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Bro Daddy (2022)

Comedy | Drama 
Rayting:   7.2/10 4.6K votes
Country: India
Language: Malayalam
Release date: January 26, 2022

The plot revolves around the life of a family man. Unexpected events happen in their house. The brother and father decide to take on the challenges.

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JaikrishnaVS 30 January 2022

Vintage Lalettan mannerisms is the highlight of this movie. Prithviraj manages to the get the best out of the Mohanlal in the out and out comedy. Its light hearted, un-conventional and a very good one time watch.

Eggoreluckadman 30 January 2022

This film has a pretty simple plotline that is dragged out with an unreasonable runtime with nothing of substance in between. They're a few decent jokes here and there but not enough to satisfy.

jakegylly 9 February 2022

It's too predictable...comedy scenes are not at all laughable there's no need of inserting constipation scene at all...and the main story in this film is about the hero and his gf pregnancy...his mother pregnancy issue is unnecessary... it's just unwanted stuff to drag the movie.. acting and reactions of whole cast seemed forced... it's just hyped movie with no proper content which we non Malayalis expect...can be skipped.

cool_andhot 28 January 2022

Prithvi is an amazing actor and a human being. But his direction is really B class. This movie is a cliche , elite , seen already masala. Please stop making such movies and bringing down the great name Malayalam film industry now now has among other states.

joppanLive 27 January 2022

A very light hearted simple movie made in a grand scale. BRO Daddy is impressive mainly because of its stellar cast. The story is simple and kind of predictable as we have already seen similar plots a lot nowadays. Still because of its grandness and style, the movie has scored well and is a thoroughly enjoyable outing for everyone. Happy to see Mohanlal in his once-lost charm and charisma, yes, the old Mohanlal is back. Prithviraj has done a neat job as director and actor. Overall, a very good light hearted enjoyable movie for everyone. Watch without any doubt, you will like it.

nidhunmoviebuff 26 January 2022

Bro Daddy's initial teasers and trailers had hinted at a possible return to the exuberant, fun and energetic 'vintage' Mohanlal we all had loved and cherished when he gave us era-defining comedies in Minnaram (1994) and Chandralekha (1997). Unfortunately, despite the legendary actor putting in an earnest performance, the writing does not match up and the comedy bits fall flat in several places.

The story follows John (Mohanlal) and Eesho (Prithviraj) Kattadi, a bickering father-son duo and the mayhem that ensues following their attempts to get the latter married. With most of the handful of comedy elements that do work revealed in the trailers, teasers and promotional videos, the final movie might not generate enough LOL moments but is rendered watchable by Mohanlal and an immensely endearing Lalu Alex. It was particularly pleasing to see the man who pulled at our heartstrings in Niram (1999) and Kalyanaraman (2002), back to a full-fledged role after long and then going on to deliver a compelling performance.

The movie's music album, from Deepak Dev had already introduced us to chartbusters like "Parayathe Vannen" and "Vannu Pokum" before the film's release but he clearly hid away his best piece for last. Watch out for the soulful "Kaana Kuyile" which will have you humming along in minutes.

Both Prithviraj and Kalyani Priyadarshan understand that comedy is not their strong suit and are understandably, not given much heavy lifting to do here. The best parts of the movie are predictably, the interactions between Mohanlal-Prithviraj, who make a terrific father-son duo, as well as Lalu Alex and Mohanlal playing off each other, to entertaining effect.

Unfortunately, the secondary characters are reduced to caricatures. Unni Mukundan and Jagadeesh make no impact in blink and miss roles while Meena and Kaniha are reduced to stereotypical 'achayathi' wives who do nothing but cook, plead with their husbands and wear pretty sarees. Mallika Sukumaran is excellent in the handful of scenes she appears in and while Soubin Shahir does generate a few laughs in the initial scenes, the character becomes repetitive by the end.

What Prithviraj lacks in comic acting ability, he makes up for in astute direction that will perhaps appeal more to our parents' generation than to someone like me, a millennial viewer. The predictable familiar, feel-good elements are deftly presented alongside several taboo subjects by Prithviraj, making the film a watchable experience especially if you are looking for a brainless stressbuster that you can watch without exercising your grey cells.

We have to resign ourselves to the fact that the writers of today are not good enough to deliver characters and superior comedy scripts in order to see the return of 'vintage Mohanlal' and that it has nothing to do with the actor himself. As Alfred Hitchcock famously once said, "The three most vital elements of a film are 'the script, the script, the script."

Prithviraj had downplayed the picture before its release, referring to it as a "small, feel-good film" and that is exactly what it is. Bro Daddy is a fairly entertaining, time-pass family watch. The film works more as a family feel-good experience than as a comedy. Set your expectations right and you won't be disappointed!

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