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Books of Blood (2020)

Drama | Mystery 
Rayting:   5.6/10 4620 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A journey into uncharted and forbidden territory through three tales tangled in space and time.

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BeanieCore 14 October 2020

I practically lost my mind with excitement when I stumbled upon the trailer for this film. As stated before, I'm a huge Clive Barker fanatic, and I've long waited for a proper film adaptation of his "Books Of Blood" series. However, it quickly came apparent to me why I had not heard buzz of this film before now. Simply put, this is because it's not really meant to be a feature film at all. Apparently, Barker and TV veteran Brannon Baga had planned an entire mini-series with Hulu, which probably would've been the best way to tell the many stories contained within the series. But, due to Covid, this series never came to fruition. So the three "stories" contained in this film were simply meshed together into one flick. This would be fine, expect for the absolutely baffling and infuriating realization that two of these three stories are not even remotely based on stories from the actual Books Of Blood, or anything else Barker has ever written. I can't for the life of me understand the reasoning behind this, and sadly, these stories bear no resemblance to anything Barker would pen.

The middle story, the actual frame for the Books Of Blood series itself, is the only true Barker story here. It's the best one as well, although it's very short, most likely because it was intended to simply be the first episode. The other two stories are strange, nonsensical tales, the longest of which stars Britt Robertson, and truly makes not one lick of sense. The three stories intertwine in the end, but this one is always given the most attention, and it's entirely unwarranted, as the tale is weak, senseless and can't decide on a tone for it's life. So all together, this is a jumbled mess of a film, that is decently directed and certainly has it's moments. However, in the end, it's just another disappointment for Barker fans. This is two lackluster, forgettable adaptations of the "Books Of Blood". At this rate, I'm afraid we'll never have the adaptation that dear Clive deserves.

lizshotter 25 October 2020

This is the first time ive seen mysophonia referenced in a film. Both my husband and i experience it; him with mouth noises and me with water noises, and it was a realistic portrayal of how overwhelming it can be. This anthology was an unexpected find and I'm glad we gave it a go. The actings great, the stories are engaging and varied and it wasn't predictable. I know clive barkers books are visceral and complex and I certainly understand why some fans would feel short changed, but it's worth taking a look

sjarja 7 October 2020

What shines through is that it seems to be "made for TV" .. but not like Game of Thrones or so ... but "made for early evening TV ... in the early 2000s" or sort. It never dares to go all the way. It hints at it .. it shows potential - but it backs off.

I actually liked the first story (and conclusion) .. it was kind of powerful. Scenes, images and ideas were well done - and it was a nice, sad tragedy. The other stories however felts like re-tales of older stories. They were not nearly as well done and seemed much, much cheaper - both in creativity and cinematography.

For a full length suspense/horror movie, i can only give it a low score though. The stories are not good enough - they are not intertwined cleverly .. and they never exceed a rather low budget TV format.

vampirepenguin09-544-411126 7 October 2020

If you're looking for a constant jumpscares fest, this is not for you. Books of Blood delivers a slow burn anthology with decent acting. Some of the stories are a little drawn out and could've done with some trimming. The pacing is where this movie suffers but it is definitely worth watching.

razorwirekiss-1 8 October 2020

Ok let's get this out the way first. The Books of Blood by Barker have never been equalled since publication. They are also almost impossible to translate into film. Most of their horror derives from an existential terror of something beyond our understanding. From the grisly horror of "Rawhead Rex" to the sublime "In the Hills, the Cities" all of the separate stories spin us around in search of a tether we never find. This is a pretty good adaptation of a series of books that defy translation into something as safe as cinema. There are moments of horror and some dread. I can feel Barker behind it but it just can't reproduce the terrible beauty if the writing. Nothing ever did. Hellraiser was close because Barker was still in that mindset when he directed it. This is good. The Miles sequence is the most faithful if transposed and altered. But i enjoyed it and just want to read the stories again. Do yourself a favor. Go find them and read them too. It's quite an experience. Good luck

mvahidalizadeh 20 October 2020

This is a collection of some nice scary stories. I liked the acting in general. Special effects, background music, and sound effects were awesome. In summary, if you are searching for a good quality scary movie, I recommend watching this movie.

beccalynnbuffy 13 October 2020

I'm not sure why this has so many bad reviews. I really liked it. The first two stories are better than the last, but I never found myself bored (which is saying something when you watch every horror movie and TV show you can find and nearly half of them bore you). I liked the first adaptation of Clive Barker's Books of Blood and I like this one too. If you're looking for pure gore or jump scares, this isn't the movie for you, but if you're looking for something creepy and unnerving, I would recommend this one.

Fella_shibby 9 October 2020

It is based on Books of Blood by Clive Barker and the second film adaptation after Book of Blood (2009). But this time they made into an anthology and the end result is good. I enjoyed this one n so far this one is the best horror of this Halloween season.

The best part about this one is that it moves at a steady pace, it has twists n turns, the lighting is amazingly done, nothing is shot in the dark, no annoying flickering lights, there r few good jump scares and the end very satisfying.

drforeman 9 October 2020

I can save you some time: if you want to watch this story told well, watch 2009's Book of Blood. It's better in every regard: more faithful to the source, more creative, more nuanced, better performed, visually superior... it's simply - possibly objectively - better. This new version is anemic and clumsy by comparison.

The only thing it contains that its predecessor doesn't is a single story which, while not terrible, is more of a distraction than an enhancement and which also, as far as I can discover, isn't actually adapted from a story out of the titular books.

Just don't bother with this version unless you've already seen its predecessor and are morbidly curious.

danielortiz26 10 October 2020

I'm a sucker for a horror anthology whether good or cheesy, but this one treads a fine line. Three interconnected stories that all start off almost blandly acted and poorly written, but as the stories unfold, the insanity starts to ramp up. It interweaves human monsters with ghostly ones and the result is some very unsettling content. I also like that the visionaries for this film didn't rely heavily on CGI, and added a heavy dose of practical effects, cinematography and good editing to naturally disturb me. Learning that this is based off the work of Clive Barker, it makes so much more sense as it feels like a dark poetic nightmare from the 80's. Where the film falls short is the over-extension of one story, a loosely threaded connection and failure to captivate the audience out the gate with something truly compelling. Otherwise it was a good watch.

wvwriter 15 October 2020

To be brief, this is just another middling, bland horror movie served up by Hulu as a Halloween drop. There's a little flavor here, but overall, it's a forgettable bite from an unremarkable meal.

zao923 7 October 2020

If you've gone through all of the Shudder and Halloween titles you can find, every time something new pops up it usually incites two emotions- excitement and skepticism. Most of the modern horror is a complete let down. And with the rare exception (Snatch, Crash) most tie-in movies are even worse. This is a little gem, though. You won't be able to tie together the stories, and you wont' figure out what the book of blood is. This isn't very "horror" like, but it does have a little gore and some disturbing revelations. It's a bit different than most, but with just enough traditional Clive Barker elements to keep the viewer satisfied. If you're looking for something new this Halloween, look no further than Books of Blood.

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