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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)

Rayting:   6.8/10 111187 votes
Country: UK | USA
Language: English

Follow up film to the 2006 comedy centering on the real life adventures of a fictional Kazakh television journalist named Borat.

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MissCzarChasm 29 October 2020

Borat Make a *Glorious* #2! Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is very naiiice!

America Mayor Rudolph Giuliani say he not like film.

America Mayor Rudolph Giuliani say he very much LIE down to fix pants like in nation of Kazakhstan where we not stand up to tuck the shirt. Much success.

You watch.

Chin qui

WindsOfWintergreen 27 October 2020

For those saying Giuliani was just tucking in his shirt, why lay down on a bed to do so instead of STANDING UP? And that, folks, is part of the genius of this film: that is shows you, live on video what's going on, and lets those who want to continue to lie to themselves, to continue to do so, while being laughed at by others. Don't miss it.

joeygassert 8 November 2020

Usually when you watch a good comedy, you just laugh the whole time.

Sadly for this movie, I cringed more times than I laughed. Not funny at all, especially the Holocaust prank.

FixedYourEnding 23 October 2020

Who doesn't love Borat Sagdiyev; the clueless foreign reporter from Kazakhstan? definitely not me. I love Borat. I also am a BIG fan of Sacha Baron-Cohen, he is a wonderfully nice person and witty, not to say genius, comedian. This is why it is heart-breaking for me to tell you the stone cold truth: this Subsequent moviefilm is one of his worst works, it's even worse than The Dictator that held that title up to this point.

Now, if you are a fan of Borat, like me, and you have Amazon streaming, there is nothing in the world that will stop you from watching this (especially it being free) so I think it will get the views, there is not need for all these fanbois 10/10 reviews on this site. This is not a spoiler review, however if you have seen the trailer you have seen everything that this movie has to offer (in fact the trailer have some shots that are not even in the movie itself!) there is no 'uncovering of Americas underbelly' and the worse thing, it's not even funny. Crazy to notice there are 10 names listed as writers list for this thing on top of Cohen himself. Really? maybe just let the comedian do his job? maybe?

For some reason, the combination of 'candid camera' action and bad scripted non-candid camera just doesn't work this time. It comes out as a cringe-worthy 90 minutes of overly-gross juvenile humor. Where are all the edgy scenes that we are used to seeing from Baron-Cohen? Just watch Who Is America for some good edgy Baron-Cohen humor. Even better, watch some of the serious work Cohen does in "The Spy" or "The Chicago 7" those are masterpieces who deserve the 8+ ratings they get. This one? neh-eh.

Overall, this should be on the bottom of the things you should see from Baron-Cohen if you watched everything else already- sure sit down and watch a mediocre 90 minutes that can be covered in 2 minutes of a trailer. Exact score: 45 / 100

schroederagustavo 23 October 2020

I can't deny I laughed pretty hard about 2 times and chuckled like 3 times, but most of the movie was a flatliner for me. I am a big fan of the first movie and I think where this one falls apart for me is that it focuses too much on current events (that the movie will probably be irrelevant in a few years), focuses way too much on politics and on the plot with Borat's daughter. Many people are praising her performance here. I think she's fine, but I don't think the script is anything special here and it doesn't help the actors. The scenes I enjoyed the most are those with Borat doing his thing by himself, but a lot of it felt to me like attempting to recreate the mood of the original.

matianero 23 October 2020

Not as good as the first one (it doesn't even come close), but still very funny at times. The actress who plays the daughter could be the next big thing, she is fantastic in her role.

cartsghammond 23 October 2020

Borat is back, with this subsequent moviefilm. This will be compared to the original to no end, but with borat being a cultural icon in America, this one was bound to be very different.

I loved this film, it made me topple with laughter multiple times. The accomplishment of making this within a pandemic is also a massive achievement. Do I think this is better then the first one? No. Do I think this is a hilarious movie? Absolutely.

This one seems a lot more planned narratively and has a lot more scripted scenes, not bad things at all. The girl playing borat's daughter was also great.

Very nice!

YourSonsDad 28 October 2020

What's even funnier than the movie itself, is seeing people cry about it. I mean, damn, Cohen just exposes the stuff, he doesn't make them say or do what they say and do. If you're mad at anyone, be mad at the buffoons caught on tape. Or on second thought, keep being mad here, cause its hella hilarious.

Great movie. Had richer, deeper laughs than the first, though not as many. Plus, it's on Amazon, so you can basically watch it for what you already pay or get yourself a free trial.

Great s#!^!

dovla-79048 25 October 2020

It is clear that it is politically motivated which is a shame, therefore score is equivalent to that... I enjoyed Sascha while ago, where he never took any part and he mocked everyone equally, but this is a clearly movie targeting right wing voters and party with hidden agenda and releasing it one week before elections. Enough said... Sascha obviously lost his touch and/or he joined the leftist "train" just to keep his career rolling (like many of other hollywood actors).

Really shame to see that.

rcsembree 24 October 2020

One of the worst movie sequels I've ever seen. Totally played up on the gags of the original film and everything obviously scripted and staged. Cohen clearly was wanting a payday without having to create anything original.

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