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Breaking News in Yuba County (2021)

Comedy | Crime | Drama
Rayting:   5.7/10 3.5K votes
Country: UK | USA
Language: English
Release date: 2021

A woman takes advantage of her growing celebrity status when the police and the public think her dead husband is just missing.

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ivantheeditor 9 June 2021

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Allison Janey is a national treasure! That woman is great in every role - no matter how big or small it is. You can tell she's really in it for the joy of acting.

And as far as this movie goes - you seriously need to watch it. It's an hour and a half of ridiculous absurdity which feels a little too real to me - like this could actually happen for real but then nah... I don't know. Just watch it already!!!! It's so good!

stklaus 19 February 2021

This is a light black slapstick comedy, which runs low-key, nothing spectacular, but is never boring. The humour and the film is driven by its entangled plot, for once it doesn't comprise laugh-out-loud, gross (there is some violence) or forced jokes, no, it's the satiric story that is fun and entertaining.

Since lots of people are involved, I give you some story infos for an easier watch (which won't spoil anything):

Her (A.Janney) husband Karl (M. Modine), a banker, was involved in money laundering and now ows money to the bad guys. Her brother Pete (J. Simpson) seemed to do some robbery and is also involved with the bad guys coincidentally. Her sister (Mila Kunis) works for a small TV station.

After lots and lots of bad comedies this was a surprise; maybe it's a bit harsh with American lifestyle, thats why they hated it(?)

fatref350 4 March 2021

Hilarious dark comedy! Terrific lines (like the one used as the title for this review.) Janney excellent, but the stars were the supporting players: Awkwafina, Wanda Sykes, Ellen Barkin, Juliette Lewis and especially Bridgette Everett, who tore her scenes to shreds and owned this movie in limited action. If you don't normally enjoy this genre, you will either not like this movie or simply won't get it. If you do, enjoy the sarcasm, satire, and mean- spirited fun. Don't laugh too loud - you'll miss some great lines!

roger-schaubs 14 February 2021

This film is a little all over the place but in a good way. Good acting together with a constantly changing story makes a very decent film.

Gordon-11 6 April 2021

I think the story is quite fun. Even though the lead character is crooked, you still feel for her.

scottagreen 14 February 2021

It's always fun to see an all-star cast come together for a film project. This cast is no exception. Allison Janney finally gets her well-deserved leading role as Sue Buttons in this small-town crime caper that goes wrong.

It's Sue's birthday, but no one has remembered, not her news reporting sister, Nancy (Mila Kunis), her cheating husband, Karl (Matthew Modine), nor any of her co-workers. After Sue catches her husband in an affair, he dies from shock, leaving Sue with an opportunity to finally get some long overdue attention after hiding his body and claiming he was kidnapped. However, the attention she draws comes from a suspicious and relentless cop (Regina Hall), local criminals (Awkwafina & Clifton Collins Jr.), the disgruntled mistress (Bridget Everett) and a flashy talk show hostess (Juliette Lewis) attempting to exploit her for a story. One wrong choice begins a domino effect of mishaps, mayhem and a trail of dead bodies.

Jimmi Simpson and Wanda Sykes team up to provide some comic relief and a madcap sub-plot as Sue's brother-in-law (Petey) and his boss (Rita) who set out to rescue Karl from the non-existent kidnappers.

The story is fun and the characters are engaging but it's difficult to label this adventure. It's promoted as a madcap comedy, but it's unexpected twists take a very dark turn and delivers a violent, dark, comic, crime-caper instead.

The performances are strong and memorable, but plot is a bit complicated and complex. All in all, it's a fun ride through Yuba County with Allison Janney at the wheel.

Parents be warned, the R rating is well earned for excessive language, brief nudity and violence.

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