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Body (2015)

Crime | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   5.3/10 2K votes
Country: United States
Language: English
Release date: December 29, 2015

A night out turns deadly when three girls break into a seemingly empty mansion.

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MUFCOK 12 September 2016

Now, I'm not naïve, I didn't go into this movie expecting a masterpiece. In fact, I didn't really expect it to be very good at all. I did however; expect it to have at least one or two positive aspects and to not insult my intelligence for the duration of the entire 'movie'.

It was late, I was tired and I saw the runtime was 75 minutes. That was enough for me to put it on. I didn't look into it before viewing and was going into this movie blind, not really knowing what to expect, other than it was a low budget horror/thriller movie about 3 girls.

When films are that bad I usually do spoiler reviews so I can rant and rave about the movie in full, taking digs at the plot holes and ending. This movie doesn't even deserve that. There is practically no plot to ruin. The 'story' revolves around 3 girls who I imagine are supposed to be teenagers yet look about 30 years old.. They are having fun on Christmas Eve, Eve, smoking and drinking when they decide they want to do something wild. They drive to one of the girls Uncles mansions as he is on holiday and the house is empty. Before long things go wrong and the girls find themselves in a situation which is insultingly easy to resolve yet they don't seem to have a brain cell between them and drag out their indecisiveness and stupidity for the rest of the movie.

You have all the cliché characters here: The leader of the pack who simply has to raise her voice to get the other girls to do what she wants. She's not intimidating or scary, just purely annoying. Then you have the wimp of the group who is easily lead and scared of everything, she spends the entirety shivering and having anxiety attacks. Then you have the middle girl, the Plain Jane, no real character traits and is seemingly only there to make up the numbers. The acting is abysmal, its wooden, predictable and simply laughable. The harder they try to be scared or serious the funnier it is. The script they are given to work with is even worse with its awful run of the mill conversations and clichéd punchlines.

It's described as a 'psychological thriller' which is a complete lie. That implies that it's thought provoking and intelligent, that it requires the viewer to get immersed into the characters minds. I have no problem with low budget movies; I can see past poor acting and to some extents a poor script. But when they are all put together, with a weak plot with humungous plot holes, I really cannot pick out any positives. Actually, I do have one: The runtime of 75 minutes, or maybe even that's too long.


HadiAryan07 5 April 2020

Dan Berk and Robert Olsen's Body start slow with the hope of character building but as we go ahead with movie you don't know nothing about our three leads but the life and death one location situation that they stuck in it. The editing was bad in away the comes as dull, boring and amateurish unfortunately, the script thinks it self very smart but it ends with the premise of the movie. By the end of the movie you will despise the three leads and the filmmakers for sending a horrible massage with this movie if you are a decent human being.

youngcollind 29 April 2021

Obviously low budget. Not a unique story. But it had the heart to be entertaining in spite of itself. They were fun characters to watch work through their horrific scenario. Works with what it's got and is as good as it could be.

MattyGibbs 29 November 2016

Three fairly unlikeable young women break into a house and are left in a difficult situation following an accident.

This is all about moral quandaries but not particularly interesting ones due to the boring characters involved. There is little tension built up and due to the unsympathetic characters you really couldn't care less what happens to them. Although the bland dialogue doesn't help the acting is uniformly wooden from all concerned.

This film is only just over an hour long but it seems longer. It's rare to find films with hardly any redeeming features but this is one of them. There is literally no excitement at all as it limps to a dull climax.

A very poor film.

Seth_Rogue_One 18 August 2016

For a movie that starts out with having refreshingly realistic portrayals of young women (for a movie of this genre) it's almost painful to bear witness to the very conclusion of the film as it goes against those very portrayals.

Put under pressure humans can be driven to go against their nature of course but the very end there simply was no need for it, just add a last minute twist for the sake of adding a last minute twist is just poor writing.

But the road there is still enjoyable so I'll still give it a 6, even though the ending truly was pushing it.

No complaints regarding the acting or script etc otherwise though.

Foutainoflife 28 December 2018

This low budget film was much better than I was expecting. It's about three girlfriends spending some time together on a Friday night. In an attempt to remedy their boredom, they end up in a lavish house where things go awry.

From the start you can easily see that this is a low budget film and the initial acting comes off a bit cheesy. In my opinion, the acting seemed to improve as the filmed progressed and the low budget feel seemed to fade away. The plot isn't a new concept and you'll see all the typical bad decisions being made. I still found it to be somewhat entertaining. It's not the best but it isn't a bad film.

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