opportunity for a sequel, but Sujoy Ghosh should weigh his options of bringing Shashwat Chatterjee back - perhaps the outcome will be a little more engaging and explosive.

sameerlodaya 3 December 2021

Sameer lodaya

The character of bob has been adopted from the film kahaani and this movie is the extension of his life

It's a new and brilliant idea of character adoption from a super hit film but the execution is not great..the movie goes ultra slow in pace and starts in sad way..there is no reason which justifies bob's killings..Abhishek has played with great prosthetics..the movers have wasted time in a drug pill racket rather than they could had emphasised more on bobs role..the climax is pathetic and the movie does not produce that thrill which was required in a serial killer script

But still you can watch this new content.

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