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Breach (2020)

Action | SciFi 
Rayting:   3.7/10 7771 votes
Country: Canada
Language: English

On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon.

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pegaeste 20 December 2020

Really. It's bad from start, but hard to believe that is that bad. Everything. I forced myself to the end to have a new reference for a bad movie. I must have lost a lot of brain cells watching. It's painful.

victoria-80593 19 December 2020

"Die Hard in Space" this is not. Truly a terrible, terrible movie. I'm embarrassed for Bruce

edlc1970 18 December 2020

This movie is utter garbage. The acting is bad. Even Bruce Willis is acting bad? The settings look like something made in home class for a 6th grader. Its boring, Its lame, its a complete waste of time. How did they get Bruce Willis to "act" in this crap? He was one of the greatest action heroes. He was John Mclaine in Die hard. And now this??? WFT. Alien, wich was made 41 years before this movie, is a 1000 times better in all aspects. Avoid this crap. And Bruce...why???

mapine 21 December 2020

We all need to do stuff sometimes because we have to. I'm thinking one of several things are going on here. 1. Bruce needed money to pay his taxes. 2. He needed a loss to write off. 3. He owed someone. 4. He did someone a favour. 5. He lost a bet. 6. He signed this contract when he was drunk. 7. Someone held a gun to his head. It has to be one of those because there is no way, Bruce "action star" Willis, would look at this script and say.."Hey! this is the best, can't wait to put my name on it!" What an absolute load of cow manure! Bruce should buy up all copies, burn them; put a full page ad in the Times apologizing to his fans, friends, fellow actors, family and unborn grandchildren as well as give us all refunds! Utter garbage!!!!... sorry Bruce, I'm only telling you this because I've loved you since Moonlighting... I'm also probably not saying anything you didn't already know about this movie.

XrayAtheist 19 December 2020

Bad. Horrible. Terrible. Sophomoric. Embarrassing. Cheap. Cable access channel level. Too awful for even MST3K to mock. Anyone involved with this film even in the minutest way should be launched into the sun. Imagine the ppl that could have been fed or housed with the money that was deplorably flushed into the eternal crap hole of death that was this...whatever the whatever this was.

MR-Katt 19 December 2020

I can't beleive both Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane would involve in such a horrible movie ,not only the movie tried to be an aliens movie copy but it has the worst acting and visual effects ever knowing that the producers tried to relay on the reputation of two big actors whom in this movie look more like ghosts of themselves ,they did not even try or give any effort to show any acting skills so bad i regret watching it .

metahumanity_01 20 December 2020

The cinematography, lighting and editing make this one a chore to sit through.

Willis is sleepwalking, as has become his standard MO.

bradfrey-97160 19 December 2020

I've seen a lot of movies in my day- some good, some bad, some just ok. This one is in a category of its own. It's truly an insult to all of us that someone allowed this movie to be released.

noisyboy2012 18 December 2020

Where to start... well you can tell right from the start it s low budget affair. the lack of polish is obvious everywhere. Bruce Willis keeps dinking his special moonshine from a flask.i don't blame him. by the end of this i wanted whatever he was drinking... its just bad. it get weirder and weirder by the end. and what is up with movies like this and dumbest ending. without any spoilers. if you wanted to see this for Bruce. just don't bother!

pook1-1 18 December 2020

Pretty awful and very low budget. They should had sent Bruce Willis into the air vent and give him the old line from Die Hard "come to the coast have a few laughs... "

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